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Macedonia: Births down by 7,2 percent, deaths by 6,1 percent

The number of newborns was 5.502, or a 7,2 percent drop in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the same period last year.
According to the State Statistics Bureau, there was also a drop in the number of deaths, by 6,1 percent. A total of 4.544 people died in the second quarter, including 54 infants.
The Statistics Bureau also informed that there were 3.447 new marriages in the quarter - an increase of 7,8 percent compared to the same quarter last year. The number of divorces stood at 436 for an annual increase of 13,5 percent.

Dimitrov: The process for resolving the name dispute has just begun

Today, the Minister of Foriegn Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, did not want comment on exactly what was said at this morning’s meeting with his Greek counterpart, Nikos Kotzias. He said it would not be correct to comment that they would only discuss confidence building measures, taking into account that trust is crucial to good relations.

“It’s necessary to determine what is most important for Greece in this matter, to explain what is most important for the Republic of Macedonia. It is clear that the process, both formally and substantially, is under the auspices of the United Nations. The negotiation process has begun, after Nimetz’s visit and after his meeting with Kotzias in Brussels, and we will see how long it will last and how intensive it will be”, said Dimitrov.
He emphasized that the new government has begun a series of serious corrective measures in accordance with the Interim Accord.
“This ministry and this government take seriously the obligations that we have undertaken. We se…

Turkish Airlines to deploy A330 to Skopje and Podgorica

Turkish Airlines will utilise its wide-body Airbus A330-200/-300 aircraft on flights from Istanbul to Skopje and Podgorica next Monday to cater for the additional demand generated by the Eid al-Adha holiday, which this year runs from Thursday until Monday. 
The 289-seat A330-300, featuring 28 seats in business class and the remaining 261 in economy, will be dispatched on the Monday evening service to Skopje, while both the morning and afternoon flights to Podgorica will be run by the 250-seat A330-200 jet. An additional afternoon flight to the Montenegrin capital, to be operated by the A321 aircraft, has been scheduled for next Monday as well. Eid al-Adha is the second of the two Eid holidays and is celebrated by Muslims worldwide.
SOURCE: Ex-Yu Aviation

MoFA: No reports on Macedonian nationals affected by Houston floods

Macedonia's Embassy in the USA has no information thus far on affected Macedonian nationals by the catastrophic floods in Houston, as hurricane Harvey dropped torrential rains on that part of the country.
The Embassy is in touch with US officials services for natural disaster management for any new updates, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Monday in a press release.
However, all Macedonian nationals that might be affected by the floods, may contact the Embassy in the US on the phone numbers: 00 1 202 390 7418 and 001 202 667 0501, the press release reads.

Vardar wins third place in the Super Globe handball tournament in Qatar

European and Macedonian handball champion Vardar won third place in the Super Globe 2017 tournament in Qatar. Vardar beat hosts Al Sadd with 37 goals to 19 in the third place finale to claim the 150.000 EUR prize.

Al Sadd was a worthy competitor in the first half, during which both teams held on to the lead at times, but Vardar was able to make its quality show and end the halftime with four goals advantage (14:10). In the second half, there was no question which is the better team, and Vardar finished the game with 18 goals difference.
The competition brings together the best teams from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania. Barcelona, who participated as a wild card holder, won the title against defending champion Berlin with 29 goals to 25.
This was the last ame Vardar played before the official start of the SEHA regional league. First game is played on September 2nd, against Metalurg in the Boris Trajkovski sports center

Greece lowers expectations ahead of Kotzias' visit to Macedonia

Greece maintains expectations low from the upcoming visit by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias to Macedonia, write Greek papers. To Vima reports that Kotzias will try to maintain a middle ground approach and to prevent a situation where it is seen that the Macedonian side has a monopoly on the constructive approach in the name issue, and will try to show that conditions are not yet ripe to quickly resolve the issue.

