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New music project filmed on the theater scene in the Veles theater

After nearly two years abstinence from the media, the "Oriental Band" is coming back with something new and truly original.
The band, festively, surprised the admirers of the beautiful song, promoting a project that contains remakes of Macedonian evergreens and several famous foreign hits.
- The whole project was recorded in live. Our wish to live and sing a few beautiful songs on a theater scene came true and we will immodestly say that it was a great product. We achieved it. We worked with a lot of great desire and love, and now the audience remains to recognize it, they say, saying the videos will be posted on their tube channel.
- For all processing we made videos, and we will publish them one by one, every week. We would like to sincerely thank the theater in Veles, Ljupco Pavlovski from the studio "Anastasija" and Kristijan Koneski, who was in charge of the video production.
Sometime after the New Year's holidays, there will be two songs by the band, whi…

Macedonia to spend more energy in 2018

Macedonia will spend 2.7 percent more energy in 2018, show projections of next year's Energy Balance.
Oil products will have the largest share in spent energy (51.5%), followed by electricity (28%), biomass (10.5%) and coals (5.3%).
A session of the Macedonian Energy Association (MEA) discussing the Energy Balance heard that traffic will absorb 39 percent of total consumption of final energy, industry-27 percent, households-26 percent, commercial and service sector-five percent, while agriculture-one percent.
Electricity production is projected at 5,766 gWh, i.e. a three-percent increase compared to 2017.
Energy needs in 2018 are lower by two percent compared to 2017. Oil products have the largest share at 39 percent in consumption, coals-31 percent, biomass-eight percent, natural gas-nine percent, hydro energy-four percent. Share of net electricity import stands at eight percent.
The Energy Balance is an indicative planning document that lists the requirements of total energy qu…

Skopje orders free public transportation to curb air pollution

As air pollution peaked off the charts in the Macedonian capital, the City of Skopje has reached a decision allowing free public transportation for everyone.
It is one of the several measures entering into force after being adopted by the City of Skopje, Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov said announcing the measures on Wednesday.
Free public transport will be in force until a reduction in air pollution is registered.
Other measures include termination of all construction activities across the capital, round-the-clock control of construction sites, intensive cleaning and sweeping of city streets and boulevards, etc.
Urging his administration to come to work by bus, Mayor Silegov also pleaded the public to use public transportation more, not to drive cars unless necessary or to carpool to work all the while urging the citizens to heat their homes using dry and genuine wood.
Air quality in Skopje has been worsening for two consecutive days. Concentration of PM10 particles was well over the saf…

Greek DM Kammenos: Term Macedonia to not be included in name row solution

Greece's Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who is a leader of junior ruling coalition member 'Independent Greeks' (ANEL), reaffirmed Wednesday his opposition to a possibility for the name dispute solution to include the term 'Macedonia', Kathimerini reports.
"We hold to our stance to be against the use of the term 'Macedonia'," Kammenos, said. He called on President Prokopis Pavlopoulos to convene all political leaders to discuss the name dispute with Macedonia.
Speaking at a press conference, Kammenos  said his stance on this matter should not be interpreted as an intention for criticizing the Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, who 'is the best Greece's FM thus far'.
Nine deputies represent the 'Independent Greeks' (ANEL) party in the Greek Parliament, enabling the Alexis Tsipras' government to have a majority of 153 MPs in the 300-seat parliament.
Few days ago, former Greek foreign minister Dora Bakoyannis wrote on Twitter …

Macedonian parliament appointed Ljubomir Joveski as new state public prosecutor

With 61 votes “for,” one “withheld” and none “against,” at a plenary session today, the Parliament appointed Ljubomir Joveski to be the new state public prosecutor.
Joveski has spent his entire career within the Macedonian legal system, as he has worked both in the judiciary and the prosecution and the last position he took before the government appointed him as a state public prosecutor was a member of the Council of Public Prosecutors.
The new public prosecutor, who will take the place of the dismissed Marko Zvrlevski, as was stressed during the discussion that wasn’t attended by VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs, is expected to return the trust in the Prosecution and the legal system in the country as a whole.

