Presentation of "Macedonian Quality 2017" awards

FHZH, Ceza Komerc, Konto Profit, Process In,, Post Express Makedonija, Agrounija, Antarias, PU Poliklinka Tospas and the Youth Cultural Center Women's Choir are recipients of the 2017 Macedonian Quality award, bestowed by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) under the auspices of President Gjorge Ivanov.

The recognition is presented to companies that nourish a tradition in creating a Macedonian business identity and have been successful to that effect for the last five years.

'Domestic investors are economic ambassadors that successfully promote the Macedonian quality. The outgoing year has brought numerous challenges to the private sector and we wish to believe that the 2018 will be a year of promoting the Macedonian quality across the globe and one to offer possibilities for investing in human resources and high tech, as well as for advanced processes for societal, economic development. More domestic investors in favorable business climate will mean overall economic growth,' Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) President Daniela Arsovska said.

The awarded companies work hard to show the world that a size of a country doesn't limit the potential to create successful international brand, President Ivanov said at the awarding ceremony.

'Macedonia will succeed as a society only if we get used to creating quality because on the global market companies must be recognized for excellence and competitive price...Combining the economic development and the Macedonian identity you (the laureates) contribute to the national success we are proud of. Under the support of state institutions the business sector will move us forward to a new decade of successful Macedonia,' Ivanov said.

The award bears even greater significance as it is being presented in a period when the economy worldwide has been dealing with the ramifications of crisis and challenges, Ivanov said. 


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