Ohrid Summer Festival enriches its offer with jazz weekend

A weekend filled with jazz music is being prepared for the 57th Ohrid Summer Festival.

The annual event in the Macedonian resort city will see performances by Dominic J Marshall, a Dutch-British trio, and MOMB Denmark & Pumperzz of the Fall (Macedonia and Denmark) on Friday, and Heli Siekkinen of Finland on accordion and T.A.O. from Denmark on Saturday.

The weekend segment, a novelty introduced at this year’s edition of the Ohrid Summer Festival, closes on Sunday with concerts by Project Hideaway (US & UK) and the US band Larry Dunn and Friends. The frontman, keyboardist Larry Dunn, is one of the early members of Earth, Wind & Fire.

“The upcoming event is an attempt on our part to enrich the festival’s program with music performances, conceived to complete the art experiences of the festival’s versatile audience,” said Gjorgi Cuckovski, the festival’s music selector.

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday in Ohrid, Larry Dunn said he was honored and looking forward to playing with his band at the summer festival. “Ohrid is a wonderful city filled with culture and even more wonderful lake. This is my first concert in Macedonia,” he said.

Finnish accordionist Heli Siekkinen, who usually performs classical music, said in Ohrid she would step out of your comfort zone and play pieces that weren’t in her traditional repertoire.

As a surprise, some of the world-renowned jazz musicians said they would play their songs in septuple rhythm (7/8), characteristic of Macedonian folk songs.


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