Nimetz optimistic on Name Dispute

The mediator in the name negotiations, Matthew Nimetz, is encouraged by recent developments in the process and expresses optimism that the problem can finally be resolved. However, it is expected to work diligently, writes the Greek newspaper "Kathimerini" in the article entitled "Nimetz is optimistic, but obstacles are lurking".

According to the newspaper, Nimetz will not give a specific proposal at this stage, and when he decides to do so, he will most probably propose a complex name with a geographical determinant. The text again speculates with "Republic of Northern Macedonia" as the last proposal that is still on the table, and here are the previous proposals "Republic of Upper Macedonia" and "Republic of Vardar Macedonia".

At this stage of the process, as Kathimerini writes, the mediator will work to improve the climate in the talks through a symbolic gesture, such as changing the name of the Skopje airport, for example.

"Nimetz relies on the realism and commitment of FYROM's new prime minister, Zoran Zaev. Zaev said he was ready for courageous political steps, even at the cost of losing the next parliamentary elections, to make a compromise that would open the doors of this Balkan country for EU and NATO membership, "- the text.

The daily adds that Nimetz plans to intensify the negotiations and raise them to a higher level, including the foreign ministers and even the prime ministers.

Bearing in mind that the issue is delicate for both parties, the mediator is quite understandable and gives special importance to the public of the two countries, especially in order to reach agreement, the opposition in the countries is also needed.

"Concerning Greece, there is concern over the views of the smaller coalition partner, the right-wing nationalist party Independent Greeks. However, there is also concern about the reaction of the opposition New Democracy, a party in which there are also pragmatic liberal politicians, but also conservative, for whom it is not certain that they will support the agreement, "the newspaper said. Regarding the political milieu in Macedonia, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE is said to be the main defender.

"The resignation of longtime leader Nikola Gruevski gives some hope, but everything will depend on who will succeed him in his position. Zaev's recent comments that he receives positive signals from the opposition creates optimism, but it is still too early to give a definitive conclusion on how things will move, - Kathimerini.


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