Mogherini: Macedonia's New Name Will Have an Effect on Countries in Europe

"I was informed by the Macedonian and Greek Foreign Ministers about the progress in the name talks, which is very encouraging and promising, but it is not yet finalized, I am optimistic, and even more optimistic when it comes to the Balkans. Step by step, we expressed our clear intention of joining, helping and supporting a possible agreement in the coming days or weeks. The EU expects it in order to join it when it is reached and announced."

This was stated by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, following the EU ministerial council on the resistance of some Member States to start negotiations with Macedonia.

Mogherini said that it would be very difficult for them to ignore such an important world news.

"This will have a transformative effect not only on the relations between the countries but also on all countries - both in Europe and globally." The name dispute has long existed, creating complications for years, and if a strong UN-led political leadership and EU involvement can result in negotiations on this difficult issue, it will be an inspiration to others, and it will be proof that the multilateral approach is what we should invest in, all of which must be recognized by the European Council, comentеd Mogherini.

Regarding France's resistance to the start of talks with Macedonia, Mogherini replied: "The strength of the good news that the name resolution will bring, will be so hailed by the international community, and the EU, that all states will have to take this into account."


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