Main item on the agenda will be the confidence building measures between the two countries, which don't directly touch on the name issue, but are meant to improve ties between Macedonia and Greece, To Vima writes. But, the paper adds, Greece will also raise the issue of what Greece considers to be provocative actions, such as a recent event by Macedonian immigrants in Canada, where the Macedonian consul was present.
This is a return visit, after Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov traveled to Athens. Greek diplomatic sources told To Vima that their country …

Ezgjan Alioski: Leeds made my dream to play in England come true

Following the excellent matches in Swiss Lugano after gaining a more engaging role on the pitch, one of our best football players, Ezgjan Alioski, changed the club environment this summer and signed for Leeds United. Since the very beginning of the season in the Championship League, the popular Gianni has won sympathies from fans, has already written several assists, and managed to win the Man of the Match award in the match against Sunderland on Saturday. In an interview with Republika, Alioski spoke about why he chose Leeds, about the impressions and expectations of the new club.
1. About a week ago you completed your transfer to Leeds United. How are you feeling as new Leeds player and what are your first impressions from the new club?
ALIOSKI: I am happy that the transfer went through. It’s an honor to play for Leeds United and since the very first contact, there was the general sense that the club wants to achieve something and that there’s something at stake in terms of getting …

BBC video-story about Ohrid Lake

Under the title 'The Ancient History Concealed in Europe’s Oldest Lake' the BBC Travel published a video story about the Ohrid Lake.
'This is the oldest lake in Europe. The area around is old too. Even the town of Ohrid already was a town at the time when the father of Alexander the Great, Philip, was king in the 4 century BC,' the story's author says.
That ancient history, she says, is one of the main reasons why visitor love to come here.
'Many tourists wish to experience the ancient things, to get familiar with the local culture, says Jovan Stojanovski - owner of boat tour service.
To the naked eye, Lake Ohrid’s charm lies in its alluring landscape above water – but its real beauty lies beneath the surface, the story goes on as it refers to possibilities for diving in the archeological site and enjoying the abundance of artifacts to wrap up with a visit of Museum on Water or Bay of the Bones - an authentic reconstruction of a part of a prehistoric pile-dwe…

Macedonian to face up with 17 years in prison for selling stolen financial data

This past Friday, the Brooklyn federal court has charged Macedonian citizen Dzevair Ametovski as guilty for fraud and selling personal data from stolen credit cards through a web site named “codeshop”, US prosecutors said.

The 30-year-old Ametovski is facing up with 17 years imprisonment and his attorneys, state American media, don’t comment the verdict.
Ametovski, who prosecutors say was known online as “codeshop,” “sindrom” and “sindromx,” was arrested in Slovenia in 2014 and extradited to New York last year.
The charges against him stemmed from what US authorities said was a seven-year investigation undertaken to combat cyber marketplaces for stolen financial information.
Prosecutors said that from 2010 to 2014, Ametovski ran a “carding shop” online that obtained and sold data for more than 181,000 compromised credit and debit cards, causing millions of dollars in losses for thousands of victims.
Ametovski got the data from hackers, who stole it from financial institutions and oth…

Working groups from Macedonia and Greece will synchronize the new confidence measures

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, during his visit to Skopje on Thursday, in addition to his meeting with the Macedonian Foreign Minister, Nikola Dimitrov, he will meet with President Gjorge Ivanov, as well as with Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration, Bujar Osmani, “Meta” has learned.

Kotzias will arrive in Skopje by car will immediately before the planned meetings. The reason for this way of traveling is to avoid landing in Skopje’s airport “Alexander the Great”.
As Meta reported earlier, the name dispute will not be the topic of Dimitrov and Kotzias’s talks, but confidence-building measures and their implementation so far. Before the visit of the Greek Foreign Minister in Skopje, we learned, a working group from the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will leave for Athens where they will express their views regarding the new package of measures to improve the bilateral economic, transport and energy relations.
Kotzias’s visit to Skopje, which comes after his meeting in…

Sputnik: Name Games - Speedy Scenario for Macedonian Accession to NATO

With Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias scheduled to visit Macedonia on August 31, Serbian political analyst Dusan Prorokovic told Sputnik that the visit was part of a plan to fast-track the former Yugoslav republic’s membership into NATO.

“The Balkan states’ neutral status is seen by NATO as a hindrance to its plans of using the peninsula as a major jumping-off ground both on the Middle Eastern and Russian tracks,” Dusan Prorokovic told Sputnik Serbia.
The formal reason for Mr. Kodzias’ trip is to try and settle the longstanding squabble over the name of the Macedonian state.
Athens and Skopje have been involved in a decades-long squabbledispute over the constitutional name of Greece's northern neighbor, "the Republic of Macedonia." As Greece's northern province is called Macedonia, Athens opposes Skopje's use of the name. It recognizes the country as "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM),” and has been blocking its possible EU and NATO memb…

