Tsipras-Steinmeier: Prespa Agreement is brave step

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at their Thursday’s meeting in Athens assessed the Prespa Agreement as courageous and brave step.

Steinmeier welcomed the agreement between Macedonia and Greece, expressing regret for the outcome of the referendum, while Tsipras said that the Prespa Agreement is a model of understanding and mutual respect for two nations, MIA reports.

“I came here to express my respect for the particularly courageous effort you reach an agreement with FYROM, with the neighbouring country, which was an extremely courageous move on your part, and I regret that the result of the referendum did not give a final solution. The great majority of those who took part in voting, of course supported agreement, but this majority was not enough. I hope that the great efforts that have been invested will not be in vain,” Steinmeier said.

Tspiras speaking about the cooperation and initiatives of Greece for wider region mentioned the Prespa Agreement as a model for understanding between two nations.

“I believe that this agreement is a model for understanding between two nations, who want to live in peace without one underestimating the other's history and identity. Brave step which I believe contributes to stability in the Balkans but also the wider region,” Tsipras said.


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