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US Ambassador pressures voters at Polling Stations in Macedonia

United States Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily once again stepped out of his diplomatic duties and became directly involved in the Macedonian election process, agitating voters in the Macedonian capital. He was seen in the municipalities in Kisela Voda and Gazi Baba accompanied by SDSM activists, speaking to voters, asking them to vote for SDSM. 
If in the past the US Ambassador was spending countless hours at the SEC Election HQs, now, he has become more of a field activist and is driving from polling station to polling station attempting to influence people's votes.

Skopje, Ohrid and Bitola “In Your Pocket” guide to be promoted

The first issue of the most famous European tour guide “In Your Pocket” for Skopje, Ohrid and Bitola will be promoted Monday.
The guide book was published in 20,000 copies in June this year and distributed to several locations throughout cities.
“In Your Pocket” can also be used as a phone app and also via the web site
“In Your Pocket” is a European city guide publisher and online tourist information provider. As of April 2013, it publishes city guides to 75 destinations and provides free online information to over 100 cities in 23 countries in Europe.
Representatives of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Economy are to attend the promotional event.
The second issue of “In Your Pocket” is expected to be published by year-end.

Macedonia to re-brand as travel destination in 2018

As of 2018, Macedonia will re-brand as a travel destination, said Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism (APST) director Aleksandar Donev on Monday.
Donev told reporters during the promotion of European travel guide “In Your Pocket” that current promotion of the country does not follow trends, while brand “Macedonia Timeless” has been exhausted.
Project “Platform for Solo Travelers”, which will refer to tourists who want to create their tour and organize their stay in Macedonia by themselves, will be launched next year.
“We are planning to re-brand Macedonia as a travel destination at the onset of 2018, because there is a great necessity for this. We need a fresh brand that will communicate the real potentials of Macedonia as a travel destination. This, of course, means a change in the content, which unfortunately does not follow trends”, said Donev.
According to him, the concept would be altered entirely, taking into account that prior tourism-related national strategies were m…

President Ivanov delivers lecture at Oxford Union

The foundation of reconciliation is respect. It is an obligation of your generation because the generation you belong to lives globally, every day you are contacting with other cultures, other religions. You must understand that the other doesn’t want to be tolerated, they want to be respected, President Gjorge Ivanov said delivering a lecture at the prestigious Oxford Union.
Referring to the challenges of the modern world, President Ivanov presented to the Oxford students the Macedonian model of coexistence and respect of diversity, his cabinet said in a press release on Tuesday.
“The philosophy of respect has always prevailed in my country. I don’t want you to tolerate me, I want you to respect me. Respect me for what I am so that I can respect you. We have been respecting the Muslims for six centuries because they are respecting us, too,” noted Macedonia’s President.
Mentioning global challenges facing the world, Ivanov referred to the so called post-state reflected in post-democr…

Macedonia cultural heritage to be presented at Louvre fair

Macedonia's cultural heritage will be presented at the 23rd International Heritage Fair taking place at the world-renown museum Louvre in Paris on Nov. 2-5.
It will be the third representation of the national heritage by the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage.
Cultural Heritage and Tourism is the main theme of this year's edition of the fair.
The Macedonian stand will display books on well-known archaeological sites, churches and mosques, published by the Directorate, it said Monday. A video showcasing Macedonia's cultural heritage will be also screened.
Germany, Belgium, China, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc, will present their heritage at the International Heritage Fair in Paris.

450500 people at risk of poverty in Macedonia

In Macedonia, 21.8% (i.e. 450,500 citizens) are poverty-stricken, show 2016 data of the State Statistical Office. Of those, 9% are in the workforce, while 7.1% are retired persons.
According to the statistical data, the at-risk-of-poverty rate rose by 0.3% compared to 2015, when 445,200 people (21.5%) were at risk of poverty. In 2014, the at-risk-of-poverty rate was 22.1%, i.e. 457,200 people.
The Gini coefficient, measure of income distribution inequality, was 33.6%.
Analysed by household types, the at-risk-of-poverty rate in households of two adults with two dependent children in 2016 was 21.2%. The highest at-risk-of-poverty rate was detected in households with three or more dependent children. The lowest was recorded in single households of one member over 65.
In 2016, 22.2% of men were at risk of poverty, i.e. 21.5% of women. The source for poverty calculations is incomes, and the poverty threshold is defined at 60% of median equivalised income.