21 x New York - best documentary of MakeDOX Festival

The documentary '21 x New York' - work of art of Polish director Piotr Stasik, is this year winner of the 'Onion Award' - Best Film in the International Competition Program of the Creative Documentary Film Festival 'MakeDox'.
The 'Young Onion Award' – for Best Film by young director - went to 'When the Earth Seems to be Light', signed by Salome Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze and David Meskhi. 'Delicate Balance' - Guillermo García López - scooped a special recognition, while Zofia Kowalewska's 'Close Ties' was declared the best student film.
The Chopped Onion Award for best short move went to I'm Not From Here', signed by Giedrē Žickytē and Maite Alberdi. A special award in the short film selection was presented to Xavier Marrades' 'Cucli', while the one for best ethic ideas went to Rahul Jain's 'Machines'.

Vardar drawn against Zenit, Real Sociedad and Rosenborg

Macedonian champion FC Vardar will continue their UEFA journey in Group L of the Europa League against the Russian Zenit, Spain’s Real Sociedad and Norway’s Rosenborg.

Spain’s prestigious sports daily Mundo Deportivo as already warned Real Sociedad with the headline “Vardar is a wolf in ship’s clothing”.


Skopje Court has fined an individual 400 euros for insulting Erdoğan on Facebook

The Criminal Court in Skopje has found E.A guilty for insulting the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Facebook, reported the Turkish news agency “Anadolu”.

The court sentenced E.A, who has Macedonian and Turkish citizenship, to a fine of 24,600 denars (400 euros) in the proceedings that were opened after criminal charges were filed by the Turkish Ambassador to the country, Tulin Erkal Kara, late last year .
The court ruled that the defendant, in November, 2016, on his Facebook profile, “published ironical statements and insulted a leader of a foreign country”.
If E.A does not pay the fine, he will have to serve a prison sentence.
Otherwise, according to Article 181 of the Criminal Code of Macedonia, a fine is usually given to “a person who has the intention to publicly ridicule a foreign country, a flag, a coat of arms, an anthem or a head of state or a diplomatic representative”.

Macedonian documentary film Honeyland wins Turkish award at the Sarajevo Film Festival

Macedonian film-makers Ljubo Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska presented wont the Turkish National Television award at the Sarajevo Film Festival with their documentary film Honeyland.

The film, that has been shot since 2015 as part of an environmental program supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, presents the relationship between men and nature and the balance in the use of natural resources. The film is still in the post-production stage and the authors are also applying for support from the Film Agency. Ljubo Stefanov and Atanas Georgiev produce the film, which is played out to a soundtrack from the Bitola band Foltin.

Underwater archaeology training in Ohrid

The Center for pre-historic studies will present a course on scientific diving in lake Ohrid, which would train archaeologists from a number of European countries in underwater excavations.
German instructors will perform the training, which will end with testing of the participants, as well as an exploration of the underwater settlement found in the Bay of Bones in Ohrid. The course will be supported by the Ohrid Museum, the Ohrid harbor-master’s office and the Amphora diving club.

History is written: Vardar reaches Europa League group stage!

Fantastic and historical achievement for Vardar tonigfht in Istanbul! They even beat Fenerbahçe in the return leg and reached the group stage of the Europa League, something that no Macedonian club has ever done! 

FINALLY! EVENTUALLY! A Macedonian club will play European football in autumn! Vardar has written history after they managed to eliminate Turkish giant Fenerbahçe, beating them in both legs.
After the lucky 2:0 win in Skopje last Thursday, Vardar today faced huge presure right from the kick-off in Istanbul. But Fenerbahçe mostly attacked around the box with only few real chances. And when they could find the way to Vardar's goal, there was Filip Gachevski to deny a goal. Vardar had one great chance when Barseghyan's shot hit the bar.
Vardar's defence was broken from a corner kick in the 61st minute when Russian defender Roman Neustädter was at the right place in the right time and easily scored the much needed first goal.
That goal scould have given wings to the …

Israeli Air Force recount mission in Macedonia

An Israeli Air Force (IAF) Hercules C-130 aircraft recently flew to Macedonia with a Police Aerial Firefighting Unit to help fight fires that had spread across the country.

