For Macedonian associations in the diaspora, the Agreement with Bulgaria is shameful and anti-constitutional

OMO Ilinden – Pirin from Bulgaria, the Macedonian international movement for human rights from Canada, the Australian – Macedonian committee for human rights and the Macedonian Alliance for a European Integration of Albania, today by issuing a joint statement have condemned the content in the Agreement with Bulgaria, that doesn’t contribute to the good neighborly relations, the promotion of better relations and the Euro-integration of Macedonia.

The organizations have remarked that with the Agreement, Macedonia is doing a step towards denunciation of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria.

“The former declarative denunciation is now becoming a part of the “good neighborly agreement.” It is a logical and shameful step forward after 25 years of disruption of the Constitution on part of former Macedonian governments that have completely and strictly neglected their constitutional obligation to take care of the Macedonian minorities in the neighboring countries, especially in Greece and Bulgaria. Because of this, the agreement is anti-constitutional!” states the press release. Further, it states that the agreement creates mechanisms through which Bulgaria will be able to blackmail and condition Macedonia through the process of Euro-integration.

According to the organizations, the terminology such as “both countries and its nations,” “Macedonian language, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia,” “general history” is used for relativization of the Macedonian nation.

The organizations state that the agreement is unacceptable and insulting for Macedonia and the Macedonian nation, and is unprincipled and shameful for both countries signees.


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