Exhibition of archaeological site photographs

The third exhibition of working archaeological photographs titled “Archaeology in Progress” Vol. 3 organised by the Institute of Archaeological Research – Skopje opened Friday evening in the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia.
The main goal is to promote the archaeology and to present the best photographs taken in the last couple of years on the archaeological sites in Macedonia and in Europe.
The Institute announced competition at which 100 photographs applied. The exhibition will feature 30 photographs selected by professional jury and by giving votes at Facebook page of the Institute for Archaeological Research. The best three photos will be awarded with symbolic prizes.
The exhibition is opened until middle of November.

British amateur film wins top prize at FADF in Bitola

James Chalmers from the United Kingdom won the top prize of the Festival of Amateur Documentary Film (FADF) for his work 'Eulogy for the Red Telephone', it was announced Friday.
The festival's 25th edition is opening Friday evening in Bitola with an awards ceremony. Namely, Golden Camera 300 will be presented to Radovan Dzeric from Serbia for his documentary 'Village in the Heart of the City', Silver Camera 300 goes to two authors from Serbia - Drago Latinovic and Ilija Galonja. A Macedonian author, i.e. Petre Chapovski, will be presented with Bronze Camera 300 for the documentary 'Fiddler'.
The award-winning amateur documentaries were selected by an international jury comprised of authors from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.
Established in 1993, the festival started as initiative to bring together non-professional filmmakers.

UEFA EL: Real Sociedad vs Vardar background

Having recorded the biggest away win in UEFA Europa League history in Skopje last time out, Real Sociedad will be brimming with confidence ahead of the visit of Vardar on matchday four.
Real Sociedad recorded the UEFA Europa League's biggest away win when they put Vardar to the sword with a 6-0 victory in Skopje on matchday three. The Macedonian club may seek damage limitation as their first priority for the return encounter.
Previous meetings • The Spanish team ran riot in Skopje, the 6-0 win being the biggest in their European history. Four of the goals were scored by Brazilian striker Willian José, who thus became only the fourth player to register that number in a UEFA Europa League fixture, group stage to final.
• Prior to that encounter the only European tie between Macedonian and Spanish sides had come in the 2000 UEFA Intertoto Cup, with Celta Vigo beating Pelister 3-0 in Spain and 2-1 in the return leg in Bitola.
Form guide • Real Sociedad have won their last three Europea…

Slovenia's Triglav to enter Macedonia's life insurance market

Slovenian insurer Triglav said on Friday it will enter the life insurance market in Macedonia in early November, by establishing a new company, Triglav Osiguruvanje Zivot.
The group has been present in Macedonia since 2007, but only in the non-life insurance market, where it holds the leading position with an 18% market share, Triglav said in a filing with the Ljubljana bourse.
"The group is expanding its business to the life insurance segment, as it sees potential for growth in this market due to lower insurance penetration," Triglav explained.
The insurer expects that market conditions will be challenging because the life insurance segment is closely linked to the general economic situation in a country. 
Currently, four life insurance companies are operating in tight competitive conditions in Macedonia.