Ivanov called for “compromise instead of revanchism”

In the 50-minute speech in Parliament among MPs and from the government and the main opposition party – VMRO-DPMNE, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, heads of state institutions, heads of religious organizations and foreign diplomats, President Gjorge Ivanov, called for a ceasefire. He said an and for political revanchism and especially highlighted hate speech and its participation in the political crisis.
At the same time, the Macedonian President urged for urgent reforms in UBK, as the generator of the crisis, and welcomed the agreement on good neighborly relations with Bulgaria and the efforts of the Macedonian government to resolve the name dispute, and demanded unconditional protection of the Macedonian identity, the constitutional name of the state. Regarding the law on languages, he asked MPs to draft a new version after an extensive public debate with many experts, because, as he said, the present seriously violates the unity of the Republic of Macedonia and he does not make progres…

Economy is sinking – Macedonia drops 28 places on Forbes list for business

The Forbes Magazine ranked Macedonia 63rd on the list of world’s best countries for business.
That’s a drop of 28 places compared to last year’s ranking where Macedonia was ranked 35th. This year, the UK in the first place out of a total of 153 countries.
The second best country for business is New Zealand, Holland is third, Sweden is fourth and Canada is fifth.
In the region, Slovenia ranks highest (32), Croatia is ranked 51st, Montenegro 68th, Serbia 69th, Albania 71st and Bosnia and Herzegovina 97th.

TUI to launch Eindhoven-Ohrid flight in 2018

Dutch tour-operator TUI will launch seasonal flight Eindhoven-Ohrid next summer, airports' concessionaire TAV Macedonia said on Tuesday.
TUI Fly is already operating flight Amsterdam-Ohrid, annually bringing Dutch tourists at Lake Ohrid.
"We are pleased to see TUI enlarging its operations, resulting in more tourists at the Lake Ohrid coast. We hope that TUI tours will not only include tourists from the Netherlands, but also from other European countries, who will discover Macedonia's natural beauties", says Alper Ersoy, TAV Macedonia General Manager.
The company adds it posted a 13-percent rise in number of passengers up to the end of November, reaching almost 1,9 million at the Skopje and Ohrid airports. In addition, the number of flights has increased by seven percent.

Nimetz optimistic on Name Dispute

The mediator in the name negotiations, Matthew Nimetz, is encouraged by recent developments in the process and expresses optimism that the problem can finally be resolved. However, it is expected to work diligently, writes the Greek newspaper "Kathimerini" in the article entitled "Nimetz is optimistic, but obstacles are lurking".
According to the newspaper, Nimetz will not give a specific proposal at this stage, and when he decides to do so, he will most probably propose a complex name with a geographical determinant. The text again speculates with "Republic of Northern Macedonia" as the last proposal that is still on the table, and here are the previous proposals "Republic of Upper Macedonia" and "Republic of Vardar Macedonia".
At this stage of the process, as Kathimerini writes, the mediator will work to improve the climate in the talks through a symbolic gesture, such as changing the name of the Skopje airport, for example.

China provides Macedonia with non-repayable €2.5 million grant

Macedonia gets non-repayable grant amounting to €2.5 million from the People’s Republic of China for financing projects for the needs of the Macedonian citizens.
Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani and the People's Republic of China's Ambassador Yin Lixian signed Monday the annual agreement on economic and technical cooperation between the two countries.
Osmani said that the project cooperation with the People's Republic of China in the past years focused on several priority areas such as education, health and networking, and the most of the financed projects were for the education sector.
“As national foreign aid coordinator, I think we can efficiently target these funds donated by the People's Republic of China. We will determine which the priority projects are and as of next month we will present concrete ideas. We will propose serious projects in accordance with the guidelines and criteria of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and we…

