More than 30000 Macedonians in Sydney

Macedonian phalanx closed central Sydney streets! The protest march, which was successfully organized by all the Macedonian social, cultural, social and church associations, began before the Sydney Town Hall and flowed through the central Sydney streets, to Martin Place, where the main, official event took place.

On this grand event, the Australian anthem sang Milica Kiprovska, the Macedonian anthem was sung by Blagojce Petrov, and the Aboriginal blessing for holding the event on the Australian soil was given by the Macedonian son-in-law, the Aboriginist Brett Grogan. Before the audience spoke: Joshua Sherman, Zaklina Mihajlova, Igor Markovski, Dushan Risteski and Chris Karanfilovski.

The address highlighted that MACEDONIAN BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ARE TAKEN. It should not and must not the world to shut the eyes before the genocide against the Macedonian people that has been in existence since 1912 to this day!

The so-called Macedonian Government has no mandate to discuss and negotiate the name of Macedonia, to change the history of Macedonia, to belittle and value the Macedonian language, was pointed out at the Protest. That is why Macedonian politicians demand the unconditional termination of talks and negotiations on the name of the state, to reject the law on the use of languages, which redefines the unitary and statehood of Macedonia, to release from prison and detention and from persecution, convicted of the events of 27 April 2017, to lift the detention for Edmond Temelko, mayor of the Municipality of Pustec.

Macedonians from Australia, asked the Macedonian bishops to withdraw the request for acceptance of the Bulgarian church as mother church, because it is not canonical and anti-historical.

The pupil Igor Markovski in his speech asked: "Are there fathers and mothers in the Macedonian government and the Parliament, who want their children to be living spirits, living ashes, dust that should be easily cleaned? Are there fathers and mothers who have policies in Europe and in the European Union, in NATO, in the neighboring countries, whose actions show that it is virtuous to steal? Yes, exactly, all those who talk, negotiate, and have to change the name of my native Macedonia, are thieves for me! How will their children live tomorrow, when it is visible, even for a child like me, that everyone wants, illegally and shamelessly, to "tame with Macedonian feathers"?

On the protest was pointed out that: "If Macedonia is wiped off the world map - the world will be poorer both physically and spiritually for a grandiose size! If Macedonia is deleted from the world map - and for the minorities it will be very bad! If Macedonia is deleted from the world map and our neighbors will lose a lot of neighbors, because, what happens to us today, tomorrow will become their reality "!

We, the Macedonians in Australia, will use all the permissible means, always, everywhere and before everyone, to defend the name of the state and the identity of the nation! The protest was held with dignity and we are proud that we are honest MACEDONIANS who appreciate the Macedonian roots and carry the sacred Macedonian code in the genes! After the Protest, in his reports, the Sydney police said: "This is the biggest protest ever held, which was attended by over 30,000 people!" To be alive and healthy MACEDONIANS and MACEDONIA to be eternal!

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