Macedonia closes campaigning before second round of local polls

Macedonia's political parties and candidates for mayors closed their electoral campaigning on Friday for the second round of the local elections scheduled on Oct. 29.
The election campaign ends Friday while on Saturday Macedonia will mark electoral silence.
The first round of local elections was held on Oct. 15 where the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) majority claimed victory in most of the local units.
According to Macedonia's election authority, in the first round of voting, the ruling SDSM -- chaired by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev -- won 46 communes and the city of Skopje, the biggest administrative units in the country.
Meanwhile, the largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE chaired by former PM Nikola Gruevski only won three communes while ethnic Albanian party DUI won one commune.
This means that 34 other communes in the country will hold a runoff on Sunday. Macedonia has 84 communes and the municipality of Skopje.
Macedonia's election body informed Friday that 833,710 vot…

Albanian daily publishes photos of illegal voting during Macedonia's elections

Macedonia's elections on October 15th were conducted in highly illegal manner with SDSM and DUI party activists casting votes in the name of others, often gathering groups of people and casting votes for them. This is highly illegal conduct, particularly in Macedonia where only one person is allowed per voting booth to cast a vote - writes Albanian daily Gazeta Express.

The Albanian daily apparently was tipped off of the illegal voting before hand and was able to place a photographer inside the polling station.


Hoyt Brian Yee Tipped as US Ambassador in Macedonia

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee has been tipped as the next US Ambassador in Macedonia, sources of Exit in Skopje confirm.
With the recent appointment of Wess Mitchell as new Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs by the US Senate, the gap left by former Obama-era Assistance Secretary Victoria Nuland has been filled by the administration of Us President Donald Trump. Since January 20, Yee had looked after Nuland’s duties. It may be expected that Mitchell is looking for a deputy that has not been appointed by the previous US president.
Ever since the departure, Deputy Assistant Secretary Yee has played a significant role in the Western Balkans, playing an important role in the solution of the political crises in the region that all came to a head in May. Within 24 hours, the political stalemate in Macedonia was resolved with the instalment of the new government of Zoran Zaev, the MacAllister+ agreement in …

The Effect of Happiness starts shooting in Skopje

The Effect of Happiness, the latest Macedonian feature film, started shooting Thursday on locations in Skopje.
The film, written and directed by Macedonian director Borjan Zafirovski, is an urban drama about the universal quest for happiness to find the meaning of life.
"The film tells the story of Lea, a young girl fighting for her health. While questioning her life, she starts an unusual quest for happiness and can see the effects it makes on other people," the production company New Macedonian Video said Thursday.
The film will be shooting on locations in Skopje and Ohrid in the next 30 days.
A bulk of the budget of The Effects of Happiness is covered by the Film Agency of Macedonia. Albania and Kosovo are co-producers.

Macedonia's Makpetrol buys back 920 own shares

Macedonian fuel retailer Makpetrol [MSE:MPT] said on Thursday it repurchased 920 of its own shares on October 26 for an undisclosed sum.
The shares represent a 0.82% stake in the company, Makpetrol said in a bourse filing. The company provided no further details.
Makpetrol has a network of 126 fuel stations across Macedonia. The company also has units in neighbouring Serbia and Greece.

Discover Skopje's Dance Music Scene With Telekom Electronic Beats Macedonia

Join us in Skopje on Friday for our Telekom Electronic Beats Macedonia launch party with Âme, DJ Koze, Tijana T, Herzel and more.
Telekom Electronic Beats is proud to announce that Macedonia will be added to its growing roster of local initiatives alongside teams in Poland, Albania and Hungary.
To celebrate the launch of the program, which includes events, a local-language website and more, we’re throwing a big party in Macedonia’s capital city this Friday, October 27 at the Youth Cultural Center with Âme, DJ Koze (pictured above), Tijana T and Herzel. We’re also showing two films at the venue’s pocket cinema before the fun: Raving Iran (previously covered here) and our classic Slices documentary about Richie Hawtin, which you can watch below.
For more information, head over to our event’s Facebook page or directly to—and be sure to stay tuned, because there will be more events like this in Macedonia in the coming months.


