Polish journalists report on the Macedonian tourism offer

Five journalists from Poland visited Macedonia on an invitation from the TAV Macedonia air transport company, to report the Macedonian tourism offer.

"Following a successful recent campaign with Turkish bloggers to promote Macedonia in front of the public in Turkey, we undertook a similar program with journalists, tourism agencies and operators from Poland. We had representatives from leading Polish online and print media to visit the wineries and the Matka Canyon in Skopje, lake Ohrid and the Bitola region, so they can report on the cultural and historic heritage. We hope that this will enhance interest in Poland for Macedonia, including with flights from Poland to Ohrid", said TAV Macedonia's Alper Ersoy.

Polish operator Rego Bis has a weekly flight from Katowice to Ohrid that began on June 22nd and which brings 220 Polish passengers to Macedonia's main tourism attraction. The Ohrid airport, which is managed by TAV Macedonia, saw four new markets open up in the past year, as flights from Poland, Belgium, Israel and Serbia were introduced. On top of the usual Dutch flights, Ohrid also resumed flight links with Israel and Germany. TAV Macedonia saw an increase of passengers of 6 percent in the first six months of 2017, as 860.130 passengers passed through the Skopje and Ohrid airports.