Macedonian Handball Youth 6th on World Championship in Algeria

The youth handball team of Macedonia (players up to 21 years old), the World Handball Championship held in Algeria finished in the sixth place, which is a historic result and the best ranking of a Macedonian national team in the world championships.

In the match for 5th place afternoon, Macedonia lost to Hungary with 26:22 (14:11).

The selectors of the coach Ilija Temelkovski started the final match of the championship well and to the middle of the first part the two teams changed in the lead. In the 18th minute it was 9: 9, and then the opponent made a series 3-0 and at half-time the result was three goals difference. In the second half, Hungary increased the lead at 17:12, and our selection in the 49th minute reduced to 18:20, but there was no turning force.

The most efficient in our team was Marko Neloski with 6 goals, while the most accurate match was Mark Kovacs with 8 goals.

In the competition for the 7th place in the championship, Tunisia beat Russia 36:21.


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