Gruevski: 6 reasons why SDSM was brought to power by US Deep State and its EU vassals

Speaking at a campaign rally in Zrnovci, DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski stressed the six reason why the SDSM was brought to power.
1. Change the Macedonia’s name, language and identity. 2. The ‘agreement’ with Bulgaria in which Macedonia effortlessly gave up its history to the eastern neighbor. 3. Migrants and islamization of Macedonia. 4. Destroy Macedonia from the inside by creating a bi-national country with albanian language as one of the official languages, despite the fact it is unconstitutional. 5. Increase of taxes. 6. Attack on traditional and Christian values by legalizing gay marriages and allowing the adoption of children by gay couples.


Report on Femicides in Macedonia 2013-2016

15 femicides were committed in Macedonia between 2013 and 2016 according to unofficial records, it was revealed Wednesday at a conference ‘Femicides - intentional killing of women because they are women’, organised in Skopje by the National Network to End Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence in cooperation with the UN. 
Femicide is considered the most severe form of violence against women and could be the result or a direct consequence from domestic violence or intimate partner violence. Elena Dimusevska, executive director of the National Network to End Violence against Women, said femicide in Macedonia wasn't regulated as a separate crime and that it lacked official statistics involving femicides or killings of women at a national level. Louisa Vinton, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Skopje, said behind every murder there was a long history of people who had known something but had failed to act.

Ivanov asks Tusk to send a positive message for unblocking the integration of Macedonia

President Gjorge Ivanov, at today’s meeting with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk in Brussels, called for “a new impulse and sending a positive message” to unblock Macedonia’s integration into the European Union and start accession negotiations.
Responding to a journalist’s question on whether an attempt has been made to accommodate a larger number of migrants in Macedonia for a longer period, Ivanov stated that in 2015 and 2016, the country revealed its position that it only has the capacity to receive 2,000 refugees, and only in transit.
“Our capacity is only for transit, however, it still depends on how the new Macedonian government will act, what decisions it will take and what obligations it will undertake. This is an issue that needs to be addressed to the new government”, said Ivanov.

Oliver Musovik holds solo exhibition

Solo exhibition by Oliver Musovik titled “Corrupt Landscapes” will open Thursday evening at Mobile Gallery of the Contemporary Art Center in the Park of Francophone in Skopje.
Musovik’s exhibition will feature several new, never exhibited works-photographic series that reveal spatial practices of corruption and corrosion of the economic and civic order in Macedonia-illegal construction, corruption in construction.
Oliver Musovik was born in 1971 in Skopje. He completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking in Skopje in 1997 and received MFA degree in 2004 at the same faculty. He had solo exhibitions in Macedonia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Australia and Montenegro. He had participated at numerous international exhibitions and at artist-in-residency programs in Korea, USA, France and Switzerland.

Possibilities for construction of natural gas interconnector Macedonia-Bulgaria explored

The possibilities for the construction of a natural gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Macedonia, including the technical, financial and regulatory aspects were explored at the first meeting of the working group between the Macedonian and Bulgarian delegations within the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of natural gas.
The first meeting of the working group was held in Sofia during the official visit of Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, while the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of natural gas was signed on August in Skopje, Ministry of Economy said in a press release.
While in Bulgaria, Economy Minister Bekteshi met with Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova and discussed the cooperation between Bulgaria and Macedonia in the field of energy, security of energy supply, diversification of energy sources as well as the importance of new interconnection links and regional cooperation.
During the meeting, special emphasis was put on Bulgaria’s taking over of the…

Macedonia’s game of thrones, 17 newlyborns have died in hospitals

Over the past 10 years it was a real rarity for a death of an infant in a Macedonian hospital. However with the arrival of the Zaev junta, in the past four months alone seventeen infants have died at the ‘care’ of new hospital management.
The latest death resulted at Skopje’s gynecology despite attempts by the director at the hospital to keep the information hidden from the media, reports 24Vesti.
Back in August 7 infants died at the Chair gynecology clinic in only 10 days due to inability and confusion of hospital staff to follow basic protocols for placing newlyborns in incubators.
With the arrival of new management and new health minister, many of the seasoned executive management were replaced by incompetent individuals. Case in point is the Skopje gynecology clinic where 12 newlyborns have died. The director there is Viktorija Jovanovska, a close friend of Zoran Zaev’s wife.
It appears that one has to have great deal of courage to give birth at a Skopje state clinic.


