Slovenian journalist writes to Juncker: Stop supporting criminals and terrorists in Macedonia

Popular Slovenian journalist Joze Biscak has written an open letter to EU Council president Jean-Claude Juncker accusing the EU machinery of involvement in the coup that first removed a legitimate Macedonian Government and today of actively supporting a genocidal policy against the majority Macedonians in the country by the installation of a criminal Government with open ties to terrorist networks in Kosovo and Albania, says Biscak

MPs and common citizens among which are actors and opera singers have been jailed and ridiculously accused with “terrorism” charges, is this the democracy you were looking for? Biscak asks Juncker.

“Your man Zaev is now seeking to free hardened terrorists who attacked the city of Kumanovo in 2015. Again, the goal is the same, to create a wider conflict. The government junta now in place already freed terrorists who sought to create conflict back in 2012 by executing five Macedonian teens near a lake. The goal of your junta is only to create a conflict, and this is who you put in power and support!?” asks Biscak, adding “The only European countries who defend European culture are Hungary and Poland, and you attack them relentlessly, have you got no shame?”.

In the end, Biscak tells Juncker:

“Now you are attacking Macedonia! First, you destabilized the country with your Euro MPs, then you installed in power individuals with lengthy criminal history! In the name of what exactly! The elites!? The left? Soros? Feminism? Flowers in hair? Migration? Or simply in the name of money. And what is the goal of your corrupt friends? You will push Macedonians in a civil war. For Macedonian patriots defeat is not an option. Macedonia has a lengthy history of brave and proud people who love their country and nation. Macedonia was the last line of defense between the civilization and the barbaric hordes. You want to destroy that? Because now the borders are slowly opening up.

Do something, and stop Zaev, he is trampling on the rights, on the human rights of all Macedonians. If you do this, your sins will be forgiven, half of them, maybe, just maybe one day you can knock on the door of the righteous with clear conscious. Otherwise, you’ll burn in hell. I won’t pray for you” – says Biscak in his letter to Juncker.


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