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Polish journalists report on the Macedonian tourism offer

Five journalists from Poland visited Macedonia on an invitation from the TAV Macedonia air transport company, to report the Macedonian tourism offer.

"Following a successful recent campaign with Turkish bloggers to promote Macedonia in front of the public in Turkey, we undertook a similar program with journalists, tourism agencies and operators from Poland. We had representatives from leading Polish online and print media to visit the wineries and the Matka Canyon in Skopje, lake Ohrid and the Bitola region, so they can report on the cultural and historic heritage. We hope that this will enhance interest in Poland for Macedonia, including with flights from Poland to Ohrid", said TAV Macedonia's Alper Ersoy.
Polish operator Rego Bis has a weekly flight from Katowice to Ohrid that began on June 22nd and which brings 220 Polish passengers to Macedonia's main tourism attraction. The Ohrid airport, which is managed by TAV Macedonia, saw four new markets open up in the pa…

Macedonia: Heatwave will bring temperatures over 40 degrees

A heatwave is expected to increase temperatures above 40 degrees Centigrade across Macedonia in the coming days, with an extremely high UV index surpassing 9. 
Most of the country, including the mountainous areas, will see temperatures cross the 35 degrees mark. A yellow alert stage is declared, and it is expected that on Friday and Saturday conditions will be met to declare orange alert. The public is also warned about the danger of forest fires.

2nd Cavalry Regiment Soldiers host static display in Skopje, Macedonia

The 2nd Cavalry Regiment is in Macedonia to showcase military cooperation as well as the US strategic partnership with Macedonia. Before returning to their home base in Vilseck, Germany, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Soldiers, will travel close to 2,000 kilometers during Dragoon Guardian 2017. Dragoon Guardian is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which seeks to strengthen relationships, and enhance regional stability in Eastern Europe.

Macedonian Handball Youth 6th on World Championship in Algeria

The youth handball team of Macedonia (players up to 21 years old), the World Handball Championship held in Algeria finished in the sixth place, which is a historic result and the best ranking of a Macedonian national team in the world championships.

In the match for 5th place afternoon, Macedonia lost to Hungary with 26:22 (14:11).
The selectors of the coach Ilija Temelkovski started the final match of the championship well and to the middle of the first part the two teams changed in the lead. In the 18th minute it was 9: 9, and then the opponent made a series 3-0 and at half-time the result was three goals difference. In the second half, Hungary increased the lead at 17:12, and our selection in the 49th minute reduced to 18:20, but there was no turning force.
The most efficient in our team was Marko Neloski with 6 goals, while the most accurate match was Mark Kovacs with 8 goals.
In the competition for the 7th place in the championship, Tunisia beat Russia 36:21.

Macedonia at the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival

On the 23rd edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival, which will be held from 11th to 18th August 2017, Macedonia will be present with 5 films that have received support from the Macedonian Film Agency.
In the official selection for feature films, Bulgarian-Macedonian-German co-production “Directions” by Stefan Komandarev, will take part. This film had his premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival in the program Un certain regard. In the official selection for the documentary films, Macedonia will participate with the film “Avec L'Amour” by the director Ilija Cvetkovski, who was premiered at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto this May.
In addition to these two films, in the program “In Focus” will be screened the film by Teona Strugar Mitevska “When the day had no name”, co-production between Macedonia, Belgium and Slovenia and “The Requiem for Mrs. J.” by Bojan Vuletić, which is a co-production between Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia and France. Both films had their premie…

VMRO-DPMNE: We will not support the agreement with Bulgaria in Parliament

Last night, the Central Committee (CC) of VMRO-DPMNE decided that the party will not support the agreement on good neighborly relations with Bulgaria in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE announced today.

The statement said that it is good to sign a good neighborly agreement with Bulgaria, in order to strengthen the cooperation and friendship between the countries, and of course, because of Bulgaria’s announcement that they would support Macedonia’s path to full membership in NATO and the European Union, however, not under the current terms and conditions which are specified in the text of the agreement.
“If things remain the way they are, the Central Committee of VMRO-DPMNE concluded that despite the great desire and sincere will, VMRO-DPMNE will not be able to support this agreement in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. Under the current provisions of this agreement, perhaps not immediately, but after a year and a half of its signing, at the time of i…

Kosovo frees terrorist wanted in Macedonia for murder of policemen

What we predicted would happen under Zaev is happening much faster than anyone could anticipate.

