Roze Mojsovska: God changed my life

I was born with a physical disability in Skopje. The doctors suggested that I should be taken to a hospital in Belgrade, because the building was not made after the earthquake. My hands were operated at the age of seven, and I could not draw, and it was the Mother’s Day. All the children drew greeting cards, and I could not even make a move. With my desire and persistence, and succeeded to do something, I put the pencil in my mouth and I drew a flower with my mouth. That was my first drawing. Everyone was amazed. In this way I discovered my gift for drawing. I have been drawing with my mouth since that day.

This is how Roze Mojsovska started telling her life story, who is internationally recognized mouth painting artist and who has recently had exhibitions in Kavadarci and Negotino.

In the past I was ashamed to paint with mouth. I did not want the public to know that I can draw because I was full of anger and shame. And because they did not want to accept me as I am accepted now. Now I feel better because I am accepted; they saw that I am able to work, to paint, she said opening her soul.

She came home, because there were no conditions to be educated at home, later on she was taken to the Protection and Rehabilitation Institute Banja Bansko. She was educated there and improved her talent for drawing.

- But only teachers and my closest ones know I was able to draw because I was very shy. I was repulsive, and angry in my life. I did know how to live my life, she said becoming overwhelmed with emotions.

In 1996, an American who had physically handicapped sister, came.

- He sang spiritual songs and said that he wanted to get closer to us. To speak about the God. I approached him and asked: If there is a God, then why I am the way I am? The God does not exist.

He laughed and said: what if you see me as healthy outside, and do you know what I feel inside? Do you know how I feel? And afterwards he gave a book. After reading the book I saw myself in this book. And I saw that a girl who had been healthy before, and at the age of 18 after the jump into the water, she suffered spinal injury. I saw the courage in her to show her talent. She also painted with the mouth. And she was not ashamed as I was. Since then I told myself that I am born with a physical handicap, but I am ashamed. She faced her physical disability later in the life, but was not ashamed to draw with mouth. Then I started to appear in public and to praise the God. Because the God gave me talent to draw, because the God made me like this. And was not ashamed of the fact that I was born like this. Because everyone regardless of differences, is handicapped in some way. And I have figured out that we live to fight. And to hold on to love. To give the gift that we have. God changed my life because before that I was nothing and no one. Now my heart is too rich, she underlined an optimistic glow in her eyes and broad smile.

She wants to encourage others that the life is worth living. No one should ruin own life, not to become angry. She called for calmness and love for our own selves and for the others.

- I learnt how to live. Nothing should stop us on the path to success and there is no barrier that cannot be surpassed. No matter how different we are, we have some sort of handicap in some way. Everyone should have great will and to fight in life. We exist to fight. Because we should not lose our faith. Because we all have some gift. I can draw, write poetry. I have a beautiful people around me. The God has changed my life, she said to persons with a handicap who are desperate and they cannot find themselves yet, but also to everyone else.

Her goal is to become a professional artist one day.
- And I would like to comfort, to encourage many people. No one should be disappointed because I was disappointed, too. But, now I am filled with love. I want to prove to the people that we, people with special needs, can work in a specific way. Creating is a great pleasure for me, Mojsovska said.
She had numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad. She is a member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and got scholarship for one day to become a professional artist.
- I am one of those who want to live, one of her verses say.
The fate, courage and tolerance of this fighter are really enthusiastic and inspirational.
Svetlana Darudova


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