The unit landed in the country two weeks ago, and have recently returned to recount the mission. Twenty-one servicemen and their equipment landed in the Macedonian international airport after being dispatched to assist with the firefighting efforts.
“To plan the mission successfully, we had to fully understand the extent of the mission, the expected weight load, how much fuel would be needed and whether or not we would not to make a fuelling stop along the way,” said Captain Dor, a flight engineer from the ‘Knights of the Yellow Bird’ Squadron, which operates the aircraft.
When flying in to land, Captian Dor said that the crew could see ‘whole areas of the country up in flames’ and realised how bad the situation must be in Macedonia. The crew was then hosted at a nearby military base by a helicopter squadron when …

Skopje Airport aims for two million passengers

The operator of Macedonia's two international airports, TAV, anticipates expanding Skopje's capacity within the next five to ten years to cater for its growing passengers numbers, which it says could reach up to two million travellers this year. The co-founder and CEO of Turkey’s TAV Airports Holding, Sani Sener, said in an interview to the "Kanal 5" network, "I am sure that the passenger increase will continue in the coming five to ten years and I'm sure we will need an expansion at Skopje Airport. Macedonian airports are booming. This happened after a successful privatisation. Airports are not only infrastructure providers anymore, they are commercial businesses. Commercial businesses have to be managed by a private entity". He added, "We had 700.000 passengers in Skopje and only 30.000 passengers in Ohrid before. Now in Ohrid we have 150.000 passengers annually and in Skopje this year we expect to have two million passengers".
During the J…

Roze Mojsovska: God changed my life

I was born with a physical disability in Skopje. The doctors suggested that I should be taken to a hospital in Belgrade, because the building was not made after the earthquake. My hands were operated at the age of seven, and I could not draw, and it was the Mother’s Day. All the children drew greeting cards, and I could not even make a move. With my desire and persistence, and succeeded to do something, I put the pencil in my mouth and I drew a flower with my mouth. That was my first drawing. Everyone was amazed. In this way I discovered my gift for drawing. I have been drawing with my mouth since that day.

This is how Roze Mojsovska started telling her life story, who is internationally recognized mouth painting artist and who has recently had exhibitions in Kavadarci and Negotino.
In the past I was ashamed to paint with mouth. I did not want the public to know that I can draw because I was full of anger and shame. And because they did not want to accept me as I am accepted now. Now…

Greek President commends handball team for refusing to play Macedonia

Greek President Prokopis Pavolopoulos called on Macedonia to stop spreading irredentism, which, he said, undermines Macedonian's European path. Pavlopoulos made the remarks during a meeting with the Greek U-17 women's handball team which withdrew from a game against Macedonia, refusing to play because the Macedonian players had the word "Macedonia" on their shirts.
“True sportsmanship is not compatible with such crude forgery of history, which in fact carries irredentist aspirations, and which is in violation of international and European law”, said Pavlopoulos. The Greek President thanked the team for, as he said, “defending the nation"

Newborn triplets die after early delivery

The Gynecology Clinic informed on Wednesday that a triplet of babies have tragically died after a C-section delivery on Monday. The mother was admitted to the hospital with sharp abdominal pains and a burst amniotic sac.
Doctors opted for C-section delivery, even though the mother was in the 27th week of pregnancy, in order to prevent the cut of oxygen supply to the babies. Re-animation was attempted to all three babies, who were admitted for intensive neonatal care, but have passed away on the following day. Health Ministry informed that it has a committee to examine the case in detail and to see whether the mother and the babies were handled according to protocol. A similar committee was formed by the State Sanitary and Health inspection.

Brussels has called upon Macedonia and Serbia to exercise restraint

The European Commission has called upon the authorities in Skopje and Belgrade to exercise restraint and to solve the issue with the withdrawal of the personnel of the Serbian Embassy in Skopje in a calm manner.
The spokesperson of the European Commission said that the diplomatic incident is a bilateral issue for both countries that the European Union is observing with great attention.
-We look to both sides to exercise restraint and deal with the issue calmly, in the spirit of good neighbourly relations – the EU Commission’s spokesperson said.
Offical Belgrade withdrew the whole personnel from their embassy in Skopje, as Serbian Vucic announced, after receiving intelligence about “offensive actions” planned against Serbia.

Belgium beats Macedonia in U-16 basketball championship

Macedonia’s women’s U-16 basketball team suffered another defeat in the European Championship that is played in Skopje. Playing on Tuesday evening, Belgium beat Macedonia 94:57 in the Group B match.
This was the last leg of the qualifiers. Belgium leads the group with five wins out of five games, followed by Ukraine, Slovenia and Ireland. Macedonia is fourth, with one win out of five games, ahead only of Moldova who lost all five games. Our team will now play for a ranking between the 17th and 22nd place.
In the other two games on Tuesday, Ukraine beat Ireland 68:46 and Slovenia demolished Moldova 96:18.

