Zaev: We should overcome party and political prejudices and take care of country’s future

I hope we should find courage, to overcome party and political prejudices and to take care of the country’s future, because this is unrepeatable opportunity. The decision we make bears huge responsibility and importance for the future of the citizens, and I believe that we, above all, will think of our country, the children and the generations to come, PM Zoran Zaev said Thursday, adding that important thing is that the focus remains on the serious responsibility by all political actors, political figures, MPs and above all the Parliament.

He said that the session of the Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Issues resumes tomorrow and after its completion, parliamentary session is scheduled to be held on Monday (Oct. 15).

Answering reporter’s question whether new investigations of Special Public Prosecution (SPO) are interpreted as pressure on members of parliament, Zaev said that Macedonia is in a specific period, and everything that happens can also be interpreted in one way or another. I know that the system must operate and work in parallel. I am not informed or I know the details of the investigations. I have read in the media that this is happening, I do not see any connection to what is happening in the Parliament; therefore, the debate is transparent, public and decisions will be made public.

Asked whether he will seek resignation from Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, as he is one of the defendants in the investigations of the Special Public Prosecution, Zaev said that everyone shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty with an effective verdict. This is an investigation and I would like to know the details, I will follow the process carefully and take my actions in a timely manner if something is related to Government’s reputation.

“Everyone knows that the Prespa Agreement is fair and just, that it cannot be better, and without the agreement there is no EU and NATO, and without it there is no economic progress, investment, growth and development. I believe that in addition to the debate, a climate of taking responsibility is being created, everyone should tell their pain, but at the end of the day we should all be upright and make a bold decision, a decision on the future of Macedonia,” Zaev said.

“This matter will be resolved and the question is only whether it will be fast, whether we will let Macedonia lose its days, months, years as it lost in the past. That is why the responsibility of every individual, MP, politician is important. I appeal again to the opposition for reasonableness, we do not have Plan B, and there is no alternative. Let's leave aside all of our political parties and put Macedonia first, to make decisions as we are accountable to the citizens, Zaev told reporters after handover ceremony of annual state award '11 October' in Parliament.

He congratulated National Uprising Day, October 11, to all citizens wishing them happiness and prosperity.

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