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Gathering of signatures for the candidates lists of the diaspora started

The State Election Commission notifies all interested Macedonian citizens who are temporarily working or residing abroad, that according to the Electoral Code have the right to submit a list of candidates for the election of Members of Parliament for the constituency No. 7.
The collection of signatures will be performed before authorized persons of diplomatic and consular missions and consular offices of the Republic of Macedonia abroad, every day, starting from April 25, 2016 to May 4, 2016, in the period from 8.30 am to 7 pm, on a form prescribed by the State Election Commission, which can be downloaded from the website of the SEC ", - SEC. In the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 5 the Diaspora will vote in a constituency, not in three as in previous elections.

New Building of Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra to Be Completed by 2017

The concert hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will be opened in the beginning of next year, Macedonian Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said Tuesday while visiting the construction site.
The new edifice has a modern look and architectonic and acoustic features prepared in line with world standards. Despite the two halls (the large one featuring 1,041 seats and the small one able to fit 306 seats), the future home of the philharmonic orchestra will also have rehearsal spaces and administrative offices, all functionally connected on three levels.

Macedonians to Compete for NASA's Global Award

The innovative jet-pack idea was top ranked at the hackathon contest held on April 22-24 at the New Man's Business Accelerator in Skopje, as part of the global Space Apps Challenge competition organized by NASA.
The winning Macedonian team will compete for NASA's global prize, part of which consists of attending the rocket launch from its space center. The team, with its jet-pack project, has offered a truly innovative solution for this challenge.
"What we wanted to achieve is to make something different from what everyone imagines when the term jet-pack is mentioned, i.e. the use of fuel for its functioning. Also, we wanted to use the latest and the best technology for its full manufacturing and to use the sun as much as possible, as a source of energy for our device," said Goran Jovanovski, member of the first-ranked team.

Iran and Macedonia mull expansion of trade ties

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for a boom in bilateral ties with Macedonia.
"The volume of trade turnover between Iran and Macedonia shows that the sides have not fully used the existing capabilities and capacities, so far," IRNA news agency quoted President Rouhani as saying at a meeting with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki in Tehran.
"It is necessary to improve trade ties between the two countries in the post sanctions era," President Rouhani added.

FM Poposki visits Iran

Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Poposki begins a visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, where he will meet with President Rouhani, his counterpart Javad Zarif, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Culture Minister Ali Jannati.
During the visit, an economic forum will be held, with business representatives from Macedonia and Iran. This is the first official visit by a Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister to Iran.

Macedonian and Greek Foreign Ministers Meet in Thessaloniki

Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki met with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias during the conference held in Thessaloniki which also includes Albania and Bulgaria. Poposki and Kotzias were set to discuss improving bilateral relations between Macedonia and Greece and cooperation in joint management of the dramatic migrant crisis. Another issue will be confidence building measures, a set of practical steps put in place to improve the atmosphere between the two countries which has been long affected by Greece's request that Macedonia must change its name.

Tradition of Singing St. Lazarus Songs Re-established in Vevcani

Following a gap of 65 years, the tradition of singing St. Lazarus songs returns to Vevcani. Two groups of women will sing along the upper and lower part of the historic village best known for its traditional carnival.
"We are resurrecting a tradition that was recorded as late as 1951. It is not an easy task, but we need to try and guard the traditions of Vevcani", organizers say.

Greek Foreign Minister Issues Fresh Macedonia Accusations

Macedonia used disproportionate means to deal with the refugees and violated the international law on multiple counts, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has said.
In an interview with Athens daily "Efimerida ton Syntakton", Kotzias says Greece has recommended that Macedonia reflects on what it is doing and the consequence this will have for its future relations with the European institutional system.
"Also bearing responsibility are those EU member states which, despite their presence in Macedonia, did not avert this conduct", Kotzias adds.

Greek NGO 'Solidarity Now' Profits from Encouraging Migrants to Illegally Enter into Macedonia

'Solidarity Now' is the name of the non-governmental organization which was the main organizer of the protests of Idomeni migrants. Activists which are present on both sides of the border daily, reveal that this organization is one of the best out there in the field, it has a lot of members and their specialty is migrant 'rights'.
Their daily activities and operations in relation to the migrants and refugees can be seen on their facebook and web page. They are funded by the many grants and donations from similar organizations throughout Greece and from abroad- such as from 'Doctors without Borders'. This organization is allegedly linked to the Greek political party SYRIZA.
Their daily  work agenda is comprised of encouraging and informing the migrants to stay at the camp because Skopje authorities might raise the ramp at any moment . Officially, they are supposedly helping with providing water, food, clothes and medicine.