56th Struga Poetry Evenings Festival kicks off

The official opening of Struga Poetry Evenings (SPE) Festival will kick off Wednesday evening in Struga by planting a tree and poetry reading in honour to the winner of the Golden Wreath award – Charles Simic. The 56th edition of the festival will open in the courtyard of the House of Poetry in Struga with international poetry reading “Poetic Meridians.”
The festival’s five-day programme will include symposium “Lost/Found in translation,” poetry portrait of the winner of the Golden Wreath of SPE for 2017, Charles Simic, poetry portrait of Goran Colakhodzic, the laureate of Bridges of Struga award of SPE and UNESCO and presentation of the Miladinov Brothers award winner. The Festival will also feature nights of European poetry platform Versopolis.

Poetry manifestation Bridges of Struga and presentation of awards to this year’s winners will close the festival on Aug.27. On Aug. 28 the festival will continue in Skopje with poetry matinee Matka and international poetry meeting at Macedon…

Kathimerini: Belgrade-Skopje row fuels concern in Athens

Greek diplomats were monitoring developments in the Balkans with concern on Monday after Serbia withdrew the entire staff of its embassy in Skopje after accusing the Republic of Macedonia of “offensive activity” in apparent anger at its neighbour’s improving relations with Kosovo, a former Serbian province, Greek daily Kathimerini reads.
Daily reads that the dispute comes as Skopje is seeking to revive its bid for accession to the European Union and NATO following a period of political upheaval.
Prime Minister Zoran Zaev formed a coalition government in June almost six months after elections. Greece insists that a dispute with “FYROM” over its official name must be resolved before the Balkan state can join international alliances, Kathimerini reads.

Vucic: Diplomats removed due to aggressive actions by Macedonia against Serbia

Aleksandar Vucic says Monday that Serbia’s authorities have evidence that ‘offensive activities’ have been orchestrated against the country, which, in turn, has prompted Serbia to recall the entire staff of its Skopje embassy.

“Our relevant bodies have found and have provided us with evidence and information about a very aggressive activity against the bodies and institutions of Serbia,” the country’s President told reporters in Belgrade, RTS reports.
“It’s up to us to help our people prepare. Our personnel will undergo some changes,” President Vucic stated.
Nonetheless, he added, Serbia will continue to foster friendly relations with Macedonia.
“Things will become much clearer in the coming 10 days,” Vucic stated adding there had been a lot of speculation.
“Our interests will be protected and we are going to foster good relations with Skopje,” Serbia’s President said when asked whether relations were being strained as a result of Kosovo’s UNESCO membership.
“How should I put this… T…

“Blueberry Hill” documentary premieres MakeDox

Documentary film “Blueberry Hill” by Jordan Dukov produced by Telma Television will premiere Tuesday evening at MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival in Kurshumli An.

MakeDox workshop “1 Picture, 1000 Words” which kicked off late Monday in Daut Pashin Amam focuses on visual narration and camera work. The 5-day workshop has been designed and will be led by Kristina Pervilä Andersson and Tue Steen Müller, who have been swimming in the waters of documentary most of their lives.
Born in 1960 in Finland, Kristina has been working as an independent Finnish producer since 1988 and has produced and co-produced around 40 creative multinational feature documentaries for television and cinema, a wide range of international music productions and live recordings for stage and has coordinated guest performances of foreign opera houses in Finland and Sweden. In April 1999, she founded Millennium Film. Ever since then, she’s been also working as an analyst, expert, tutor, mentor and moderator i…

Serbia removes diplomats from Macedonia

The Serbian Government has withdrawn its entire personnel from their diplomatic offices in Macedonia, leaving their Embassy empty.

Macedonia’s MOFA received an official note from Belgrade, without getting an official reason behind this scandalous move.
Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov has stated he will reach out to his colleagues in Belgrade to find out what the reason for this move is. S
According to the Vienna convention, Macedonia now must take care of the Serbian diplomatic offices while they are absent.
Quite bizarrely, there were over 100 policemen present in front of the Serbian embassy in Vodno, a hill overlooking the capital. No information is released by the police or the Government, if one can call our crime infested swamp a “Government”.
The Serbian embassy staff was not allowed to give any information as they left. Zaeviqi and Dimitroviqi also have no information, allegedly.
Namely, Macedonia was tasked to open a case in UNESCO to insert Kosovo into the UN o…

One dead, 27 injured in bus crash on Veles-Skopje highway

A woman died and 27 passengers were injured when a bus filled with tourists crashed on a highway near the Macedonian town of Veles on Sunday night.

