Aleksandra Janeva Wins Makfest

Aleksandra Janeva who performed the song "For hundred years" won the 31st edition of the Festival of pop music "Makfest". She won the award for the best vocal interpretation, "Dragan Karanfilovski -Bojs".

Simona Poposka with the song "I will find another" is on the second place and got EUR 7,500. She also won the award for best stage performance and received EUR 1,000. Third placed is the young singer Antonija Gigovska with the song "About Us", who received EUR 5,000. Gigovska also won the award for rookie of the year which was named "Dusan Ljubisavlevic-Dule" worth EUR  1,000.

The most listened song between the two festivals is "Srce da se otvori" of Zuica Lazova and Joce Panov and Damir Imeri has won the award for best arrangement "Dragan Gjakonovski-Spato".

"The general assessment is that this year there was a big interest in "Makfest" and that the songs brought back some of the shine of the 31st festival. The work was successfully completed primarily by the artistic director Ljupco Mirkovski, who managed professionally to complete his duties and after two years, thanks to his great commitment, we finally have a CD with all the songs that would further remind on the festival", Dragan Ristov said from the press-center of "Makfest".

Revue Orchestra of MRTV, as he said, was phenomenal, but also the performers were great.

"We believe that we go one step further with the very fact that after nearly decades we had seven foreign performers, making "Makfest" with an international character. Great gratitude to the host Dimitar Atanasovski and director of transmission Pero Popov and the entire crew of MRTV, who contributed "Makfest" to be successful", Ristov says.

The festival is organized by the Municipality of Stip and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Stip. Interpreters performed their songs live on stage at the Cultural Center "Aco Sopov" Stip, accompanied by revue Orchestra of Macedonian Radio and Television.

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