Huawei sending five Macedonian IT students to China for workshop

Five best students of information technology and communications will enjoy a two-week visit to China under the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program.

The program stimulates countries from various countries to take part in the development of digital society, Zhou Jiadong Country Manager at Huawei Technologies, said Monday at a voucher presentation ceremony.

‘This program has enabled Huawei to cooperate with Macedonia’s government in sharing its experience with information and innovative technologies. Huawei has also facilitated the transfer of know-how to the local government to develop a highly-efficient education system. The Macedonian government via the Ministry of Information Society and Administration has expressed readiness to support the program, enabling to five best students of various IT faculties to have a privilege to travel to China,” Jiadong said.

China’s Ambassador to Macedonia Yin Lixien said the Huawei program would help cultivate more local ICT talents, making contributions to the growth of Macedonian ICT industry and digital economy. It also helps promote practical cooperation in technology and education between our two countries.

‘I would like to express my appreciation to the Macedonian government for supporting Huawei program. I hope the participants will make full use of this opportunity to broaden their horizons, learn advanced technology, experience traditional Chinese culture and become not only ICT talents but also ambassadors of friendship between our two great countries,’ Ambassador Lixien said.

The Huawei Seeds for the Future work-study program offers undergraduate students an opportunity to travel to China for a two-week period.

During the first week, participants will be Huawei’s guests in Beijing for an immersive introduction to Chinese language and culture. In week two, participants will work with the Huawei team in the companies’ Global Headquarters, learning about Huawei’s international culture, strategy and values, and receive technical training from some of the finest professionals in the industry. Travel and accommodation will be provided by Huawei.



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