Philharmonic orchestra starts season in new concert hall

The Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will start new season 2017/2018 in the new concert hall on Wednesday.

The concert titled "New Beginning" will include pieces by Tchaikovsky, Respighi and Strauss, under the baton of Borjan Canev.

The new hall, designed by architect Viktor Mihajlov, has state-of-the-art acoustics. It includes two concert halls, a big one with a 1,000-seat capacity, and a small one of 350 seats.

Macedonian wines promoted at Danish market

Macedonian wines of type "Vranec" are promoted at events in Denmark's capital Copenhagen on October 23-24.
Macedonian Wineries Tikves, Stobi, Dalvina, Bovin, Kamnik, Popov and Popova Kula present their products before distributors, importers, HoReCa and professional wine buyers.
Wine critic and judge Darrel Joseph held two masterclasses within the promotional events. вина промоција данска
The events are organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, in cooperation with association "Wines of Macedonia".
"Denmark is one of the most potential markets for export of Macedonian bottled wine. These promotional events yield results in building the brand and image of Macedonian wines", says "Wines of Macedonia".
In September, Macedonian wines were promoted in the United States at similar events in New Jersey, Miami and Naples.

Qatar Sheikh Al Thani visits Ohrid

Qatar Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani visited possible sites for construction of hotel resorts in Ohrid over the past few days.
Sheikh Al Thani met with Ohrid Mayor Jovan Stojanoski, who presented the investment opportunities in the field of tourism and hospitality. The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.
After the meeting, the Qatar Sheikh paid a visit to several locations and said he would soon inform the local authorities over their investment intentions.

Month of Culture of Macedonia in Moscow

The NGO Macedonian Cultural Centre in Moscow organizes the Month of Culture of Macedonia in the Russian capital. The events are held in the premises of the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow.
The programme is rich and diverse. The opening event was dedicated to the Macedonian theatre. Actors of Theatre Gorod, Dolgoprudny excellently performed the extract from the play of the playwright Goran Stefanovski “Chernodrinski returns home.” Moreover, young Macedonian singer Darko Todorovski performed before the audience. Books in the field of Macedonian theatre and drama were also presented at the literary exhibition, Olga Pankina, President of the NGO Macedonian Cultural Centre in Moscow, said.
She presented the Macedonian literature in Russian, including the edition “Macedonian novel of the 21st century,” the poetry collection “Singer in the Tower” by Vlada Urosevic as well as “Present Time” magazine featuring the poet Mateja Matevski.
The discussion about the novel “The Great Water” …

Macedonia returns from the World Championship in Sambo with bronze

According to the official Sambo federation, Macedonia officially achieved the biggest success on the international stage.
The third place at the Sambo World Championship held in Thessaloniki, Greece, was won thanks to Erdal Fakic in the category over 100 kg for adults aged 41-45.
Recalling, this sport "Sambo" is a martial art where it combines traditional, folk, martial arts, a mix of wrestling, judo and jewu.

Over 1.5m Macedonians uses internet - 1m with Facebook accounts

There are 1,503,000 Internet users in Macedonia, i.e. 72.2 percent of the population, while one million have Facebook accounts, show Internet World Stats data.
In regional terms, Slovenians have most Internet users (75.5% of the population), followed by Croatia (74.4%). Macedonia is ahead of Montenegro (69.9%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (69.3%), Greece (69.1%), Serbia (67.1%), Albania (66.4%) and Bulgaria (59.8%).
In Europe, 659,6 million people use the Internet, while Facebook has 343,2 million users. Almost 100 percent of the population in Iceland and Norway uses the Internet, while Ukraine is at the bottom (52.5%).
Internet World Stats says there are 3,88 billion Internet users across the globe, i.e. 51.7 percent of the world’s population, while 1,7 billion have Facebook accounts.