Presentation of "Macedonian Quality 2017" awards

FHZH, Ceza Komerc, Konto Profit, Process In,, Post Express Makedonija, Agrounija, Antarias, PU Poliklinka Tospas and the Youth Cultural Center Women's Choir are recipients of the 2017 Macedonian Quality award, bestowed by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) under the auspices of President Gjorge Ivanov.
The recognition is presented to companies that nourish a tradition in creating a Macedonian business identity and have been successful to that effect for the last five years.
'Domestic investors are economic ambassadors that successfully promote the Macedonian quality. The outgoing year has brought numerous challenges to the private sector and we wish to believe that the 2018 will be a year of promoting the Macedonian quality across the globe and one to offer possibilities for investing in human resources and high tech, as well as for advanced processes for societal, economic development. More domestic investors in favorable business climate will mean ov…

French companies interested in investing in Macedonia's railway sector

French companies are interested in investments and in launching projects related to the railway sector in Macedonia in addition to the remaining infrastructural activities that have been announced.
Cooperation prospects have been examined at a meeting Monday of representatives of dozen French companies with the Minister of Transport and Communications, Goran Sugareski, who presented the government's plans considering road and railway infrastructure.
"Several French companies have expressed interest for participation, especially in engaging in Macedonia's railways, and for investing. However, it's clear to everyone that railway is a major venture. We should aim for the long-term goal - protection of the environment. Traveling by rail is a more environmentally friendly means for transport," said French Ambassador to Macedonia, Christian Thimonier, who organized the meeting taking place in Skopje.
In Macedonia, a new page has been turned at the political stage all …

Xhaferi admits April 27th Parliament coup was organized by SDS and DUI

Macedonia’s illegitimate Parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi in an interview with AlSat admitted himself, Zaev, Oliver Spasovski, Zijadin Sela and Ali Ahmeti held a meeting on April 24th in which their activities for the 27th were discussed.
The illegitimate Parliament speaker went on to say that they knew there would be people storming Parliament, hence it was decided Ali Ahmeti not to be present inside Parliament.
“We knew people will enter Parliament. I met with Zaev, Spasovski, Sela and Ahmeti to discuss our steps for the 27th. It was decided Ahmeti to skip the session out of concern for his safety” stated Xhaferi for AlSat Tv.
The SDS and DUI did not have the necessary votes neither to elect Xhaferi nor to form Parliament, as at least 8 MPs from SDS and DUI fearing for their safety were not present. Therefore, the most votes they could have had were 57, while 61 were needed. This means both the formation of Parliament ‘majority’ and Government is illegal, meaning any laws or regula…

Analysis: Macedonian Mayors don’t use social media tools to listen to citizens

80 out of 81 mayors use the social media tool Facebook for their work, shows the analysis made by a team of specialists for social media, in the period between 04th and the 15th of December 2017.
Second on the list of favorite social media tools that is used by mayors is Instagram. The analysis shows that 21 mayors use Instagram, and only 5 out of 81 mayors use Twitter.
Still, the specialist for new media and public relations, Bojan Kordalov, said that the majority of mayors are using the social media in one direction i.e. only as a promotion of their work but not for contact or to listen to citizen’s problems or ideas.
Only three mayors simultaneously use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their work, and only one mayor i.e. the mayor of Rankovce, Ivica Toshevski doesn’t use social media at all, shows the analysis.
Still, mayors are more active on Facebook when compared with MPs and ministers. This sort of analysis, that was conducted in March this year, revealed that 110 out of 1…

Academy on 50th anniversary of Macedonian language seminar

University Ss.Cyril and Methodius observes the 50. anniversary of the International Seminar of Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture at a formal academy in the Macedonian Philharmonic Hall on Sunday.
Seminar director Slavica Veleva and University Rector Nikola Jankulovski will deliver the opening remarks, followed by the promotion of monograph on the 50. jubilee.
Over the past five decades, the seminar has included summer schools, scientific conferences, Macedonian language instruction for foreign students etc. It has also supported professors at universities where the Macedonian language, literature and culture is part of the instruction process.