Lirim Jakupi – Nazi convicted in Macedonia for attack and murder of Macedonian policemen in 2004 and 2014 has been freed by a Kosovo Court.

MINA reported nearly 8 years ago that Jakupi was recruited by the CIA back in 2000 and was heavily involved in numerous terrorist attacks on Macedonian police. Skopje based Courts tried and convicted Jakupi in absentia to 30 years prison sentence.

As is the norm with CIA assets who are recruited to commit terrorism in Macedonia, Kosovo Courts “jailed” Jakupi for dubious charge of weapons possession in order to protect him from being extradited to prison in Macedonia.

However, now with Jess Baily in charge of Macedonia, the Macedonian Government will not issue an Interpol arrest warrant for Jakupi, nor will it request Kosovo to extradite him.

Both Zaev and Dimitrov have not issued a statement on Jakupi’s release despite being a wanted man by Macedonian…

For Macedonian associations in the diaspora, the Agreement with Bulgaria is shameful and anti-constitutional

OMO Ilinden – Pirin from Bulgaria, the Macedonian international movement for human rights from Canada, the Australian – Macedonian committee for human rights and the Macedonian Alliance for a European Integration of Albania, today by issuing a joint statement have condemned the content in the Agreement with Bulgaria, that doesn’t contribute to the good neighborly relations, the promotion of better relations and the Euro-integration of Macedonia.
The organizations have remarked that with the Agreement, Macedonia is doing a step towards denunciation of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria.
“The former declarative denunciation is now becoming a part of the “good neighborly agreement.” It is a logical and shameful step forward after 25 years of disruption of the Constitution on part of former Macedonian governments that have completely and strictly neglected their constitutional obligation to take care of the Macedonian minorities in the neighboring countries, especially in Greece and Bul…

VMRO-DPMNE elected new Executive Committee

Last night, VMRO-DPMNE voted 19 new members of the party’s Executive Committee (IK).
The new Executive Committee doesn’t feature the former ministers Vladimir Peshevski, Emil Dimitriev, Zoran Stavrevski, Gordana Jankulovska, Mile Janakieski, Kiril Minovski, Martin Protogjer and Sasho Mijalkov. The former UBK head Mijalkov, previously announced that he is withdrawing from all party functions. Of previous members, in the Executive Committee remain Ilija Dimovski, Vladimir Gjorcev, Nikola POposki, Nikola Todorov, Daniela Rangelova and Koce Trajanovski.
At last night’s meeting, which lasted until midnight, 19 new persons were elected. MP Antonio Miloshoski announced that the former ELEM manager, Hristijan Mickoski is the party’s new General Secretary. He has taken the place of former acting Prime MInister Emil Dimitriev, who recently announced that the party needs refresh.
In the IK’s new lineup features Nikola Srbov of “Stop Operation Soros,” activist Bogdan Ilievski of “For a United Ma…

Alkaloid sees sales go up by 8 percent

Alkaloid, Macedonia's largest pharmaceuticals company, reported sales of 3,507 billion denars (60 million EUR) in the first half of 2017. That represents an increase of 8 percent compared to the same period last year.
Pre-tax profits were at 649 million denars (10,6 million EUR), an increase of 11 percent, while net profits were at 374 million denars (6,1 million EUR). Sales rose by 7 percent in the domestic market and exports were up by 10 percent. Exports amounted to 61 percent of total sales. Balkan counties acounted for 32 percent of foreign sales, followed by Western Europe with 21 percent and Russia with 7 percent. Greatest increases in sales were reported in the United Kingdom and in Hungary (sales up 18 times). Sales to Russia grew by 24 percent and to Romania by 52 percent.
Drugs were the main selling point for Alkaloid, with 84 percent of total sales, followed by cosmetics and chemicals. The company invested 323 million denars in the first six months of the year and hir…

US Army convoy enters Macedonia for the Dragoon Guardian 17 exercise

A convoy of 120 vehicles with 300 US Army soldiers crossed into Macedonia from Bulgaria on Friday. The soldiers, who are part of an engineering unit will take part in the Dragoon Guardian 17 military exercise, and have traveled through a number of Eastern European countries in a show of resolve in light of the regional security challenges.
The exercise, which will be held together with 100 Macedonian soldiers, will take place in the Krivolak army training grounds. The US unit will in the meantime tour a number of cities, showcasing its armament and equipment.
The tour begins in Skopje, Stip and Veles on Saturday and Sunday. The Krivolak exercise begins on Monday, and the last two cities the convoy will visit are Strumica and Struga on Thursday and Friday.
The two armies will practice setting up a runway for drones, which will remain for future use of the Macedonian Army. Other exercises will include clearing up improvised explosive devices, clean up of radiation contamination and tar…

Skopje hosts Balkans U-22 beach volleyball championship

Beginning on Friday, Skopje hosts the three days long Balkans U-22 beach volleyball championship.

