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Macedonians attend protest against name change

Despite freezing snow conditions, more than 15,000 people took part in Tuesday’s protest to defend the constitutional name of Macedonia. Despite the bad weather and the pressures faced by those who wanted to attend the all-Macedonian protest in Skopje, a huge number of citizens found themselves on the streets of the city in order to defend the name of the state and the identity of the nation.
Most participants in the protest waved Macedonian flags and sing Macedonian songs, with an occasional burning of a Greek flag.
Protesters from other cities also made the hazardous trips to the capital to attend the protest. Some faced pressures both during the journey and before going to Skopje. Particularly in the press, the employees in the public administration complain that they were threatened that they should not attend the All-Macedonian protest.
Demonstrators demand an end to the name talks, the withdrawal of the Law on the Use of Languages, the withdrawal of the treasonous agreement on …

Kotsias will visit Skopje this week carrying proposal with seven points

The draft-proposal for solving the name dispute with its seven points will be brought to Skopje this week by the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Kotsias as he will land at the international airport Skopje, reports the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini.”
According to this outlet, the name, the range of its use, the identity, the trademarks, the short abbreviations and the acronyms are part of the seven points that the draft-agreement contains. The outlet also states that the proposal for a solution is finished, it contains answers to certain issues that refer to both countries’ relations, including Macedonia’s perspectives as part of international organizations.

Baily: Nepotism and conflict of interests in the Macedonian Council of Public Prosecutors

US Ambassador Jess Baily at a conference in Parliament regarding the Rule of Law in the Western Balkan countries, in the presence of MEPs, criticized the work of the Council of Public Prosecutors for the voting session on the election of prosecutors.
Speaking about reforms to the judiciary, Baily said that with the disputed decisions made by the Council of Public Prosecutors, “the public has lost several grams of trust in the judiciary”. He said that several journalists were encouraged to publish articles on how the way prosecutors were elected.
“There was a case where a public prosecutor, a member of the Council, voted in favor of a family member’s decision on another member of the Council and this seems to me to be a conflict of interest. Nobody knew exactly what happened. The brave media and the civil society also play an important role in the rule of law. These journalists are searching for the story, finding it and re-doing it”, said Baily.
He said that it is necessary that all …

Macedonian Government will dismiss Jason Miko as honorary consul

On the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government is expected to dismiss Jason Miko from the position of Honorary Consul of Macedonia in Tucson, Arizona, USA, to which he was appointed in 2013, BIRN learns.
His engagement with VMRO-DPMNE’s government included consulting services for which he was paid from the state budget. BIRN came across two agreements with which the Ministry of Defense engages Miko in 2015 and 2016 for intellectual services in the total amount of 17,875 USD.
Before being paid from the state budget, Miko was also a lobbyist for VMRO-DPMNE. According to documents registered with the US Agency for Registration of Foreign Contributors – FARA, VMRO-DPMNE for 7,500 dollars a month, hired Jason Miko to provide consulting services just before the July the 5th, 2006 elections, to which the party came to power.
During the entire time rule of VMRO-DPMNE’s, Jason Miko shared views very similar to the party. In the last ten years he has been particularly activ…

Macedonia and Greece are moving closer to solving name dispute: Zaev tells FT

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview the Financial Times (FT) said Macedonia and Greece are moving closer to solving longstanding name dispute.
Zaev hopes that they will find a compromise before a Nato summit in Brussels on July 11-12.

