Greek NGO 'Solidarity Now' Profits from Encouraging Migrants to Illegally Enter into Macedonia

'Solidarity Now' is the name of the non-governmental organization which was the main organizer of the protests of Idomeni migrants. Activists which are present on both sides of the border daily, reveal that this organization is one of the best out there in the field, it has a lot of members and their specialty is migrant 'rights'.

Their daily activities and operations in relation to the migrants and refugees can be seen on their facebook and web page. They are funded by the many grants and donations from similar organizations throughout Greece and from abroad- such as from 'Doctors without Borders'. This organization is allegedly linked to the Greek political party SYRIZA.

Their daily  work agenda is comprised of encouraging and informing the migrants to stay at the camp because Skopje authorities might raise the ramp at any moment . Officially, they are supposedly helping with providing water, food, clothes and medicine.

Macedonia is presented as the main culprit for the chaos on the border and the reason why the migrants are living in such horrible conditions.

"We condemn the use of force against the migrants by the security forces of Skopje and the closure of the border, which created an insufferable and inhumane situation", they organization stated on Facebook.

Organizations such as this one already distributed pamphlets among the migrants that were written in Arabic and in which it was explained how to cross the border, at what time, etc.

Apart from NGOs, there are a number of individual activists who are currently operating and taking advantage of the migrant situation.

Some organizations are not even registered, but post about their activities on Facebook, even though there is an official register in Greece where they should be enlisted.

Sixteen activists being detained of encouraging violence among migrants additionally shows that the work of these NGOs is disreputable.


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