Poll: VMRO-DPMNE’s lead over SDSM grows

The Institute for political research – IPIS has released the latest poll for the political parties’ pre-election rating after the announcement of the coalitions.

According to the latest IPIS polls, VMRO-DPMNE’s lead is growing, according to the poll, 24.1 percent of the respondents would vote for VMRO-DPMNE, while 21.5% would vote for SDSM and BESA. The difference is 2.6 percent percentage points, but unlike the other polls in this poll the rating of BESA and SDSM is shared, which means that the rating of SDSM is far lower than 21.5 percent.

In comparison with the poll conducted in June 2019 by M-Prospect. VMRO-DPMNE had a 1.9 percentage point lead over SDSM.

In the IPIS poll, the ratings of Zoran Zaev and Hristijan Mickoski are almost equal. Mickoski with 17.2 percent and Zaev with 17.5 percent. Mickoski’s rating is steadily increasing compared to a year ago.

VMRO-DPMNE has the highest support in the Vardar region with 40% and the Southeast region with 36.2%. And the coalition of SDSM and BESA only hold a lead in the Polog region. While in the Skopje region the forces of VMRO-DPME and SDSM are equal with 21% each.

On Thursday at 20:15 PM, MTV1 will air the full coverage of the pre-election ratings of the political parties following the announcement of the coalitions carried out by the Institute for Political Research (IPIS), MTV informed on Facebook.

IRI poll: SDSM support drops by 20 percent in two years

The number of people who supported SDSM two years ago dropped by 20 percent today, according to an IRI poll ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to which 21 percent of voters would vote for SDSM in 2018, today the number has dropped to 17 %. Which in the absolute amount of figures is a drop of 20 percent.

The IRI poll also shows that the majority of respondents believe that Zoran Zaev does not deserve a new mandate. A total of 54 percent of the respondents said so, while 31 percent said he did his job well and deserves another four years to run the government.

In addition, the IRI poll also shows that the percentage of respondents who think that the state is going in the wrong direction has increased significantly, if 30 percent of the respondents two years ago thought that, 43 percent think so today.

Poll indicators show that citizens’ attitude towards the government and the running of the state by Zoran Zaev is in free fall.

SOURCE: Republika.mk

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