New British Film Festival “PlayUK” kicks off in Skopje

New British Film Festival “PlayUK” will be held from 16 to 19 February in Skopje organised by the British Council and the Youth Cultural Centre.

Starting from T2 Trainspotting at the festival opening, thousands of passionate movie-goers will experience the best of contemporary UK feature and documentary films over four days.

Audience will watch ten film premieres by British authors who are getting a lot of attention at the word’s most relevant film festivals.

PlayUK will run in six different cities in the Western Balkans simultaneously, screening ten film premieres at exactly same times in Belgrade, Podgorica, Prizren, Sarajevo, Skopje and Tirana – spreading UK film buzz over the whole Western Balkans region.

Thematically, PlayUK has many layers. As the world is going through rapid changes, politics are introducing new formats of relations within the whole planet, our goal is to include films that celebrate human resilience and ability to find answers and solutions in difficult situations, organisers said in a press release.

The entire festival’s programme is available on websites of British Council in Macedonia and Youth Cultural Centre: and


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