Zaev takes over Ministry of Finance as Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev announced the reshuffle of the government including six ministers, the local macedonian media reported on Sunday. 

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev unveiled the names of the new ministers for agriculture, environment, culture, local self-government and political system and relations between the communities.

These include Trajan Dimkovski (Minister of Agriculture), Naser Nuredini (Minister of Environment), Hysni Ismaili (Minister of Culture), Goran Milevski (local self-government) and Sadula Duraki (political system and relations between the communities.

PM Zaev said he would take over the finance portfolio himself, replacing Dragan Tevdovski for a certain period of time while also serving as prime minister.

The motion will be sent to Parliament today. I believe it will be considered next week by the MPs,” he told reporters at a press conference in Valandovo.

Prime Minister Zaev thanked the outgoing ministers of agriculture, Ljupcho Nikolovski, culture, Asaf Ademi, finance, Dragan Tevdovski, local self-government, Suhejl Fazliu, Framework Agreement implementation, Hazbi Lika, and investments of local companies, Zoran Shapurikj, for ‘serving the country and the people by doing their duties.’


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