Second Macedonian travel market

More than 150 tourism workers, representatives of travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, wineries, museums, tour guides, transporters, students and government officials will take part at the second Macedonian Travel Market, held in Skopje on December 21-22.
The event, organized by the National Association for Incoming Tourism of Macedonia (NAITM), will focus on state of affairs and perspectives of incoming tourism.
"It is time for incoming tourism to get its deserved place in our society as an export-oriented industry. NAITM needs wind at its back to properly position Macedonia at the regional and European market. The apple producer cannot be in the same basket as the apple importer. This is the same with the incoming and outgoing tourism. One means import, the other export", NAITM president Vlatko Sulev told MIA.
The Macedonian Travel Market aims to network different stakeholders of incoming tourism, focus on the business needs, and work on adapting to the needs of foreign …

Matthew Nimetz resumes talks about name dispute after three years

The meeting of the Macedonia’s and Greece’s negotiating teams about the name dispute will take place today and tomorrow in Brussels. The UN mediator, Matthew Nimetz, after a three-year pause, will meet with both countries’ representatives, Vasko Naumovski and Adamantios Vassilakis.
As was announced by Niemitz’s office, is part of the UN’s effort to help both sides to find an acceptable solution for both sides about the name dispute.
At the talks in Brussels, Naumovski will be accompanied by an MFA’s diplomat, and the other side, as was agreed with Niemetz, will also be accompanied in the same manner. The mediator is planned to have separate meetings with both countries’ representatives and tomorrow, depending on the course the conversations will take, a joint meeting will take place.

Archaeological Museum of Macedonia: Archaeology Week kicks off

The Archaeological Museum of Macedonia observes Archaeology Week with series of activities on December 11-15.
Elementary school pupils will take part in the development of exhibit posters on Monday, the Archaeology Museum will open its doors on Tuesday, international archaeology conference "Neolithic in Macedonia 3" will be held on Wednesday, programme for visually impaired children takes place on Thursday, whereas the Archaeology Museum's projects, exhibits and international activities will be presented on Friday.
In addition, Archaeology Week will include screenings of documentaries and performance of choir "Artisan".

Violinist Bojan Ilkoski holds solo recital in Skopje

The violinist Bojan Ilkoski is to hold Monday evening a solo recital in the concert hall of the Macedonian Philharmonics performing works by J. S. Bach, N. Paganini, J. S. Bach and E. Ysaye. Ilkoski held two more recitals this year. In May he performed together with pianist Dino Imeri in Veles and he had solo concert in Skopje within "Golden Lira 2017" festival.
Ilkoski has recently become regular member of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra as well as member of F.A.M.E.'S Orchestral Music Recording Company with Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra

Slovenian journalist writes to Juncker: Stop supporting criminals and terrorists in Macedonia

Popular Slovenian journalist Joze Biscak has written an open letter to EU Council president Jean-Claude Juncker accusing the EU machinery of involvement in the coup that first removed a legitimate Macedonian Government and today of actively supporting a genocidal policy against the majority Macedonians in the country by the installation of a criminal Government with open ties to terrorist networks in Kosovo and Albania, says Biscak
MPs and common citizens among which are actors and opera singers have been jailed and ridiculously accused with “terrorism” charges, is this the democracy you were looking for? Biscak asks Juncker.
“Your man Zaev is now seeking to free hardened terrorists who attacked the city of Kumanovo in 2015. Again, the goal is the same, to create a wider conflict. The government junta now in place already freed terrorists who sought to create conflict back in 2012 by executing five Macedonian teens near a lake. The goal of your junta is only to create a conflict, and…

"Comic Strip in Stip", exhibit of Aleksandar Stevanov

First solo show of comic strip works upon the texts by screenwriter Aleksandar Stevanov, who recently scooped award "Ljupco Filipov" for development and promotion of comic strip in Macedonia, will open in Stip-based university library "Goce Delcev" on Wednesday.
The display includes about 50 comic strip-boards by several illustrators.
The exhibit will run through by mid-December.