Fourteen teams will participate in the men’s competition, including two national teams from Macedonia. In the women’s competition there are 12 teams, including again two representing Macedonia. Games begin at 14h at the Skopje City Park beach volleyball center on the Vardar river.

“Krusevo-ethno city” event kicks off

The 9th edition of “Krusevo-ethno city” event kicked off late Wednesday in celebration of the traditions and customs of Krusevo.

Natives of Krusevo dressed in authentic clothes of Ottoman Turks and Macedonian revolutionary fighters, representing their fight for freedom, paraded around Krusevo, in commemoration of the anniversary of the Ilinden uprising that took place on August 2, 1903.
Opening the event Krusevo mayor Gjorgji Damceski said that the event has the appearance of a big stage scene, with authentic scenery and costumes, reviving the historical atmosphere of 1903 in Krusevo. Citizens dressed in costumes of revolutionary fighters, Ottoman Turks, soldiers, craftsmen, carrying out their everyday obligations, animate the tourists, which fully comply with the strategy for local economic development of Krusevo, especially the tourism.
Ethno-Fair of Krusevo was also opened within the event “Krusevo-ethno city” offering ancient models of handicrafts made by young designers, which w…

Probistip expects more than 10.000 visitors during its music festival

The mining town of Probistip expects more than 10.000 visitors during its Summer Festival that begins on Friday and lasts through the weekend.
Known for presenting only Macedonian music stars and DJs, the festival will be opened by Dragan B. Kostic and Dragan Mijalkovski. The second evening will feature Aneta, Molika, Viktorija Loba and Area. On Sunday, the evening begins with Antonija Angelovska, followed by Andrijana Janevska, Tamara Todevska and the Nokaut band. Dozens of stands will provide food and drinks during the music festival.

Stavridis: Macedonia is the next country that will join NATO

Macedonia is the next country that should be joining NATO, stated the former NATO commander James Stavridis for Voice of America.

“I hope that Greece will be able to work with Macedonia in finding a solution for the name dispute which will open the door for Macedonia to join NATO. I think Macedonia is the next country that will join the Alliance,” said general Stavridis, saying also that the next steps would be towards unification and strengthening of the Balkans region.
He reminded that even VP Mike Pence, who at the start of the month had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, has stressed the US support for Macedonia’s membership in NATO.
“Pence stressed that the USA will support Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations” and has encouraged Zaev to give priority to the reforms that will speed up the process” announced the White House after the telephone conversation.

Skopje Kale Fortress lit in honor of the UEFA Super Cup

On top of the billboards set across town in expectation of the UEFA Super Cup on August 8th, the Skopje Kale Fortress will also be illuminated in the colors of the Cup.
Besides the Philip II of Macedon arena, football fans can also watch the game between Real Madrid and Manchester United at the central Macedonia Square. A fan zone will be set up, with musicians and DJs, for a party that will begin a day ahead of the match.

Group of leading historians signs petition against falsifying Macedonian history

A group of 26 distinguished historians signed a petition against “attempts to redefine, change and falsify Macedonian history”, whose ultimate goal, the petition says, is to destroy the Macedonian nation and its defining features.

“We stand athwart a final solution attempt at the Macedonian issue, which can have disastrous consequences for the Republic of Macedonia and for the Macedonian people. As Macedonian intellectuals, historians and university professors, we strongly reject the attempts to change the name of our state – Macedonia. We reject the attempts to redefine, change and falsify Macedonian history with the goal to destroy the Macedonian nation and all its characteristics”, the petition calls. Signed by historians such as Violeta Ackoska, Todor Cepreganov, Nikola Zezov, Mihajlo Minovski and others, it was made public as the SDSM led Government announced it will sign a yet undisclosed friendship treaty with Bulgaria which will tackle historic issues, as well the resumed tal…

Bulgarian government approves Macedonia friendship treaty

The Bulgarian government approved at Wednesday's session the Agreement on friendship, good neighborly relations and cooperation with the Republic of Macedonia, the government's press office has said.

