ZRK Vardar: As Only Macedonian Team Player Sara Ristovska Uses Every Opportunity She Gets

Sara Ristovska is the only Macedonian in the women's handball club Vardar, that currently competes in the Women's EHF Champions League, and a player who got a chance to score 10 goals during the matches of the first round. She scored nine during the two matches against Leipzig, and one in the match against Astrakhanochka. She is in good condition and she uses every opportunity permitted by the coaches.

This season, Vardar implemented major bench changes, which ultimately affected the form of the players. According to Ristovska, the performance system has been altered, but, she said that the players are mainly focused on games and determined to present themselves in the best light possible.

Vardar won five games, with a single tie against FTC in Skopje. Yet, the fact that they are front-runners without a single defeat is evidence enough that they are well on their way to success.

"In the first part of the season, we played great. We had some good games and not a single defeat in the first phase. I managed to take advantage of the opportunity given to me by my coaches, so I am very pleased", Ristovska said.

She is a right wing player. Ace Stankovski, Eduard Koksharov and David Davis are well known as wing-position players. Despite being left-wingers, they still manage to pass on their knowledge to the women of the team.

"They are wonderful coaches, who easily spot my shortcoming and advise me on how to become better. The fact that they occupied wing positions is beneficial as their advice can help my game play.

After the break, Vardar will face a new challenge in the League - competing in the new group that includes Buducnost, Metz and Thuringer.

"The upcoming matches of phase two will be difficult. Buducnost is a very good team. We know each other well and we are sure to have interesting matches. Still, I would not want to say anything beforehand, but I can say that after the break we will continue with the same tempo.

Ristovska has not taken a day of rest because after she came back from Germany she resumed training for the national team that is preparing for duels with Faroe Islands, Austria and Iceland.


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