I’m optimistic. It’s very difficult, we’re aware of that. But it would be smart for both sides to find a solution as early as possible,” Zaev said. 
“Now the new requirement from Greece is that we need to change our constitution. But a constitution is a home rule book. It doesn’t have implications outside the country. In any case, changing the constitution wouldn’t be a final guarantee, because a new government in the future could just change the constitution back again,” Zaev said.
In regard to the names proposed by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz including the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje), Northern Macedonia, Upper Macedonia, Vardar Macedonia and New Macedonia, Zaev said New Macedonia was unacceptable because it lacked geographical prec…

Macedonia beats Slovakia in Eurobasket qualifier

Macedonia beat Slovakia 87:74 in first round of the 2021 Eurobasket pre-qualifiers in Skopje late on Sunday.
The hosts took the lead from the opening minutes and never looked back. Macedonia led 52:27 at halftime and eased its way to the third win in as many matches.
Richard Hendrix was Macedonia's leading scorer with 23 points, followed by Bojan Trajkovski (14) and Vojdan Stojanovski (13).
Group A standings: Macedonia 3 wins - 0 losses, Switzerland 1-1, Slovakia 0-3.
In the final match of the pre-qualifiers on June 28, Macedonia plays away to Switzerland. The group winner advances to the second round.

Independent Greeks against name including term 'Macedonia'

Greek government junior coalition partner Independent Greeks has reiterated its stance of not supporting a name including term 'Macedonia' in the dispute's solution, MIA reports from Athens.
"Regarding the issue of Skopje, Independent Greeks will not vote for a solution including term 'Macedonia' or its derivatives in the name of the neighboring country. The reason for this is that Skopje's use of name 'Macedonia' stimulates their irredentism. On the other hand, it seems very difficult, even impossible, for prime minister Zaev to convince communities in the country that the name and the constitution should change," party spokesperson Madalena Papadopoulou told ANA-MPA.
She adds that Athens is not in a hurry for a solution, while "Skopje and Albania should understand that Greece is the key country for their European perspective."

Observance of 14. anniversary from President Boris Trajkovski's death

Macedonia observes Monday 14 years from the death of President Boris Trajkovski, who was killed in a plane crash near Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Family members, delegations and citizens will lay flowers at Trajkovski's grave in Skopje.
President Trajkovski died in a plane crash on 26 February 2004, when the US-made Beechcraft King Air 200 tried to land at the airport of Mostar, in southern Bosnia, in bad weather.
President Trajkovski, six of his closest advisors Dimka Ilkova-Boskovic, Risto Blazevski and Anita Krisan-Lozanovska from his Cabinet, Mile Krstevski from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bodyguards Boris Velinov and Ace Bozinovski, as well as two pilots Marko Markovski and Branko Ivanovski died instantly.
Two investigations were conducted and two reports were published regarding the crash and declared that fatal plane crash was not the result of an assassination but an accident.
The reports into the crash, conducted by Salko Begic and Omer Kulic and Macedonian experts …

Macedonia under snow, temperatures below zero

Macedonia has been covered by snow, mostly in Mavrovo (78cm), Lazaropole (51cm), Krusevo (41cm) etc. There are 15cm of snow in capital Skopje.

Weather in Macedonia on Monday will be overcast and cold, with snowfalls across the country.

Temperatures will range between -4C and -1C.

Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to -1C.

Macedonian, Serbian agriculture ministers expected to address 'flour issue'

The agriculture ministers of Macedonia and Serbia are expected by the end of the day to address the flour issue after Serbia has announced it will launch counter-measures to Macedonia's measures introduced for import of flour from Serbia.
This was stated Sunday by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.
"We are building friendship and positive relations with all of our neighbors. In the past, we have found solutions to more pressing issues and I believe a solution will be found for this one, too. As early as today the ministers are expected to talk in order to find solutions," Zaev said answering journalist questions.
He also said he didn't expect bread prices to rise because of issues facing millers. "We don't expect prices to increase, there will be significant offer. The state has to intervene and I see a solution in modern measures used by some countries, such as storage notes, a form of securities," the PM said.

Corruption Index: Macedonia with lowest position in region

Macedonia is ranked on the 107th position in the Index for the perception of corruption in 2017 by Transparency International (IT) which sees the country’s position to have fallen for 17 slots compared to the previous year and is the worst result for the country since the index’s existence, stressed Transparency International- Macedonia.
There was a reaction by VMRO-DPMNE about Macedonia’s ranking and it stated that SDSM’s governance is marked by many cases of corruption and criminal and that these cases including the nepotism contribute to this fall in the previous year, especially when there is no one to bear any responsibility.
SDSM responded that the ranking on the Corruption Perception Index is a “result of the 10-year criminal governance by VMRO-DPMNE and that the citizens have a clear understanding of who worked criminally corrupted.The ruling party said that the things are changing “and the results will evidently reflect the situation in 2018.”