"The signing of the friendship treaty with Macedonia reflects Bulgaria’s will to build modern neighbourly relations based on the European values", said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov during the session.
Borisov added that several Bulgarian governments invested efforts over the years in the negotiations, taking into consideration Bulgaria's national interest, BTA reports.
According to him, the visit of Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev to Sofia and the expressed position over the common history is the first step in the efforts to build a new spirit of relations among neighbors.
"The European Union has seen the agreement as the first step and a new beginning in Macedonia's European perspective", added Borisov.
"The signing of the treaty will lead to bilateral …

President Ivanov calls on government to publicize Macedonia-Bulgaria agreement on good-neighborly relations

President Gjorge Ivanov called on the government Tuesday to publicize and elaborate the wording of Macedonia-Bulgaria agreement on good-neighborly relations ahead of its initialing.

Ivanov considers that the lack of transparency has provoked unfavorable comments and concern among general public, which 'should be overpowered by publicizing the document,' the President's Office said in a press release.
Macedonia's national interests should always be taken into consideration and any inter-state agreement must not jeopardize them, Ivanov says.
Yesterday, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov presented the final version of Macedonia-Bulgaria agreement on good-neighborly relations to the President, who commend the will and efforts of all involved in coordinating the accord between the two countries.
The President will remain engaged in reconciliation and processes for settling disputes in a peaceful manner and via political dialogue in compliance with the international law and p…

Skopje to run for title "European Capital of Culture"

An exhibit of photographs and installations, along with screening of a documentary launches project "European Capital of Culture" in the Skopje-based Youth and Culture Centre on Wednesday.
The project, running through August 4, aims at stimulating and supporting the cultural development of Skopje and linking representatives of all culture-related institutions towards drafting a thorough, authentic and competitive programme and applying for title "European Capital of Culture".

Skopje commemorates the devastating 1963 earthquake

On Wednesday Macedonia's capital Skopje commemorates 54 years since the disastrous earthquake of 1963. The early morning quake killed 1.070 people, many of whom were sleeping in their homes, and caused injuries to 3.000. Much of the city was destroyed, including some well known landmarks.

The quake was felt on 50.000 square kilometers, and the ground reverberated from 5:17h until 5:43h. It destroyed 15.800 apartments and damaged 28.000. More than 200.000 people were left homeless. The disaster sparked immediate outpouring of solidarity from across the world, and many countries, as well as the United Nations, helped rebuild Skopje.
Delegations from the city and various institutions will visit the memorial to the victims of the earthquake at Butel cemetery. The traditional blood donation drive is held at the Dare Dzambaz center, organized by the Red Cross, the city of Skopje and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine. Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski will also visit the Momin Potok ho…

Vardar downs Copenhagen 1-0 in UEFA CL

FC Vardar has a positive result in their first home game against Danish champion FC Copenhagen.

After going into half time with a goalless draw, it was the Macedonian champion who pressed forward in the second half looking for a winner.

And they got it, courtesy of Jonathan Balloteli who connected well on a rebound in the penalty box.

Vardar could have easily double their lead via substitute Kobijasich, however the Copenhagen goalie saved his team from going down 2-0.

In the end, the Macedonian champ certainly had luck on its side when Copenhagen failed to score and tie the match via a quick counter attack.

Rematch is in Copenhagen in seven days.


Macedonia and Albania agree to hold joint session of governments (UPD)

Albania and Macedonia have no open issues and want to strengthen cooperation as the only certain path towards the Euro-Atlantic integration, two countries’ foreign ministers Ditmir Bushati and Nikola Dimitrov said after Tuesday’s meeting in Tirana.

Both ministers announced holding of a joint session between two governments in autumn in Pogradec which would focus on projects for development of the two countries and the entire region.
After the meeting in Trieste, today we agreed to hold a joint session of the governments in autumn in Pogradec. This will be new development in the relations between our two countries. An opportunity will be created through this mechanism to give priority to sectors for cooperation in order to facilitate the realisation of strategic projects for which funding will be provided through international and European funds, Bushati said.
Albania and Macedonia have potential to contribute for the development of the region through new development path through mode…

Turkish youth chamber orchestra played concert in Skopje

The Youth Chamber Orchestra of the Turkish cultural organization Turskoy yesterday in Skopje gave a classical music concert that was organized in cooperation with the Skopje-based office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the culture and information department of the Turkish embassy to Macedonia.