Papandreou: Upper Macedonia acceptable

The former Prime Minister of Greece, who put the proposal for the addition of Northern Macedonia on the table, such as erga omnes, does not exclude another similar geographical addition. There is no mood in the current Greek government Macedonia in NATO to be received with the reference FYROM.
In an interview that Gorazd Chomovski made for the tonight's edition of Factor magazine on TV 24, Giorgos A. Papandreou is reminded that he had a dozen meetings with ex-Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.
"Whenever we meet, in Brussels, at conferences, I remember when we were in Libya, we sit down and invested a lot of efforts to find a common solution, acceptable for two sides. For me, it was not a protocol. It was a real attempt to find a solution. Unfortunately, such a thing did not happen. I do not know whether there was political will by Gruevski, but I still hope. "
According to ex-Greek Prime Minister and head of diplomacy, the government in Athens is not ready to join Macedoni…

Zaharieva: Bulgaria and Greece are ready to help Macedonia with its reforms

Bulgaria and Greece are ready to help Macedonia to implement the reforms necessary for starting the EU accession talks, said the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Ekaterina Zaharieva, in an interview for the Bulgarian radio “Darik.”
-For a start, it is necessary to build trust between the political leaderships. They have a long way to go and many reforms to be done in order for to the talks about EU accession to start. We talked with Greece and we are ready to send experts to help the government to implement the necessary reforms – said Zaharieva.
When asked whether Macedonia can join EU under this name, Zaharieva was certain that it would not be possible and that a solution for the name has to be found, regarding which, both sides, Macedonia and Greece, are having intense negotiations.
She stressed that among some of the political leaders in the country there is a prevailing aggressive anti-Bulgarian policy with “extremely strong anti-Bulgarian message…

Macedonian poets at Serbia caravan and Belgrade Book Fair

Five Macedonian poets will take part October 23-27 in a poetry caravan across Serbia, including 40 poets and writers from Serbia, France, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Netherlands, Montenegro and other European countries.
Under motto "Going Back to the Roots", the caravan will pay a visit to Nis, Lisine, Despotovac and Belgrade.
On October 27, the Macedonian poets and their works will be promoted at the Belgrade Book Fair.

Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle

The Republic of Macedonia observes Monday the Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle - October 23.
On this occasion, government and parliament delegations will lay flowers at the Goce Delcev monument in the Skopje city park.
On 23 October 1893, Dame Gruev, Hristo Tatarcev, Petar Pop Arsov, Anton Dimitrov and Hristo Botandziev at the house of Ivan Hadzi Nikolov in Thessaloniki formed the Macedonian Revolutionary Committee, which later on became the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (VMRO) or Internal Macedonian Odrin Revolutionary Organisation (VMORO).
VMRO's establishment marked the start of an organised struggle by Macedonian people and other nationalities for the establishment of an independent country. The day symbolises the continuity of Macedonian struggle for independence, which resulted in establishing a modern, sovereign Macedonian state.

Macedonian economy to grow by 1.5 pct in 2017: World Bank

Macedonia is expected to register a 1.5 percent economic growth in 2017, the World Bank said Friday in its latest projection on Macedonia's 2017 GDP growth.
In its April forecast, the World Bank said that Macedonian economy would grow by 2.8 percent.
"Economic growth slowed to 2.4 percent in 2016 and turned negative in the first half of 2017 as political uncertainty affected investment, but is expected to recover closing the year at 1.5 percent," the report said.
According to the World Bank, Macedonia's economic growth, although moderate, will be supported by consumption and growing investors' confidence after the new government took office in June 2017.
However, the World Bank is more optimistic for the upcoming years since it forecasts a higher economic growth.
"Macedonia's GDP will rise by 3.2 percent in 2018, followed by 3.9 percent growth in 2019," it said in its October issues of the "Europe and Central Asia Economic Update: Migration an…

