Macedonia Philharmonics opens new concert season in September

With a concert of complex and magnificent pieces for orchestras, the Macedonian Philharmonics will open the 2017/2018 concert season on September 21, it announced Friday after completing the program for the new season that features many premieres and never-before-performed works.

Violinists Sergey Krylov, Alena Baeva and Nikita Boriso-Glebsky from Russia and Russian pianist Boris Berezovsky are some of the few artists who are slated to grace the concert hall of the new Macedonian Philharmonics building in Skopje. 

A concert is also in the works by Daniel Kharitonov, the youngest competitor in the piano division of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition, Macedonian opera singer Milan Siljanov, renowned German-French cellist Nicolas Altstaedt, Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa, pianist Yevgeny Sudbin of Russia, Chinese violinist Ning Feng, etc.  

Pieces by Macedonian composers will be performed throughout the session and concert of Macedonian world-renowned musicians will be held, including Zdravko Angelov (clarinet), Ljubisha Kirovski (violin), opera singer Ana Durlovski, who will sing the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by Polish composer Henryk Górecki. It will be performed for the first time ever by the Macedonian Philharmonics.

"In addition to the classical, traditional repertoire, the Macedonian Philharmonics has made efforts to incorporate once again this season several fascinating concerts and soloists, including Latvia's Ksenija Sidorova on accordion, Carolina Eyck from Germany, who plays the theremin, bass player Adam Shkripek of Poland, etc," said the Macedonian Philharmonics. 

Also, the Macedonian Philharmonics will mark the 30th death anniversary of Macedonian composer Dragan Gjakonovski-Shpato, considered one of the pioneers of the Macedonian pop music.

"This year, the Macedonian Philharmonics will continue to organize its annual concerts, namely the New Year's gala concert, Valentine's Day concert, the multimedia event 'See Music, Hear Painting, Get a Book', as well as the concerts 'Sound of Future Generation' and 'Youth is Coming'," it was announced. 


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