Trump's advisor: Greeks are giving millions to Democrats to change Macedonia's name

After the election of new president the US will continue to advance the good cooperation with Macedonia, Donald Trump's spiritual adviser Mark Burns says in an interview with the TV program 'People's Voice'.

In regard to the name of your country, the one some want to change and deprive you of the right to call yourselves Macedonians, which is unheard of in the world's history - nobody can change your name and identity as you are born as Macedonians and will keep on living and refer to yourselves by that name, Burns says.

It is rather dishonest, he says, that Greeks give millions of dollars to the US Democratic Party to gain its support and make you to change your name.

'After Trump's victory be certain that it won't happen. I guarantee that after Trump's election for US president, each initiative of the US Democratic Party will be halted immediately. It also refers to the change of Macedonia's name,' Burns says.
Speaking about 11 December elections in Macedonia, Burns expects for the VMRO-DPMNE leader to once again score a victory.

"Mr. Trump is familiar with Mr. Gruevski's work and offers him full support for everything he has been doing for the people of Macedonia. We expect him to again obtain a mandate (to form a government) by the citizens at the forthcoming elections, as we consider that Nikola Gruevski will continue, with same commitment as thus far, to work on the country's economic development and security,' Burns says.

It would be interesting for Trump to become familiar with the US led coup in Macedonia initiated by the "Hillary" wing in the US State Department and executed by Victoria Nuland. 


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