Name compromise must be reached, says Greek FM

A name compromise must be reached in  order to open Macedonia's accession path to the EU and other organizations, says Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias in an interview with daily "Ethnos".
"In the case of fyRoM, our neighbors believed they could join these organizations by avoiding an agreement with Greece, which is impossible, while some of us believed that inertness of foreign policy is our weapon", says Kotzias.
He adds that Athens and Skopje have now realized they should work on the grounds of consensus and compromise.
"Our interlocutors are now aware of the fact that a sincere compromise needs to be reached regarding the name of our northern neighbor. It is true that some in the EU had illusions in the past that the road to EU and other organizations required no compromise", says Kotzias.
The Macedonia-Greece name talks under the auspices of UN envoy Matthew Nimetz are expected to resume in Brussels on December 11-12.

Macedonia: Electronic toll collection system to be completed in late 2018

An electronic toll collection system is expected to be installed completely by the end of 2018 and to modernize pay toll collection along Corridor 10, the head of the Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR) has said.
Launched in 2014, the electronic toll collection system initially was supposed to be inaugurated last year. It envisaged the modernization of tollbooths near Romanovce, Petrovec, Sopot, Otovica and Gradsko and two new ones to be built. The project is estimated at EUR 18.7 million with 15 million being provided through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the rest from the national budget Zoran Kitanov tells MIA.
Of those, only the Romanovce tollbooth has been completed. The newly-appointed director of the state road enterprise says that only recently he has issued permits for construction of the remaining tollbooths after the former administration had failed to do so in the course of two years.
"Now, construction works are underway for th…

Skopje hosts Balkanika literary awards ceremony

The Macedonian capital Skopje is hosting one of the leading literary events in the region, namely a ceremony where the international literary award for best book in the Balkans - Balkanika - will be handed out.
The pick is going to be made by an international seven-member jury, chaired by US professor Andrew Wachtel. The jury, comprised of literary critics from seven countries in the region, is tasked with selecting the best book in 2015 and 2016 each, the Skopje-based publishing company Magor has said.
All writers shortlisted for the award, literary critics and publishers from all seven countries, members of the Balkanika Foundation are expected to attend the awards ceremony.
Founded in 1996, Foundation Balkanika includes publishing houses from seven countries in the Balkans: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Romania. The foundation is seated in Sofia.
This year's awards ceremony with be held at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje.

Heavy rain cause water level of rivers to rise, affects traffic across Macedonia

Water levels have risen and traffic has been hindered across the country as Macedonia in the past few days have been hit by steady rainfalls.
Exceptionally increased water levels of River Treska in western Macedonia were recorded Saturday morning with water levels now being higher by 50 cm compared to Friday, Macedonia's hydro-meteorological office says. Water levels of River Pcinja have also increased by 50 cm. Levels of River Borotinska have risen by more that 200 cm.
Gauge height of River Vardar, which passes through the capital Skopje, is on the rise.
Local showers are expected on Saturday, according to weather forecasters, thus suggesting gauge height of rivers will remain on the rise.
Furthermore, heavy rainfalls and landslides have caused interruption of traffic on several roads across the country.
Regional road Valandovo-Udovo village is closed completely since 01:00 a.m. due to water overflow.
A local road near Demir Hisar is also closed.
Also, traffic is hindered on the…

