Tvrdokorni will block Skopje International Airport

The macedonian patriotic association Tvrdokorni called for blocking the airport in the capitol of Macedonia, Skopje. The call is a reaction after the government removed the statue of Alexander the Great in the airport terminal hall over night.

The association says:

The attack against Alexander of Macedon is an attack against the entire Macedonian people! The attack against Alexander of Macedon is a declaration of war! And this is a war that needs to be and must be won, even at the cost of our lives! We will never forgive the traitors, tomorrow is yet to come! The fight for Macedonia is yet to come! “, patriotic association Tvrdokorni (Hardcore) wrote on its Facebook page, after the monument of Alexander the Great in the Skopje airport building was
removed late on Wednesday.

Tvrdokorni announced that they will organize airport blockage in the shortest time possible!


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