French companies interested in investing in Macedonia's railway sector

French companies are interested in investments and in launching projects related to the railway sector in Macedonia in addition to the remaining infrastructural activities that have been announced.

Cooperation prospects have been examined at a meeting Monday of representatives of dozen French companies with the Minister of Transport and Communications, Goran Sugareski, who presented the government's plans considering road and railway infrastructure.

"Several French companies have expressed interest for participation, especially in engaging in Macedonia's railways, and for investing. However, it's clear to everyone that railway is a major venture. We should aim for the long-term goal - protection of the environment. Traveling by rail is a more environmentally friendly means for transport," said French Ambassador to Macedonia, Christian Thimonier, who organized the meeting taking place in Skopje.

In Macedonia, a new page has been turned at the political stage all the while a fresh dynamic has been instilled at an economic level, according to him.

"As regards the investment climate, the new government has clearly demonstrated that both foreign and domestic companies will be equally treated in a transparent approach," stated Thimonier.

Minister Sugareski said he would present to the French companies capital projects in the works by the government regarding Corridor 8 for railway connection between Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria and in relation to future activities for the construction of highways, express ways and regional roads.

"By concluding some project documentation and by opening tenders, the objective is to see whether French companies could participate unless they plan to invest in Macedonia, which would result in a modern and quality infrastructure in Macedonia," Sugareski stated.

Macedonia on Corridor 8 has yet to provide funds for the third section of the railway toward Bulgaria - from Kriva Palanka to the Deve Bair border crossing. Also, international funding is yet to be sought to construct the Kicevo-Lin railway. 


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