MoFA: 8 Macedonian nationals arrested in Slovakia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has confirmed that eight Macedonian nationals were arrested in Slovakia for having false employment contracts.
It was determined that 62 people, including eight Macedonian nationals, were arrested on October 17 after the embassy in Vienna, which also covers Slovakia, had contacted officials at the Slovak Foreign Ministry and the country's immigration services, said a spokeswoman of the Macedonian MoFA on Friday.
They were arrested while leaving the plant of Shin Heung Precision Slovakia in the vicinity of Trnava.
Of those apprehended, in addition to the Macedonian citizens, 23 people are from Serbia, 27 from Ukraine and four from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After being arrested, they were taken to a center for foreign nationals in Dubrava, near the Slovakia-Hungary border.
They are banned from entering the EU, and have a 7-day deadline to return home.
Of the arrested Macedonians, no one contacted the embassy, spokeswoman Elena Presilska told MIA…

In Shtip SDS gives out items with DMNE mayor’s name but SDS’ voting number

Shtip’s mayoral candidate Blagoj Bocvarski from the ranks of the SDS has tasked his party activists to print out the name of DPMNE’s mayoral candidate Ilcho Zahariev who is very popular in Shtip on numerous items and hand them out to Shtip residents. However, below DPMNE’s logo and Zahariev’s name, the SDS put #19, which is Bocvarski’s number at the ballot.
This is fairly clever tactic, although quite low in moral and ethical values, but lets not forget this is the SDS after all, they would sell their own mother to get in power.
So far, electoral fraud (ballot stuffing, fabricated voter lists, fraudulent (pre-circled) voter ballots, fraudulent voter ballots with same serial numbers, voter ballots from one city found stuffed in ballot boxes in multiple cities…) have been discovered in Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Resen, Ohrid, Veles, Gevgelija, Strumica, Berovo, Demir Kapija, Kumanovo, Debar, Tetovo, Aerodrom, Kisela Voda, Karposh, Kichevo, Kochani and Makedonska Kamenica.
The second and f…

Russian Embassy: The Government did not give accurate information about the meeting between Zaev and Ambassador Shcherbak

The Russian Embassy reacted in writing to a statement made by the Macedonian government yesterday regarding the meeting between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak. The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country argues that the government’s statement did not convey the exact messages from the Russian ambassador addressed to the Prime Minister.
“The embassy informs that the text of this announcement is not in line with the Russian side and does not represent a completely correct reflection of the separate assessments that were made during the conversation by the Russian ambassador. At the same time, the Russian side confirms its commitment to a comprehensive and constructive promotion of traditionally friendly relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Macedonia”, read the statement.
A statement from the government press service said that Zaev and Shcherbak’s joint assessment was that the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the country were…

Airlines interested in entering Macedonian market, says civil aviation chief

There is general interest for entry of airlines at the Macedonian market and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is negotiating over the introduction of flights to two attractive destinations, says Civil Aviation Agency director Goran Jandreoski in a MIA interview.
More than 1,5 million passengers have been serviced at the two Macedonian airports by September, similar to the number of passengers for the entire 2016.
"After last year's drop in revenues, we expect a rise in 2017 due to the option of airlines to freely use skies for overflights, especially in the evening hours", adds Jandreoski.

