Greece lowers expectations ahead of Kotzias' visit to Macedonia

Greece maintains expectations low from the upcoming visit by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias to Macedonia, write Greek papers. To Vima reports that Kotzias will try to maintain a middle ground approach and to prevent a situation where it is seen that the Macedonian side has a monopoly on the constructive approach in the name issue, and will try to show that conditions are not yet ripe to quickly resolve the issue.

Main item on the agenda will be the confidence building measures between the two countries, which don't directly touch on the name issue, but are meant to improve ties between Macedonia and Greece, To Vima writes. But, the paper adds, Greece will also raise the issue of what Greece considers to be provocative actions, such as a recent event by Macedonian immigrants in Canada, where the Macedonian consul was present.

This is a return visit, after Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov traveled to Athens. Greek diplomatic sources told To Vima that their country will remain dedicated to improving relations, fostering a climate of consensus and compromise, in order to achieve stability inside Macedonia and in the region