Shooting of “Requiem for Mrs. J” Film Scenes Begins in Skopje

The shooting of scenes of feature film “Requiem for Mrs. J” directed by Bojan Vuletic begins on Saturday (April 9) and will last until Monday (April 11) in Skopje. The film is a Serbian-­Macedonian-­Bulgarian co­-production, which was shot in Serbia by end of 2015 and film crew is to shoot on locations in Bulgaria in the second half of April.

"Requiem for Mrs. J" deals with current, universal theme that emerges from the overall financial and emotional crisis that rules in the world, mostly in poor countries. Mrs. J, a modest middle-­aged widow, a former administrative clerk, decides to: bury the rabbit, wash a sink full of dishes, go to the store, dig up an old family pistol. She is determined to kill herself on the anniversary of her husband's death. In a week’s time. Mrs. J decides to go to a stonemason and hire him to place her picture on the tombstone; to return a borrowed chair to her neighbor; to visit for the first time the hyper­market where older daughter Anna works; to collect her severance pay from the bankrupt factory she spent half her life working in; to correct a typo in her name on her birth certificate. Mrs. J decides to do all that. But to start doing all that she needs certificate about her employment over the past 20 years. In a country which is going through social transition and administrative reform, this will be highly complicated. Because living in transition is complicated. And dying is even more complicated.

Author of the screenplay is Bojan Vuletic, Zorana Petrov is art director, costume designer is Lana Pavlovic, director of photography is Jelena Stankovic, makeup artist is Jasmina Lilic and Vladimir Pavloski is film editor. Chief producer is Nenad Dukic, executive producer is Miroslav Mogorovic, Tomi Salkovski is Macedonian producer and Pavlina Jeleva is producer from Bulgaria. The cast includes Mirjana Karanovic, Danica Nedeljkovic, Jovana Gavrilovic, Mira Banjac, Srdjan Todorovic.

The film is co-­production between SEE Film Pro, Skopje Film Studio and Geopoly film which were supported by the Film Center Serbia, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Provincial Secretariat of Culture of Vojvodina, Macedonian Film Agency, Bulgarian National Film Center and Eurimages, which is the Council of Europe fund for the co­production, distribution, exhibition and digitization of European cinematographic works.


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