Five decades of steel industry in Macedonia

A ceremony was held late Friday in Skopje in honor of the 50th anniversary of steel production in Macedonia and the 20th anniversary of the ‘Makstil/Duferko’ company.
Addressing the event, Minco Jordanov, the Makstil’s Executive Board President and member of the Duferko Board, notified that just a few companies could celebrate a 50-year production in spite of all challenges.
The company, he said, has invested about EUR 70 million in the course of several years in its modernization and environment protection projects.
Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev commended the company’s export orientation, saying that Macedonia is a small country and therefore needs a rather high export rate if it wishes for a GDP growth of 5-6 percent. Companies, he said, may consider the government as their partner.
President Gjorge Ivanov, Finance/Transport Ministers Dragan Tevdovski and Gjorgi Sugarevski respectively, businessmen, diplomats and other public figures attended the ceremony.
The com…

New Book of Vasko Gjorgievski from Sydney titled The Australian Monk

The short novel "The Australian Monk" by the talented writer from Sydney, Australia, Dr. Vasko Gjorgievski, came out recently. The book is successfully illustrated by the young illustrator Bube Donska, who is also the author of the cover.
And this time, as in the previous three books, the theme is provocative and original. A central character in "The Australian monk" is a Macedonian monk. The author and now, through a profound psychological analysis reflected in several specific situations in which the main character is placed (from the spiritual freedom that he has in the enclosed monastery, through the departure to Sydney at the order of the MOC top, the violation during the burning of our church there, treating the Sydney hospital, falling in love with the nurse and marrying her to the return to the monastic life), managed to present the most important aspects of the internal disorders among some of those who chose this live en route. 
The monk in this story is…

Vardar embarrasses itself against Real Sociedad

Vardar registered its third defeat in the Europa League, and this one may sting quite a bit after the Macedonian champ went down 0-6 at home.
Komiti sang songs to their club after the match ended, as a way to console their players who left the pitch with their heads down. Judging by Vardar’s display, the theme song from Titanic would have been a more appropriate send off.
Vardar could have done quite well against Real Sociedad, however, 2-3 weak links in the home side may be undoing the entire team. In premier competitions, the majority of the teams do not have ‘weak’ players among their first eleven. For Vardar, ironically, the team captain Boban Grncharov weakness is more evident with every match in the Europa League. As a defensive player, Grncharov inability to keep up with and cover attacking players resulted in four goals for Real Sociedad this evening. The 35 year old captain wasn’t able to cover Willian Jose, frequently backing off three four steps as Jose held the ball givin…

Macedonia: Massive electoral fraud uncovered in Ohrid, Strumica, Karposh, Veles…

Macedonia’s local elections are turning into a complete fiasco as every passing minute more fraud is discovered literally in every city. After Skopje and Bitola, massive electoral fraud is now uncovered in Ohrid, Veles, Karposh and Strumica. Kurir reports that the popular “Bulgarian train” tactic of ballot staffing was uncovered in both Ohrid and Strumica.
Namely, voting ballots from Veles after being ‘counted’ there somehow found their way in Strumica and were ‘counted’ there as well. To be precise, Veles ballots with SDS candidates already circled found themselves in ballot boxes at polling station 1718 in Strumica. This would explain the huge delays by the SEC in displaying the results. Same ballots were traveling from one to another, and in many cases to a third city.
Similarly, voting ballots in Karposh, were transferred and found their way into ballot boxes in Ohrid. At polling stations 1310/1 and 1262 in Ohrid, voting ballots from Karposh were uncovered similarly to the exampl…

On October 15th - Macedonia the biggest loser

What happened on October 15 is a question with one answer – VMRO-DPMNE lost, but Macedonia is the biggest loser.
Anyone who, for whatever reason, feels good about the defeat of VMRO-DPMNE, should keep this in mind in the forthcoming period. Anyone who has voted for the Social Democratic Union should also bear in mind that he has contributed to the course of the events that will follow. They think they voted for the better. I claim that they have voted for the worse! Much worse, and very soon they will realize it.
Again the question, “why VMRO-DPMNE lost?” will be analyzed and debated for a long time.
And I, like many, wonder why a great part of the Macedonian people made this decision? Are the results a reflection of electoral engineering and the stolen will of the voters? Is it a punishment for the bad policies of the previous ruling of VMRO-DPMNE? Is it disappointment from April 27 events? Or is it perhaps support for Zaev’s policy on the Tirana platform, the agreement with Bulgari…


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