Greece to send draft-agreement to Macedonia before FM Kotzias visits Skopje

The draft-agreement has been finished before being forwarded by the Greek Foreign Ministry to the national government. After the document is sent to Macedonia, most probably, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will plan a trip to Skopje.
Speaking to the Greek state radio station on Saturday, the Minister said that Greece's proposal had been drafted. Kotzias said that most likely he would visit Skopje in March, not in February as it has been widely reported. He noted that he would like to do a small, but symbolic gesture upon his arrival in Skopje.
"We were thinking it might be a good thing if we were to do a somewhat small, symbolic event in order to emphasize that fact that things are changing. Instead of seeing an escalation of nationalistic 'attacks' with symbols against Greece, we are witnessing removal of irredentist symbols that have swarmed Skopje," Kotzias said.
On the content of the draft-agreement, he reiterated that it contained 'the name and de…

Skopje airport renamed: Letters being changed into new name

Crews have started removing the letters of the 'Alexander the Great' inscription atop the Skopje airport terminal.
The removal marks the enforcement of a decision of the government to rename the airport in Skopje, TAV Macedonia - the concessioner of the Macedonian airports - has stated.
Starting Saturday morning, letters on the sign in the building are being changed. The airport is renamed into Skopje International Airport.
A few days ago, workers started removing signs bearing the name Alexander the Great highway along Corridor 10. The motorway has been renamed into Friendship Highway.

Greek PM Tsipras: New name should also be a constitutional name of neighboring country

The name Skopje and Athens will agree upon should at the same time become a constitutional name of the neighboring country, Greek Prime Minister Alaxis Tsipras told a press conference late Friday, after an informal meeting of EU leaders in Brussels.
Greece considers that the long-standing name dispute should be a subject of 'sustainable and stable solution that will rest on firm foundations,' Tsipras said.
'Greece is seeking for an erga omnes solution, which means an obligation for one name for both internal and external usage, namely for the agreed term to be also a constitutional name of the neighboring county, which requires a revision of its constitution,' Tsipras said.
Tsipras said he had also conveyed Greece's stances on the matter to EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, MIA correspondent reports from Athens.
Skopje is in a hurry to solve the problem, as it 'is of existential significance' for the country's European perspective, the Greek …

Zaev: PIOM lacks 500 million euros and maybe the age of retirement will have to be increased

The public should be aware of certain things concerning the hole in the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Macedonia (PIOM), and some are announced for the first time. Each year the state is covering the PIOM’s whole and this year it amounts to 500 million euros. He announced a potential increase of the retirement age and the contributions for the employees.
-This is an important issue because the current pensioners have been taken care of, but future pensioners should be more worried. We should be worried about stabilizing the PIOM. The fund is emptied continuously – said Zoran Zaev.
He said that the World Bank should make a complete analysis of PIOM. According to the prime minister, if the goal of healing the economy is not achieved and the standard of living is not raised, due to PIOM’s hole, the retirement age and the contributions will have to be raised.
-Probably, unpopular measures will have to be taken. Those would be raising the retirement age and the contributions. Bu…

Osmani: Those who are against the Law on languages are against NATO and the EU and against the country

What I can state as news is yesterday’s visit to Germany and the meetings with the President Frank Walter Steinmeier and the chancellor Angela Merkel, where the passing of the Law on the use of languages was clearly greeted and in a way the behavior of those who opposed the law due to political reasons was condemned. It is a dangerous approach for the country especially for those that with the numerous amendments want to prevent the passing of the bill, said the Deputy Prime Minister for European Issues, Bujar Osmani when he addressed from the rostrum.
While answering a question posed by MP Redzailj Ismaili, another member of DUI, at today’s session of PMs questions, Ismaili was interested in the stance about the opinions of the representatives of the countries that Osmani has visited or is meeting with them in the country.
– I will not reveal anything new if I repeat the fact that the inter-ethnic relations are the foundation of the this country’s progress and that was the consensus…

UNICEF campaign: Macedonia ranks 2nd in Europe in newborn mortality rate

UNICEF launched Tuesday across the world the Every Child Alive Campaign as a conscious effort stemming from a commitment of all governments to make newborn mortality a thing of the past.
UNICEF is calling on governments, health care providers, donors, the private sector, families and businesses to keep every child alive, everywhere, it said in a statement.
Macedonia has the second highest rate of newborn mortality in Europe with Moldova being ranked first.
"We can give these babies more than a day, more than a month - more than just survival. We can save the vast majority of these babies with affordable, quality health care solutions for every mother and every newborn. In our context here, this means ensuring proper pre-natal care, check-ups and visits for all pregnant women throughout the country - especially rural women who can often be most distant from health services. It also requires ensuring access and rapid transfer to neonatal intensive care units in case of complicatio…

LOT Polish Airlines launches new Warsaw-Skopje route

Starting from June 1, LOT Polish Airlines is going to launch the first direct connection from Warsaw to Skopje, TAV Macedonia and LOT Polish Airlines announced Wednesday.
Flights on this route will be operated daily, 6 times a week, apart from Sundays, by modern Embraer jets. Tickets are already available for purchase sale, via LOT’s Contact Centre, at, and from sales agents.
Alper Ersoy, TAV Macedonia General Manager said that this route will also serve both countries to strengthen business ties, to enable better communication with Eastern Europe as well as transatlantic flights to many destinations in the world that are offered by Warsaw.
Polish Ambassador to Macedonia Jacek Multanowski said that apart from the common surnames ending with "ski" Macedonia and Poland are connected historically, also through culture, science education, tourism ... and now that relationship will be closer in just only two and a half hours flight.
LOT Polish Airlines is the third c…

SDSM junta removes monument of Andon Kjoseto

The reactions after the removal of the monument of Andon Kjoseto in Skopje have not diminished.
At three o’clock in the morning, in a typical SDSM way, the monument was removed.
Twitter and FB ‘warriors’ were displeased with the city authorities.
“You want to play demolition, come on, go ahead. The government will demolish the monuments, and we will demolish the government.”
“The Macedonian monument of the Kjoseto is demolished, let’s see you demolish the UCK monuments throughout Macedonia”
“With the demolition of monuments, you cannot erase the collective consciousness of the Macedonians” – are some of the remarks in social media.
One can see why the monument of Andon Kjoseto was seen as trouble for the SDSM. Kjoseto assassinated dozens of traitors to the Macedonian cause.

Declaration of OKDE – Spartakos on the Macedonian issue

1. The “Macedonian issue” is not a historic national issue, but rather a modern political one. The formation of the Macedonian nationality and national consciousness follows a parallel course with that of the other Balkan nations (Greek, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian), throughout the long term collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the ensuing armed conflicts among the newborn nations (Macedonian Struggle, Balkan Wars, First World War). From this point of view, two things follow. First, the term “Macedonian” used to define the nation, is just as old as the others in the region and is not an invention of the 90’s with irredentist motives. Second, the creation of new states, whose borders were drawn in the blood of the peoples of the region, did not solve any “national question”, but on the contrary many ethnic minorities remained inside each state and were persecuted without mercy. For this reason alone, the historical demand for a Socialist Federation of the Balkans remains a compass for …

MZT beats Rabotnicki to lift Cup trophy

MZT Skopje beat city rivals Rabotnicki to lift the basketball Cup trophy late on Sunday.
MZT held a slight lead at halftime (33:31), but Rabotnicki came back and took the advantage in the third quarter. However, the Macedonian champions held a steady lead in the final quarter before closing the match in the final minutes.
Bojan Trajkovski was MZT's best player with 18 points, followed by Darko Sokolov with 17 and Damjan Stojanovski with 15.
Rabotnicki's Mirakovski was the match's highest scorer with 24 points.
This is MZT's ninth cup trophy, the same as Rabotnicki.

