New Book of Vasko Gjorgievski from Sydney titled The Australian Monk

The short novel "The Australian Monk" by the talented writer from Sydney, Australia, Dr. Vasko Gjorgievski, came out recently. The book is successfully illustrated by the young illustrator Bube Donska, who is also the author of the cover.

And this time, as in the previous three books, the theme is provocative and original. A central character in "The Australian monk" is a Macedonian monk. The author and now, through a profound psychological analysis reflected in several specific situations in which the main character is placed (from the spiritual freedom that he has in the enclosed monastery, through the departure to Sydney at the order of the MOC top, the violation during the burning of our church there, treating the Sydney hospital, falling in love with the nurse and marrying her to the return to the monastic life), managed to present the most important aspects of the internal disorders among some of those who chose this live en route. 

The monk in this story is at the same time also good-natured, humane, naive and whimsical (some would even say less "hit") ... He looks contemptuously and resents physical pleasures, but also enjoys them. He is torn between the spiritual and the material. Here, that the author Gjorgievski shows the features of a mature writer, which is the multilayer display of one and the same character, i.e. setting a dilemma with the readers about the character of that character. What kind of man is actually the monk? Did he act right or wrong? Did he commit a sin when he left the monastic life and married or committed a sin when he left his wife and child to return to monasticism again? 

All of these dilemmas appear to readers after reading this story. Practically Vasko Gjorgievski with four books so far published presents us with a wide array of characters and their inner experiences through which we successfully bring the true (psychological) life of a good part of the Macedonian emigrants closer to us. The books are written with an easy and every-understandable style, they are read in one breath and I think that everyone should read the works of this extremely talented writer, who has the ability in a few words to say a lot.



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