The Youth Chamber Orchestra of Turskoy consists of 24 musicians from seven countries. In addition to performing in Turkey, the orchestra has held concerts in London and New York.
Its Skopje concert was part of a Balkan tour, which includes performances in Ohrid, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
Turskoy is an association that aims to promote the culture of Turkey and to champion cultural cooperation and cultural exchange between different nations, according to Hakan Ozcelik of the Turkish embassy. "It is our honor and pleasure to have organized the concert of the Turskoy organization," he said opening the concert in Skopje.
Turkey's Ambassador to …

Huawei sending five Macedonian IT students to China for workshop

Five best students of information technology and communications will enjoy a two-week visit to China under the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program.

The program stimulates countries from various countries to take part in the development of digital society, Zhou Jiadong Country Manager at Huawei Technologies, said Monday at a voucher presentation ceremony.
‘This program has enabled Huawei to cooperate with Macedonia’s government in sharing its experience with information and innovative technologies. Huawei has also facilitated the transfer of know-how to the local government to develop a highly-efficient education system. The Macedonian government via the Ministry of Information Society and Administration has expressed readiness to support the program, enabling to five best students of various IT faculties to have a privilege to travel to China,” Jiadong said.
China’s Ambassador to Macedonia Yin Lixien said the Huawei program would help cultivate more local ICT talents, making contribu…

Digital asset monetization firm InPlayer to expand Skopje team

Macedonian-UK video and digital asset monetization company InPlayer plans to expand its operations and triple its team in Skopje to 100 from 35 by end-2018, Macedonian media reported on Monday.
The company plans to increase its personnel to 50 by the end of 2017, MIA news agency reported. The company operates offices in Macedonia, the US and the UK.
Founded in 2010, InPlayer is a digital asset monetization platform providing clients opportunity to profit from their library of online media assets, be they live, recurring or on-demand.

Serbian church again bans Macedonian delegation from observing 1944 ASNOM assembly

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) informed the Macedonian Government that it will not allow a delegation led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to visit the St. Prohor Pcinjski monastery on Ilinden, to mark the anniversary of the 1944 ASNOM assembly in which Macedonian statehood was declared.

The Serbian Church has continuously banned Macedonia from celebrating the greatest Macedonian national holiday - Ilinden - in the monastery where the ASNOM assembly took place. Serbian Patriarch Irinej cited alleged poor treatment of Serbian priests in Macedonia as the reason. The monastery is now just across the border in Serbia and is managed by the Serbian church.
"As long as the position of SPC and its priests in Macedonia is not improved there will be no discussion about any visits of Macedonian delegations to a monastery in Serbia. Patriarch Irinej called on the Macedonian authorities to do something regarding the issue of Serbian priests in Macedonia, but always faced a wall from their in…

Picture of the Day - Macedonian Fried Chicken

Picture of the Day - Macedonian Fried Chicken seen in Skopje, Macedonia.

SIGNUM and Goce Stefkoski perform at the Ohrid Summer Festival

German saxophone quarter SIGNUM performs on Monday evening at the St. Sophia cathedral in Ohrid, as part of the Ohrid Summer Festival. It will be followed by a concert by Goce Stefkoski septet.

The team of young musicians was formed in Cologne in 2006, and has since performed across Europe. In Ohrid they will perform works from Ravel, Shostakovich, Gershwin and others. Their concert begins at 20:30h.
Goce Stefkoski takes the stage at 22h. Best known for his work as drummer and percussionist with Kiril Dzajkovski, Leb i Sol, Arhangel, Last Expedition and other Macedonian bands, he presents his first album "Seven Tales", prepared in cooperation with Kire Kuzmanov, Ivan Ivanov, Trajko Velkov, Damir Imeri and others.


Vardar - Copenhagen declared a high risk match

The first qualifying match between Vardar and Copenhagen on Tuesday has been declared a high risk match, prompting elevated security measures.
Fans are asked to come to the Philip II of Macedon stadium no later than 19:30, when the doors will close. Fans are also urged not to bring any hard objects such as lighters and coins with them.
Tickets are on sale on Monday and Tuesday between 12h and 19h. The game begins at 20h.

