Month of Culture of Macedonia in Moscow

The NGO Macedonian Cultural Centre in Moscow organizes the Month of Culture of Macedonia in the Russian capital. The events are held in the premises of the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow.

The programme is rich and diverse. The opening event was dedicated to the Macedonian theatre. Actors of Theatre Gorod, Dolgoprudny excellently performed the extract from the play of the playwright Goran Stefanovski “Chernodrinski returns home.” Moreover, young Macedonian singer Darko Todorovski performed before the audience. Books in the field of Macedonian theatre and drama were also presented at the literary exhibition, Olga Pankina, President of the NGO Macedonian Cultural Centre in Moscow, said.

She presented the Macedonian literature in Russian, including the edition “Macedonian novel of the 21st century,” the poetry collection “Singer in the Tower” by Vlada Urosevic as well as “Present Time” magazine featuring the poet Mateja Matevski.

The discussion about the novel “The Great Water” by Zivko Cingo rouse great interest of the audience and the namesake film made by filmmaker Ivo Trajkov. An exhibition of works by Cingo was also opened and each guest received the novel “The Great Water” translated into Russian.

Moscow painters presented their paintings created as impressions of the stay of the art colonies of Macedonia. The artists were divided into two groups and organized two exhibitions. Special programme for children was also prepared. They listened and studied Macedonian songs and dances. The painter Aleksandar Belugin opened workshop for children and adults explaining about the old Macedonian ornaments, Pankina said.

Macedonia’s tourist opportunities will be presented in the coming days including Macedonian food and wine. Alla Sheshkena, professor at the Lomonosov Moscow State University will speak about the folklore tradition in Macedonian literature. At the closing ceremony, the most active participants in the events will receive souvenirs and prizes, including watercolors paintings by the Macedonian painter Zivko Popovski-Cvetin.


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