Largest synthetic drug lab in Southeast Europe found in Macedonia

The public prosecutor’s office for organized crime and corruption said Friday that the largest laboratory for synthetic drugs in Southeast Europe has been detected in Macedonia.
The operation was carried out in cooperation with the Serbian counterpart institution and the country’s ministry of interior.
“The public prosecutor’s office for organized crime and corruption, supported by the police, found Thursday an installation for unauthorized production of synthetic drugs, seizing large quantities of narcotics and raw materials for its production”, reads the press release.
The international criminal ring is comprised of Macedonian and Serbian nationals, while a Tetovo-based group equipped a laboratory for production of synthetic drugs and precursors, aimed at selling and distributing the narcotics in Macedonia, Serbia and other countries.
Serbian news agency Tanjug reports that the months’ long operation resulted in the arrest of eight members of the ring, including its head Milan Zaru…

Roaming among Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and BiH to be scrapped in 2018

Prices of roaming services among Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are set to equal with national tariffs in 2018. The countries’ electronic communications agencies have filed a draftagreement to the ministries for harmonization of the roaming prices with the ones of EU, reads Montenegro daily “Pobjeda”.
Regulators have informed the competent ministries that Bulgaria has already signed an agreement with Macedonia over equaling of roaming and national traffic prices. Bulgaria has said it would seek to do the same with the other countries.
The draft-agreement was adopted in Belgrade by the end of November, but it is also open for other interested countries. According to “Pobjeda”, informal talks have also taken place with representatives of Albania, Croatia and Turkey.

Macedonian embassy organizes Mother Teresa exhibit at Tokyo university

An exhibition dedicated to Mother Teresa has been displayed at Sophia University in Tokyo upon an initiative by the Macedonian embassy in Tokyo and in cooperation with the Skopje-based Mother Teresa Memorial House.
In addition to presenting the life and achievements of Mother Teresa, the exhibit aims to demonstrate the strong bond between Mother Teresa and Japan.
The exhibit, which features 24 photo collages, offers a chronological insight into the life and humanitarian mission of Mother Teresa.
Running until December 8, it is initiated by the Macedonian embassy in Tokyo as a result of Japan's deep respect for Mother Teresa.
The exhibit is funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Mother Teresa Memorial House in Skopje, which also organizes the event.
The exhibition was opened on Nov. 28 with an opening speech by Macedonia's first ambassador to Japan, Andrijana Cvetkovic. It was attended by high government officials, ambassadors and public figures.

Two Novels by Bozin Pavlovski Released in English

The novels "Winter in Summer" and "America, America" ​​by the famous Macedonian writer Bozin Pavlovski were released by Griffin Press and AEA Publishers in Melbourne with the support of the National Library of Australia in English.
The works are translated by Jim Tomev and Elena Chyjavarela. Editor of the editions is Bradley Dawson, and the design is made by the artist Jackie Lynch.
Bozin Pavlovski is the author of nineteen novels, highly valued by literary criticism. His works have been translated into: English, Greek, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Albanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Russian, French, Czech, Italian and other languages. He has received national and international recognitions, among which the State Prize "11 October" for Lifetime Achievement and the Intelligence Prize of Thessaloniki, Republic of Greece.

EBRD sells entire stake in Macedonia's Komercijalna Banka

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has sold its 5.245% stake in Komercijalna Banka [MSE:KMB], Macedonia's largest lender, on the Skopje bourse as part of its normal portfolio-management operations,  Komercijalna said. 
“Despite the usual procedure of the EBRD being a shareholder in a bank for an average period of five years, the EBRD was a shareholder in Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje for more than 20 years, making a significant contribution to the bank’s growth and development throughout that period,” Hari Kostov, CEO of Komercijalna Banka, said in a statement, filed to the MSE on Wednesday. 
The EBRD invested in Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje in 1996. As a shareholder, the EBRD has helped bolster the lending policies and improve corporate governance and has also contributed to an increased investor interest in Macedonia's largest bank. The EBRD remains committed to Komercijalna Banka, which is among the most active users of the EBRD’s Trade Facilitation Progra…


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia