Coronavirus cases in Macedonia rise to 70 - now in Stip, Ohrid and Gostivar

The first cases have been registered in the Macedonian towns of Ohrid, Stip and Gostivar.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Macedonia increased to 70 after three more citizens tested positive for the infection on Friday, the country’s health ministry said.

The condition of all patients who tested positive is stable, minister Venko Filipce said in video file posted by the ministry.

On Wednesday, Macedonia's president Stevo Pendarovski declared a 30-day nationwide state of emergency. 

The first case of the novel coronavirus disease in Macedonia was confirmed on February 27.

On Tuesday, the leaders of the parties represented in North Macedonia's parliament agreed to postpone the early general election scheduled for April 12 due to the spread of the coronavirus disease, the office of the country's president announced.

In an effort to contain the spread of the disease, Macedonia's government has ordered the closure of all borders and airports, last flights from Skopje were served till Wednesday midnight.