Shooting of “Requiem for Mrs. J” Film Scenes Begins in Skopje

The shooting of scenes of feature film “Requiem for Mrs. J” directed by Bojan Vuletic begins on Saturday (April 9) and will last until Monday (April 11) in Skopje. The film is a Serbian-­Macedonian-­Bulgarian co­-production, which was shot in Serbia by end of 2015 and film crew is to shoot on locations in Bulgaria in the second half of April.
"Requiem for Mrs. J" deals with current, universal theme that emerges from the overall financial and emotional crisis that rules in the world, mostly in poor countries. Mrs. J, a modest middle-­aged widow, a former administrative clerk, decides to: bury the rabbit, wash a sink full of dishes, go to the store, dig up an old family pistol. She is determined to kill herself on the anniversary of her husband's death. In a week’s time. Mrs. J decides to go to a stonemason and hire him to place her picture on the tombstone; to return a borrowed chair to her neighbor; to visit for the first time the hyper­market where older daughter Anna w…

Macedonia tonight against Poland for Olympics Qualifier

Macedonia's national handball team begins its quest for a placement in the Olympics on Friday, with a match against Poland in Gdansk.
Macedonia and Poland are also in the group with Chile and Tunisia.
The two top teams earn a place for the Rio Olympics.
In Group 2, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and Iran play for the two top spots, while the third group includes, Denmark, Croatia, Norway and Bahrein.
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Greek Media Report on Elections in Macedonia

Greek media write about the developments with the early elections in Macedonia each day, MIA reports.
"New political dead-­end in FYROM. FYROM holds early elections under threat of boycott from the Social -Democrats. Elections on 5 June in climate of mistrust", are some of the headlines in the Greek media, which use the word FYROM instead of Macedonia's name.

Greek media report that opposition leader Zoran Zaev claims there is no room for holding the early elections in a free and democratic atmosphere. Greek media carry Zaev's charges that Macedonia is under an "authoritarian regime" and that therefore the opposition will not take part in the vote.

In First Two Months of 2016, Exports Grow by 7.5 Percent, Imports by 7.4 Percent

Exports from Macedonia grew by 7,5 percent in the first two months of 2016, while imports grew by 7,4 percent, compared to the same period last year.
Exports for January and February 2016 stood at MKD 39 billion (EUR 640 million) while imports were MKD 51,17 billion (EUR 830 million). The State Statistics Bureau estimated that 76,4 percent of imports are covered by exports.
Top trade partners for Macedonia remain Germany, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria. Exports and imports are led by the large Johnson Matthey plant near Skopje, which exports car catalysts and imports platinum used in their production. Exports of catalysts are followed by exports of ferro nickel and steel. Besides platinum, imports are dominated by oil and electricity.

Macedonian drug maker Alkaloid net profit rises 7.7% in 2015

Macedonian drug maker Alkaloid posted a consolidated net profit of 666.5 million denars (12.3 million/10.8 million euro) for 2015, up from 618.5 million denars in 2014, the company said in a bourse filing.
Sales revenue rose to 7.9 billion denars last year from 7.4 billion denars in 2014, Alkaloid said in its consolidated income statement posted on its website on Monday.
Operating profit increased to 780.9 million denars in 2015 from 775.6 million in 2014.
Total investments in fixed assets amounted to 987 million denars last year.

Croatian Media: US wants to oust VMRO to change Macedonia's name

Macedonia's political crisis drew the attention of regional media, particularly the Croatian media which analyzed  the situation that's been unfolding for the past year and a half, first via an open coup as a result of hundreds of thousands of illegally wiretapped conversations, followed by a terrorist attack in Kumanovo which was followed with the creation of parallel anticonstitutional institutions. 
The author of the analysis, Ivan Brodic says the opposition in Macedonia assisted primarily by the US want to oust the VMRO-DPMNE led Government which will result in changing of Macedonia's constitutional name.
- I've been following the situation in Macedonia, namely the NGO organized protests and the huge counter protests, the blockade of euro-atlantic integration... In all this I noticed activities to oust the current Government so a new puppet Government can change the name. According to my observations, the majority of Macedonia is very much against this plot despite…

Gjorge Ivanov for To Vima: Greece Encouraged Migrants to Use Illegal Passages

The migrant crisis offers many opportunities for the institutions in the two neighboring countries to start cooperating. Greek public should know that the closure of the Balkan corridor is not to the detriment of Greece, but on the contrary – to its benefit. The Republic of Macedonia, as a non-­EU country and not a final destination of asylum seekers, was never part of the decision to limit the movement of anyone. Athens being excluded from some initiatives was never our call and we never supported such a move, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov says in an interview with the Greek newspaper To Vima.
Greece allowed the establishment of improvised camps on the very border line with the Republic of Macedonia, which in turn encouraged migrants to use illegal crossings, thus directly jeopardizing our national security. A confirmation of this is the March 14 incident, when around 2500 persons were illegally ushered into Macedonian territory.
The tragedy is that we see this practice continu…

