Lidl plans several stores in Macedonia

 Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Transport Minister Blagoj Bocvarski and Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov held Wednesday a meeting with the managers of the German company Lidl to discuss the new investment of the supermarket chain in Macedonia.

Prime Minister Zaev stressed that the new investments are of great importance for the country, in order to increase supply, create new jobs, and improve the overall economy. He welcomed the positive practices recognizable for Lidl in terms of the job market, training its employees, and practicing in a modern way of doing business. At the same time, Prime Minister Zaev stressed the importance of further improving the work with the Germany, which is our first trade partner and stressed that over 200 German investors employ more than 28,000 people in our country.

Company managers pointed out that the Lidl company plans to realize its first investment in Macedonia by building its own modern logistics center which will have all the international certificates of “Lidl” and which will serve as a supply center for the market chain. The equipment that will be used in the logistics center is according to the most modern standards in Europe.

Regarding the expansion strategy, it was emphasized at the meeting that all stores that “Lidl” plans to open in the country will be positioned in cities with sustainable demographic and economic power.

Lidl Macedonia