“Kathimerini”: Next year, it may be crucial to resolve the name dispute

Next year could be crucial for the resolution of a longstanding dispute between Greece and Macedonia regarding the official name of the state, diplomatic sources have indicated to “Kathimerini”.

Officials in Europe and Washington believe that there could be an opportunity to solve the dispute for the name in the period between local elections in October this year and presidential elections in 2019 in Macedonia.
“Hopes of a solution were raised after Social Democrat Prime Minister Zoran Zaev formed a government in June, following months of political upheaval. Another reason diplomats believe a solution might be reachable is that American interest has shifted back to the region, chiefly over fears that Russia could seek to expand its influence over weak nations such as Bosnia and Herzegovina”, wrote the Greek media.
According to “Kathimerini” sources, American officials have noted a return to pragmatism in Macedonia, and the state is prepared to make compromises and concessions.

Name issue discussed during Mogherini's visit to Athens

Turkey, Cyprus and Macedonia's name issue were tackled during Friday's discussions of High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, MIA reports from Athens.

After the meetings, Mogherini highlighted the Balkans' importance and said the region would be EU's priority. She voiced assurance for progress in the name talks and the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue in the coming months.
FM Kotzias said Greece fully supported EU's efforts over the accession of the Western Balkans. He reiterated that Athens supported Skopje's EU accession once the name issue was resolved. He also expressed hope that the name issue settlement would be easier compared to the past, taking into consideration the change of power in Macedonia.

Weapons, ammunition found near village Blace

Police have found weapons and ammunition in a canal beside a dirt road near village Blace, in the vicinity of the regional road leading to Kosovo.
"The units found two rocket launchers M57, seven hand grenades, five hand grenade lighters, Chinese-made machine gun, Russian-made machine gun, automatic rifle AK, three empty automatic rifle cases, and three bags containing 2,141 bullets of caliber 7,62mm", the Ministry of Interior said in a press release.
An on-site investigation has been carried out, whereas the weapons and the ammunition have been handed over to the forensics department. 

UEFA Euro League: Shkendija wins - Rabotnicki eliminated

FK Shkendija Tetovo played 1-1 on a visit to Helsinki and with a total of 4-2 placed in the third qualifying round of the Europa League.

The Macedonian vice-champion managed to keep the advantage of the first match they won with 3-1, against Helsinki played 1-1 and secured a ranking in the next qualifying round.
Helsinki was the first to rejoice on this match, but their goal was work of a player of Shkendija, Radeski put the ball in the net for 1-0.
Shkendija played well better in the second half and in the 71st minute through Celikovic set the final score of 1-1.
Shkendija will have a good chance in the third round because will play with Trakai from Lithuania that was better at the penalties than Norrkiping, it is an opponent that can be eliminated. Tetovo's rematch will be played before his fans.
Rabotnicki failed to make a surprise, suffered a landslide defeat at Dinamo Minsk and with 3-0 finished the European competitions this season.

Macedonia Philharmonics opens new concert season in September

With a concert of complex and magnificent pieces for orchestras, the Macedonian Philharmonics will open the 2017/2018 concert season on September 21, it announced Friday after completing the program for the new season that features many premieres and never-before-performed works.

Violinists Sergey Krylov, Alena Baeva and Nikita Boriso-Glebsky from Russia and Russian pianist Boris Berezovsky are some of the few artists who are slated to grace the concert hall of the new Macedonian Philharmonics building in Skopje. 
A concert is also in the works by Daniel Kharitonov, the youngest competitor in the piano division of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition, Macedonian opera singer Milan Siljanov, renowned German-French cellist Nicolas Altstaedt, Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa, pianist Yevgeny Sudbin of Russia, Chinese violinist Ning Feng, etc.  
Pieces by Macedonian composers will be performed throughout the session and concert of Macedonian world-renowned musicians will be held, i…

Mex Rent A Car Opens in Macedonia

Mex Rent A Car has launched in Macedonia at Skopje Airport. With this new location, Mex now has affiliates in three countries within Europe: Romania, Iceland, and now Macedonia.

