Greece’s opposition New Democracy will not vote to ratify name agreement with Macedonia

Greece's opposition New Democracy party will not vote for ratification of name agreement irrespective of what kind of majority will government form, MIA correspondent in Athens reports.
Commenting the statement of the leader of the junior partner in Greece's coalition government for asking 180 lawmakers instead of a simple majority of 151 votes for name deal ratification, New Democracy party said “there are no words to describe Panos Kammenos,” who is “the epitome of political self-humiliation.”
The statement that the Prespa agreement should be ratified by 180 lawmakers, but also that he would vote against, will remain in history as the epitome of political self-humiliation. New Democracy will not ratify the agreement irrespective of what kind of majority Tsipras and Kammenos will form. Together they have signed and fully bear the responsibility for the finished things that have already been created in Greece, New Democracy party told, adding that it is necessary elections to…

Kotzias: I hope Prespa deal sets shining example of how to solve regional problems

During his opening speech at the Rhodes Conference for Security and Stability on Thursday, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said he hoped the Prespa deal would be implemented and set a shining example of how to solve problems in the region, MIA's Athens correspondent reports.
FM Kotzias said the Prespa compromise 'showed that no one can drive the other side into a corner.'
"We cannot live motivated by revanchism and irredentism. We need to accept reality and find ways of living together," Kotzias said. "There's no conflict between North Macedonians and Greeks, in fact, but between forces that seek a solution and the forces of inertia comfortable with no solution."
Kotzias said his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Dimitrov could not attend the conference because he was in the Macedonian Parliament, 'fighting for the deal we signed.'
Speaking about the region, the Greek FM noted that cooperation on the northern Greek border has improved sinc…

Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro to host women's European Handball Championship

EHF confirmed at the meeting in Glasgow that Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro will organize the women's European Handball Championship in 2022.
This outcome was already known before, because the joint candidacy of Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro was the only organization for the European Women's Championship in 2022. But from today it is officially.
The original plan is for four groups to play in Skopje, Podgorica, Ljubljana and Celje. And the whole finish will be in Ljubljana. This means that Macedonia would only host the group where our national team will play, the matches will be played at SC "Boris Trajkovski".
The EHF also confirmed that the European Championship in 2022 for men will be held in Hungary and Slovakia.

U.S. company "Telamon" to invest in Macedonia

U.S. company "Telamon" will invest EUR 4 million in a Macedonian plant, opening 300 jobs in the first five years.
The Government endorsed the draft-agreement on state aid for the company at its 75. session on Tuesday.
Telamon manufactures wire harness assembly, automotive secondary harnesses, automotive switch assembly, light industrial assembly, and kitting and packaging services to automotive and industrial-related customers.
As one of the largest private companies in Indiana, Telamon has nine domestic locations in Indiana, Illinois, California, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey, Kansas, Kentucky, and Missouri, and three international facilities in China (2) and Mexico. The Macedonia plant will be the seat of Telamon-Europe.

Zaev: We should not miss the historic chance

The agreement marks the beginning of the end of uncertainty for Macedonia and represents dignified and acceptable solution for both sides, with which the Macedonian identity and language is permanently confirmed, PM Zoran Zaev said Wednesday prior to start of parliament’s session at which name agreement with Greece should be ratified.
“We have an agreement with a clear mark of our Macedonian identity, of our Macedonian language, forever. We did not give anything to anyone, nor did anyone take anything when we agreed on a geographical qualifier. This is a bold step in the interest of the future of citizens and our children for a peaceful future. Let's dismiss the manipulations, elimination and xenophobia and offer a chance to the agreement. The citizens will have the final say,” Zaev said.
He said that the agreement is supported by all international partners, it opens the doors of Macedonia towards a European future. Zaev expects European Council give Macedonia a date for start of…

May: Agreement with Greece opens doors to EU and NATO for Macedonia

In a letter to Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May congratulated Macedonia on reaching an agreement with Greece, as well as the ratification agreement reached in Parliament, announced the Government.
“Such a meaningful achievement would not have been possible without political courage, vision and leadership, as the two of you have shown. As we discussed before in Skopje, resolving this issue will bring enormous benefits to the two countries, as well as the greater region”, reads the letter from Prime Minister Theresa May.
She added in her letter, that finally, after 25-years of the long-standing dispute, the wishes of the majority of citizens, who want to see their country become NATO and EU members, will open the doors for these aspirations.
She pledged the United Kingdom’s support for Macedonia’s bid to join NATO.

Macedonian Parliament ratifying Agreement with Greece

Macedonian Parliament with 69 votes in favor, without any votes “against” and no abstentions, ratified the Agreement with Greece regarding settling the name dispute. MPs of the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE boycotted the session and did not attend.
At the beginning of the debate, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the Agreement signed in Prespa was a solution to a dispute that was has been traumatic for Macedonia for over three decades and that this was the beginning of the end of the uncertainty that threatened to go on without end.
“We have achieved a dignified and acceptable solution for both parties. The signatures in Prespa have protected our identity for centuries and centuries. We did not give anything to anybody, nor has anyone taken anything from us. This brave act is a solution that is in the interest of the citizens to both countries. We have risen above fear and I appeal for a rejection to the confines of isolation and xenophobia and give this solution a chance, finally it…


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