Health Minister Arben Taravari, through his Facebook profile, informed that a total of 27 injured passengers from the bus were admitted to the hospitals in Skopje and Veles.
A total of 17 patients have been taken to the Mother Teresa clinical center, of whom four in the Clinic of anesthesia, reanimation and intensive treatment (KARIL) - one patient with abdominal bleeding, one with a thoracic serious injury and two with thoracic injuries. Unfortunately, one of the injured people succumbed to the injuries, Taravari informed. One patient of pediatric surgery was promptly operated, and two patients at the Neurosurgery, seven at the Orthopedics and three in the Emergency Center were kept for observation.
Six people were admitted to University Surgery Clinic St. Naum Ohridski, while four other were admitted to Veles general Hospital and all ar…

Macedonia: Passenger transportation up by 9,9 percent compared to 2016

Passenger transportation in Macedonia grew by 9,9 percent in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

In urban city transportation, the increase amounted to 7,7 percent, metro area transportation grew by 12,5 percent, and the number of passengers in inter-city lines is up by 13,2 percent. International road transportation saw an increase of 17,5 percent.
Compared to the first quarter of 2017, the increase is at 6,1 percent. The State Statistics Bureau informed that, measured in kilometers traveled, the growth is up by 30,4 percent.

Studzinski wins Ohrid Marathon less than a second ahead of Pop Acev

German marathon swimmer Alexander Studzinski won the 31st Ohrid Swimming Marathon on Saturday. Studzinski swam the 30 kilometer Klime Savin track in 5 hours, 15 minutes and 14 seconds, beating out six other swimmers who were neck and neck in the final stretch.

Macedonian swimmer Evgenij Pop Acev was less than a second behind Studzinski, and third placed, Guillermo Bertola from Argentina was two seconds behind.
Italian swimmers dominated the women's competition, wtih Barbara Pozzobon setting an exceptionally good result with 5 hours, 15 minutes and 51 seconds. Second placed was Alice Franko and Martina Grimaldi, all from Italy, was third.
"This was one of the most exciting races ever in the history of the Ohrid marathon. I'm not disappointed in the result at all. Studzinski was stronger in the finish and had more energy", said Pop Acev after the finish at the Ohrid harbor. The 11 points he won with the second place finish, he remains best placed in the FINA Grand Pri…

Macedonian national wounded during terror attack in Barcelona

A national from Macedonia has remained wounded during the attacks in Barcelona, where 13 people died and around 100 others remained injured when a van drove through a crowd of people in the tourist area of Las Ramblas.
“At the moment when the attack has happened, the Macedonian national was at the scene, broke his foot and sustained other physical damages. He’s not in a life threatening condition and is receiving medical care from Spanish medical teams”, the Foreign Ministry in Skopje announced. 
Firstly, on the same day MOFA said, there is no Macedonian national injured or killed in Spain.

Citizens of Tetovo will protest against air pollution

Today, the citizens of Tetovo will gather at 13:00 pm in the city square to protest for clean air, because after the burning of the landfill, residents are complaining that in the city there is an unbearable stench.

On the Faceebook event page “Landfill Tetovo”, it says people will start the protest from the city square, and will head towards the Municipality of Tetovo building.
According to the photos published on social networks, some revolted citizens threw garbage in front of the municipality building this morning.
The landfill in Tetovo burned all day yesterday, and the fire was eventually put out last night.

Ezgjan Alioski comments on his targets this season

The Leeds United new boy suggests he can have quite the debut season at Elland Road.
Ezgjan Alioski has told The Yorkshire Evening Post that he can see himself scoring 16 goals for Leeds United in what he believes could be a fine debut season at Elland Road.

