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Nestorovski and Trajkovski Brought Three Victories to Palermo

Palermo FC lags 8 points behind the team of Empoli i.e. the position that is to keep the team in Serie A in the following season. At 14 matches left prior to the crowning of the champion, the situations is quite tricky as the team seems to be headed to Serie B, which is bad news for the Macedonian representatives Ilija Nestorovski and Aleksandar Trajkovski.

Nestorovski is Palermo's hero this season since he scored decisive goals in several matches. Taking into account that out of the 14 points Palermo has won, 12 have been won when the Macedonian representatives scored, it is clear that they are an essential part of the team.

Statistics shows that Nestorovski scored 9 of the 20 goals of Palermo FC. His goals made possible 2 out of the 3 victories of Palermo and 3 out of 5 draws. This amounts to 9 out of 14 points Palermo has won this season, which means that Nestorovski had the greatest contribution to the team.

On the other hand, Nestorovski dominates the pitch and scores goals with great ease, and thanks to his performance, big teams are interested in signing a contract with him, and he is expected to move to a bigger club the following season. The list includes almost all the Italian clubs, among which the most prominent candidate is Napoli. There have been reports that Atletico Madrid wants to sign Nestorovski, as well as some of the English teams.

Nestorovski is a standard player and the leader of Palermo's offence. It was a shame that Aleksandar Trajkovski was injured and missed most of the games during the season.

Nestorovski scored when Palermo defeated Atlanta and Crotone, as well as when the team drew with Crotone, Sampdoria and Napoli.

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