Prilep Theatre celebrates its 68th anniversary

Prilep-based National Theatre Vojdan Cernodrinski is to celebrate Monday evening its 68th anniversary with performance of comedy From Bad to Worse (‘Od kol na kol’) directed by Kole Angelovski.
The National Theatre Vojdan Cernodrinski staged its first play Kir Janja by Jovan Sterija Popovic, directed by Ace Mihajlovski in 1950, thus marking the foundation of a very productive and successful institution of culture. More than 1.6 million theatregoers have seen 370 premieres and 7,500 plays since then.
Prilep Theatre’s greatest achievement was Bertold Brecht's Drums in the Night directed by Martin Kocovski, which won three awards at MESS Festival in Sarajevo (2008) and the award for best play at 44th edition of Vojdan Cernodrinski Theater Festival.
Due to its renowned ensemble, as well as the numerous national and international prizes it has won, National Theatre is nowadays considered one of the leading theatres in Macedonia.

President Ivanov pays official visit to Turkey

President Gjorge Ivanov, accompanied by First Lady Maja Ivanova, is paying an official visit to the Republic of Turkey.
President Ivanov will meet host Recept Tayyip Erdogan and lay a wreath at the Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara.
During the visit, Ivanov will also deliver lecture titled "Challenges of University Education in the third Millennium" before members of the Turkish Council of Higher Education and rectors of state and private universities in Turkey.
In addition, he will address the opening of the World Business Angels Investment Forum and receive an award for the "School for Young Leaders", taking place under Ivanov's auspices, as the best socially responsible project in Europe in 2017.

Macedonia: Increase in Consumer Price Index and Retail Price Index

According to the State Statistical Office data, the Consumer Price Index in January 2018, in comparison with the previous month, was 99.6, while the Retail Price Index was 99.9.
A decrease in the Consumer Price Index in January 2018, in comparison with the previous month, was registered in cereals by 3.7%, other bakery products by 3.6%, frozen vegetables other than potatoes and other tubers by 3.2%, other milk products by 2.4%, flours and other cereals by 2.2%, dried vegetables, other preserved or processed vegetables by 1.5%, fresh or chilled vegetables other than potatoes and other tubers by 1.4%, dried, salted or smoked meat, food products n.e.c by 1.3%, frozen fruit by 1.1%, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery, non-alcoholic beverages by 0.9%, rice and meat by 0.5%, milk, cheese and curd by 0.3%, oils and fats by 0.2%. In January, there was also a decrease of the indices of hospital services by 10.0%, photographic and cinematographic equipment and optical instruments b…

Macedonia's government orders Poll to sell opinion for name change

Macedonia's new government want to change the name of the country, therefore they ordered a fake poll by a newly and so far unknown Institute named Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis-Skopje.
The Institute was etsablished in a Hotel in Dojran, southern Macedonia, in April 2016. On it's homepage we find a page where the partners of the Institute are listed. Starting with Macedonia's Soros Open Society Foundation, the European Commission and all the "important" embassies as well as the american governmental organization USAID (United States Agency for International Development) are listed as partners.

So now, if you are sill wondering why the headline of the Macedonian Inormation Agency says "61% of Macedonia want to change the name of the state to join EUand NATO", just remind the information we presented above...
All efforts are to change Macedonia's name, this is the conclusion if you read the fabricated article we mentioned above, which sell…

New Slovakian Ambassador to Macedonia presents copy of his credentials to FM Dimitrov

The new Slovakian Ambassador to Macedonia, Henrik Markus, presented Friday a copy of his credentials to Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov.
Dimitrov and Markus voiced satisfaction with the Macedonian-Slovakian relations and readiness for their further development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.
Dimitrov whished for Markus to have a successful mission in Macedonia, expressing belief that his diplomatic skill and personal engagement would contribute substantially to developing the relations between the two friendly countries.
Markus on his part voiced belief in and readiness for advancing the bilateral ties by intensifying the cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest, the press release reads.