The 25-year-old joined Leeds from Lugano this summer and has so far looked like quite a decent addition.
The Macedonia international joined the Whites on the back of an excellent final season with the Swiss side, having scored 16 times and set up another 14 goals last term.
Those are respectable statistics for a striker, but Alioski is a winger and it shows how much potential he has - and he believes that he can scale similar heights with United this season.
He told The Yorkshire Evening Post: "I scored last year. I had 16 goals and 14 assists and I think I can do that here.
"It’s not easy to say what I can do better because you can always do better in all positions. I work all day in training.
"The Championship is…

One Macedonian citizen injured in Barcelona terror attack

A Macedonian national was injured in the terrorist attacks that took place in Barcelona yesterday. This morning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Macedonian citizen is in a hospital in Barcelona and is not in a critical condition.

“According to the Macedonian Embassy in Spain, the Macedonian citizen is currently being treated in a hospital in Barcelona. During the attack, the person was in the immediate vicinity and has a broken ankle. The individual in question is not in a critical condition and is being treated by the Spanish medical services”, reads the statement from the MFA.
A representative from the Macedonian Embassy, immediately after receiving the information, went to the hospital where the injured Macedonian national is located.
The attack was carried out by a van that drove into pedestrians near Cataluña Square in the centre of Barcelona, 13 people were killed and dozens have been injured.

Makedox Creative Documentary FF Ready to Kick Off

A total of 68 films will compete in the 8th edition of Makedox Creative Documentary Film Festival running from 19 to 25 August 2017. The Macedonian production Avec l`amour / So ljubov directed by Ilija Cvetkovski will open the open-air festival held in KurshumliAn, the caravanserai located in the Old Town of Skopje.
The films are divided into five sections: Main Programme, Newcomers, Short Dox, Student Dox and Focus Georgia (with six Georgian films). The films will compete for the Onion Award for best film in the main competition, Young Onion Award for best film in the Newcomers competition, Onion Seed Award for best film in the student competition and the Moral Approach Award. This year the festival will introduce the Sliced Onion Award for best short documentary.
This year's edition will focus on visual narration. It will also screen 16 films from young authors. The open-air festival held in KurshumliAn will also offer workshops and live performances, doc-talks under a fig tree…

Military Museum hosts exhibition on ARM's 25th anniversary

An exhibition, featuring photos, military equipment, weapons and exclusive items of the armament of the Macedonian Army (ARM) used in the past 25 years, was opened Thursday at the Military Museum in Skopje.

The exhibit marks the 25th anniversary of the ARM, which falls on August 18.
"In quarter of a century of existence of our country, the Army is being remembered in its history with major achievements and memorable events, and sadly with events that no one wished for. For the sake of our country, for the citizens of Macedonia, we need unity like never before, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic background or political affiliation. We need to join forces to accomplish our goal of standing together under the flag of the Republic of Macedonia as a full-fledged member of NATO and the EU," Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska said opening the exhibition.
We owe it to our homeland and to all the generations that have fought for its freedom and independence. We owe it to the ge…

Vardar scored major win against Fenerbahce, Milan sinks Shkendija

Macedonian champion Vardar scored a major win against Turkish Fenerbahce in their first Europa League qualifier at the Philip II of Macedon arena in Skopje. Meanwhile, the other Macedonian team in the qualifiers, Shkendija from Tetovo, was badly beaten by Milan.

Vardar beat Fenerbahce 2:0, owing to a first half goal from Tigran Barseghyan and a comical own goal by Mehmet Topal in the final minutes of the game. Vardar played well against the grand Turkish team and held its own even after captain Boban Grncarov was sent off for receiving a second yellow card. Later in the game, Fener's De Souza was also sent off. A large crowd of both Vardar and Fenerbahce supporters filled the stadium. Fenerbahce had far more possession and create many more chances, but Vardar was confident in the defense and dangerous in the counterattacks. The return game in Istanbul is scheduled in a week.
In Milan, the Italian team showed no mercy for Shkendija. Milan led by 3:0 half an hour into the game. Thr…

Estonia beats Macedonia in basketball pre-qualifier, only hope now is a second place finish

Estonia beat Macedonia in the crucial World Basketball Championship pre-qualifier and won first place in Group C.
At the game in Tallinn, Estonia beat Macedonia 74 to 65, winning the game in the final quarter after an otherwise evenly tied match. Macedonia’s offensive game collapsed in the final minutes, which gave away the game. Jordan Theodore scored 19 points for Macedonia and Vojdan Stojanovski added for the team.
Macedonia’s only chance now is in Estonia beating Kosovo in the final match, which would mean a second place group finish for our team and a seat in the qualifiers.


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