“As a company with regional ambitions, our goal is to work with companies and networks who have wider presence on the global rent a car market,” said Mex Rent A Car’s Macedonia’s affiliate. “It’s imperative for us to acquire and exchange our experiences in an effort to provide the greatest and most satisfying service we can to a wide range of clientele.”
Mex’s affiliate program continues to look for openings in countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and South America.
“The affiliate program is searching in different countries for companies that would like to grow their business using what Mex Rent A Car has to offer,” said Jordi Rivero, Mex’s chief product officer.


Take off to Skopje from Malta International Airport

The first Wizz Air flight from Skopje landed at Malta International Airport last week, establishing another bridge with the Balkan peninsula. Flights to the Macedonian capital will be taking off from the airport every Monday and Friday.
Located at the foot of Mount Vodno, Skopje is home to around half a million inhabitants. While a number of hiking trails lead up to the mount's peak, from where Skopje can be enjoyed from a different angle, less adventurous holidaymakers can easily get to the top via cable car.
A visit to the old town - Čaršija - transports one back to Skopje's Ottoman and Byzantine eras. These old quarters, in fact, house most of Skopje's museums and historic buildings such as the imposing Tvridna Kale Fortress, the Stone Bridge, and the Mustafa Pasha Mosque.
Walking away from Skopje's historic heart, one can discover its more modern face, shaped by two major makeovers in recent years.
Skopje is one of five new routes at Malta International Airport fo…

Rocchi to referee Super Cup match in Skopje

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has announced that Italian Gianluca Rocchi will referee the 2017 UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid and Manchester United.

The 43-year-old Rocchi has been an international referee since 2008 and is set to take charge of his 73rd UEFA match, which will be held in Skopje, Macedonia, on August 8, UEFA announced on its website on Thursday, reports Efe.
Rocchi officiated at nine European club competition matches in 2016-17, including the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals second leg between Leicester City and Atletico Madrid, and the second leg in the round of 16 between Monaco and Manchester City.
Last season, he also refereed the UEFA Europa League semi-finals first leg between Ajax and Lyon, and was the fourth official at May’s UEFA Europa League final in Stockholm.
In the first leg of the Champions League last 16 in 2012 when Rocchi refereed the game between Real Madrid and Manchester City 1-1, he awarded City a controversial penalt…

Pic of the Day - Macedonian Flag painted by 10 year old girl

A drawing of the Macedonian flag by a 10 year old girl from SOS Children's Village Skopje, Macedonia.
See also a wonderful painting of a Macedonian flag by 12 year old boy HERE

Sputnik: Macedonia NATO accession issue may be resolved in 3-4 months

The talks on Macedonia's NATO accession had accelerated sharply, and were expected to end in three or four months in autumn, Russian agency 'Sputnik' reports, citing a European diplomatic source.

- The issue of Macedonia choosing a provisional name and its NATO accession may be resolved in three or four months. a European diplomatic source told Sputnik.
The source told Sputnik that the talks had accelerated sharply, and were expected to end in three or four months in autumn. The issue of Skopje’s accession to the alliance will be resolved simultaneously.
According to the source, the United States expedited the talks.

Velestovo Poetry Night begins

Poets, musicians and artists from Macedonia and abroad will take part at the 29. Velestovo Poetry Night, held in village Velestovo and Ohrid on July 21-23.

Jazz concert of band "Karavanija" will open the programme on Friday evening, along with a poetry portrait of Risto Vasilevski and exhibit of academic painter Emil Sulajkovski.
Poetry readings and book promotions are also part of the event, which is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Ohrid municipality and Komercijalna Banka.

New Macedonian Government will officialize Albanian language before local elections

The Albanian language will be promoted as second state language before the local elections, said PM Zoran Zaev, who also said that by doing so, he will not lose votes from citizens either from the Macedonian or Albanian ethnic communities.

“One thing is for sure. The government will pass the law before the local elections and if we are ready it shall pass at the Parliament. Just follow us and you shall see how the number of votes from the Macedonians, Albanians, the Turks and the Serbs will increase for this coalition”, said Zaev.
Before the business meeting with the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce stressed that the people want the problems to be solved.
“No one is losing anything, everyone has the right to equality in our society and to feel Macedonia as its own”, said Zaev who also said that the Law is underway at the Ministry of Justice and that soon, it shall be submitted to the Government from where it shall be sent to the Venetian Commission and Parliament.

Ohrid Summer Festival enriches its offer with jazz weekend

A weekend filled with jazz music is being prepared for the 57th Ohrid Summer Festival.