Vardar Loses SEHA Handball League Final to Defending Champions Veszprem

Vardar lost in the final of the SEHA regional handball league to the Hungarian Veszprem team on Sunday evening. Defending champions Veszprem beat Vardar 28:26 in a bitterly contested match in Varazhdin.
"We lost, but we played very well. The first 15 minutes were fantastic, with fast paced playing, and we performed excellent. Veszprem beat us in the defense. We played at full capacity, but we still lacked a little more energy beat Veszprem. They are a great team and a major candidate for every trophy. I congratulate my players who showed they have hunger for success", said Vardar coach Raul Gonzales following the match.

S&P Affirms Macedonia at BB­/B, Оutlook stable

Standard & Poor's (S&P) has affirmed Macedonia's long and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings at BB­/B with a stable outlook, citing stronger-­than­-expected economic growth in 2015 and a budget deficit that is likely to have remained within the supplementary budget envelope.
Despite the political gridlock, the ratings agency said in a statement, the economy continues expanding solidly.
"Growth was confirmed at 3.7 percent in 2015 as exports from the free economic zones and public consumption grew strongly." Going forward, increased interconnection between the free economic zones and the rest of the Macedonian economy will be crucial to maintain growth, according to S&P. "We believe that ongoing foreign direct investment (FDI), continued net exports, and public-­sector investment projects will continue to support economic expansion."
Macedonia's deficit was lower, at 3.4 percent of GDP, it said adding that the ref…

Macedonia to face Syria and Lebanon in friendlies

FFM has confirmed that the offer for a road friendlies against Syria and Lebanon has officially been accepted.
Macedonia originally wanted to played two friendlies in Austria and even arranged to face Azerbaijan there on May 26, but since failed to find another opponent had to cancel the planned trip. FFM wants to make a training camp and play at least two friendly, so there's no point of going there for only one.
Instead, FFM decided to accept the offer for a Middle East trip where Macedonia will face Syria and Lebanon. The later visited Macedonia for a friendly last November, so it is our turn to return the favor. Lebanon will host Macedonia on May 29 at the Saida International Stadium in the port city of Sidon. The stadium has a capacity of 22.600.
Lebanese players celebrate their winning goal in Skopje; photo: players celebrate their winning goal in Skopje; photo:
But three days earlier Macedonia will visit Syria. The war is still goi…

Japan to open Embassy in Macedonia

Japan will open an embassy in Macedonia in January 2017, said Vienna-based Ambassador Makoto Taketoshi at Friday's meeting with Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki. FM Poposki thanked Japan for choosing Macedonia as a destination to enlarge its diplomatic network.
"This decision confirms the excellent bilateral relations, resulting from the long-standing activities by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which began with the Government decision to open an embassy in Tokyo in 2009, followed by its opening in May 2013 and appointment of the first resident ambassador in 2014. This step will significantly improve bilateral relations and provide strong incentive for development of future economic cooperation", stressed Poposki. Interlocutors also referred to Macedonia's domestic developments and the migrant-refugee crisis.
Poposki thanked Taketoshi for Japan's humanitarian assistance exceeding EUR 4,5 million in the migrant crisis management, allocated to international organ…

New Skopje-Bitola Train Put into Use

New third in a row Chinese train was put into operation, Macedonian Railways Transport AD - Skopje informs.
"The new Chinese diesel-engine train will run from Skopje - Bitola and will replace the decrepit old vehicles. In the forthcoming period citizens can enjoy the benefits of another such train - fourth in a row (diesel motor garnish), who has already arrived in Macedonia. The remaining two are expected by the end of May, with which 60 percent of the fleet of Macedonian Railways Transport AD - Skopje will be rebuilt", a statement from the company said.
This investment of EUR 25 million, completely changes the image of the passenger rail transport, which is now at the level of the developed European countries, Macedonia Railways Transport said.
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Greece: Name Issue Does not Feature Current Political Agenda

Although Greek and local media have been focusing on the name issue in the past few days, Macedonia's constitutional name is not included in the Greek politics' official agenda, at least by the end of the year, MIA reports from Athens.
In these past few days, the Greek media, as well as parliamentary debates and the relations between the government and the opposition have been concentrated on the name dispute. However, the talks in all these different spheres do not feature the process of finding a solution to the name row, rather they focus on which SYRIZA member was a greater patriot when he used the name 'Macedonia'.
However, according to analysts, the arguments directed against each other appear insufficient to draw the Greek public's attention toward the current difficult negotiations between Athens and its international creditors and the challenges posed by the refugee crisis. The creditors' representatives are about to commence the audit of the reforms …


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia