Macedonia’s government reshuffled

Macedonia’s Parliament elected late Friday new ministers and deputy ministers. 

Renata Deskoska is elected for Minister of Justice by 67 votes ‘for’ and ‘23’ against; 
Arbr Ademi for Minister of Education and Science by 67 votes ‘for’ and 25 ‘against’; 
Asaf Ademi for Minister of Culture by 66 votes ‘for’ and 23 ‘against’ and 
Bardil Dauti for Minister without Portfolio by 65 ‘for’ and 26 ‘against. 
Andrej Zernovski is elected for Deputy-Foreign Minister, 
Asim Musa for Deputy-Health Minister, 
Gonul Bajraktar for Deputy-Minister of Labor and Social Policy, and 
Sadik Beqiri for Deputy-Minister of Transport and Communications. 

Friday in Parliament saw the debate over the election of new ministers.


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