The annual event in the Macedonian resort city will see performances by Dominic J Marshall, a Dutch-British trio, and MOMB Denmark & Pumperzz of the Fall (Macedonia and Denmark) on Friday, and Heli Siekkinen of Finland on accordion and T.A.O. from Denmark on Saturday.
The weekend segment, a novelty introduced at this year’s edition of the Ohrid Summer Festival, closes on Sunday with concerts by Project Hideaway (US & UK) and the US band Larry Dunn and Friends. The frontman, keyboardist Larry Dunn, is one of the early members of Earth, Wind & Fire.
“The upcoming event is an attempt on our part to enrich the festival’s program with music performances, conceived to complete the art experiences of the festival’s versatile audience,” said Gjorgi Cuckovski, the festival’s music selector.
Speaking at a news conference on Thursday in Ohrid, Larry Dunn said he was honored and looking forward to …

US State Department: Macedonia’s capacity fighting terrorism must be strengthened

Due to the military pressure of extremists from the ISIS, in 2016, Europe was targeted by massive terrorist threats, US State Department said in a report on terrorism, adding that threats continue to the present day.

In the report on Macedonia it is stated that the Macedonian authorities estimate that ISIS members and supporters are still in the country. The State Department recalls that in 2016 Macedonia carried out three different anti-terrorist actions, one in coordination with the authorities of Albania and Kosovo, which led to the arrest of 23 people in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
“In March, the government adopted a national anti-terrorism strategy. It says in the strategy, there is a part committed to protect against violent extremism, but there is no specific national strategy to combat violent extremism and protect it. The government drafted a national anti-terrorism action plan and submitted it for review to the European Commission, in November. However, the action plan l…

Bosnia, Portugal and the Netherlands participate in the Trophy Macedonia basketball tournament

Trophy Macedonia basketball tournament begins in Skopje on Thursday, with the national teams of Bosnia, the Netherlands and Portugal facing off against each other, to prepare for the pre-qualifications for the 2019 World Championship.

Coach Jordanco Davitkov said that he will have a clear picture about the state of the team following the tournament, and the previous friendly matches against Slovakia and Bulgaria. Jordan Theodore and Bojan Krstevski will not be available in the Macedonian team, and Dime Tasovski’s participation is uncertain.
“We are not going to be led by securing good results. We all want to win, but the main thing at this tournament is to see the strength of the team and also to avoid some additional injuries on top of Theodore and Krstevski”, said Davitkov.
In its first match of the three days long tournament Macedonia plays against Portugal while Bosnia faces the Netherlands.

Vardar beats Swedish champion Malmo to advance in the Champions League qualifiers

A confident Vardar qualified in the third round of the Champions League after beating the Swedish champion Malmo in Strumica.

Vardar came to the game with a solid 1:1 result from the first away game, but went under quickly after Markus Rosenberg converted a penalty awarded against Vardar goalkeeper Filip Gacevski in the 15th minute. Vardar tried to get back in the game for the rest of the first half and its players were incensed when, just before halftime, Ukrainian referee Zabcenko failed to award Vardar a penalty shot after a Malmo player stopped the ball with his hand ahead of his goal.
After these disappointments, Vardar headed strong against Malmo in the second half and quickly, in the 56 minute, captain Boban Grncarov evened the score. Five minutes later Armenian player Tigran Barseghyan scored on the rebound after a failed penalty by Juan Filipe and Vardar were ahead. The final 3:1 score was set by youth national team member Boban Nikolov who tapped the ball in the empty net a…

Wizz Air ends hand luggage fee

Low cost carrier Wizz Air, which boasts three bases across the former Yugoslavia, has announced that passengers will no longer be charged an additional fee to bring a large item of hand baggage into the aircraft cabin on all Wizz Air flights, starting October 29. Passengers will be entitled to bring on board one item of hand luggage which meets the dimensions of 55x40x23cm. This bag is included in the ticket price. Customers travelling on or after October 29, 2017 that have already purchased hand luggage directly through Wizz Air channels will be reimbursed with 120% of the price paid, credited to their Wizz accounts. "We are working hard on ensuring that the Wizz experience is as smooth and hassle free as it can get, thus no more fees for hand luggage on all Wizz Air flights from 29 October will further underline our commitment to this mission", the airline's CEO, Jozsef Varadi, said.
SOURCE: Ex-YU Aviation
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