EC President Juncker to visit Macedonia this month

European Commission President Jean-Claude Jean-Claude Juncker will visit Macedonia at the end of this month, Vice-Premier for European Affairs Bujar Osmani told TV Telma on Friday.
Osmani views Juncker's visit as an impetus for reforms, as 'I am certain that Macedonia will be part of the EC strategic document for enlargement to the Western Balkans', which is to be presented next week in Brussels.
Osmani also believes that a date for Macedonia EU accession talks will be set at EU Summit this June.

Fitch revises Macedonia's outlook to positive; affirms at BB

Fitch Ratings has revised the outlooks on Macedonia’s long-term foreign and local-currency issuer default ratings to positive from negative, and affirmed the ratings at 'BB'.
The revision of the Outlook of Macedonia's 'BB' IDRs to Positive reflects the following key rating drivers and their relative weights: The domestic political situation is stabilising and key international relations are improving, after a prolonged political crisis between 2014 and 2017, which saw Macedonia suffer the second largest percentage drop in the World Bank governance indicator out of all Fitch-rated sovereigns.
The coalition government led by the Social Democrats (SDSM) with the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration party is making progress in implementing its "Plan 3-6-9" reform programme since it came to power in May 2017. The plan aims to realign Macedonia's policies towards EU accession, join NATO and restore the independence and transparency of public in…

United Macedonia called for cancelling Debate on Law on Languages

"United Macedonia" calls for the interruption of the parliamentary debate on the law on the use of languages ​​and the law to be submitted to the Venice Commission on constitutional and legal opinion by professors in constitutional and international law who are members of the Commission.
 "In conditions of deep division in a country where SDSM government claims that the law is constitutional, and the whole patriotic and free think public claims that the law is not constitutional and endangers national and state interests, the opinion of the Venice Commission may be useful.
It is surprising Prime Minister Zaev's naivety that he would send the bill to the Venice Commission, but, even after his adoption, although there is no man in the state who is unclear that the Venice Commission, after the adoption of the law, will determine the unconstitutionality, that has no sense. It is common knowledge that the Albanians do not respect the legal order when one step in the so-…

Conflict of interest Part 2: Nimetz donated 25k Dollars for Greek Lobby in USA

Under the title "$ 25,000 from Nimitz for the main Congresseoman of the Greek Lobby in the United States, the United Macedonian Diaspora said that from 1995 to 2017, the United Nations mediator Matthew Nimetz donated a total of $ 25,000 in the campaign of Congressman Carolyn Maloney, Democrat from New York, the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Friendship Group with Greece. Also, Nimetz has donated funds in the campaign of former Greek Senator Sarbainz. This information can be found on the official website of the US Federal Electoral Commission.
The announcement states that Congresswoman Maloney founded this Congressional Friendship Group with Greece in 1996 and is actually a representative of one of the largest Greek communities outside Greece and Cyprus. This group of Maloney has five goals, one of which is for the US relations with the "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" as it is written on its website. She regularly submits anti-Mace…

Macedonia with three Athletes at Winter Olympics in Pyongyang

At the Winter Olympics to be held in Pyongyang, South Korea, Macedonia will go with three athletes.
The colors of Macedonia will be defended by Antonio Ristevski (Alpine skiing: slalom and giant slalom), Stavre Jada (cross country: sprint and 15km) and Viktoria Todorovska (cross country: 10km).
The delegation will travel to Pyongyang on February 7, and two days before will be held the official presentation of the athletes.
92 countrieswill perform at the Winter Olympics. They will compete in 7 sports, 15 sports disciplines and 102 sports competitions.
The games start on February 9, and will last for two weeks, until February 25.


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia