One dead, 27 injured in bus crash on Veles-Skopje highway

A woman died and 27 passengers were injured when a bus filled with tourists crashed on a highway near the Macedonian town of Veles on Sunday night.

Health Minister Arben Taravari, through his Facebook profile, informed that a total of 27 injured passengers from the bus were admitted to the hospitals in Skopje and Veles.

A total of 17 patients have been taken to the Mother Teresa clinical center, of whom four in the Clinic of anesthesia, reanimation and intensive treatment (KARIL) - one patient with abdominal bleeding, one with a thoracic serious injury and two with thoracic injuries. Unfortunately, one of the injured people succumbed to the injuries, Taravari informed. One patient of pediatric surgery was promptly operated, and two patients at the Neurosurgery, seven at the Orthopedics and three in the Emergency Center were kept for observation.

Six people were admitted to University Surgery Clinic St. Naum Ohridski, while four other were admitted to Veles general Hospital and all are out of life-threatening danger.

The driver of the bus carrying passengers from Skopje, who returned from their holiday in Greece, lost control of the vehicle and slipped off the road.
The highway leading to Skopje was closed while the rescue operation was going on.


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