Macedonia's government orders Poll to sell opinion for name change

Macedonia's new government want to change the name of the country, therefore they ordered a fake poll by a newly and so far unknown Institute named Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis-Skopje.

The Institute was etsablished in a Hotel in Dojran, southern Macedonia, in April 2016. On it's homepage we find a page where the partners of the Institute are listed. Starting with Macedonia's Soros Open Society Foundation, the European Commission and all the "important" embassies as well as the american governmental organization USAID (United States Agency for International Development) are listed as partners.

So now, if you are sill wondering why the headline of the Macedonian Inormation Agency says "61% of Macedonia want to change the name of the state to join EUand NATO", just remind the information we presented above...

All efforts are to change Macedonia's name, this is the conclusion if you read the fabricated article we mentioned above, which sells information on basis of a puppet goverment ordered poll...

Here is tharticle of the MIA where they did not either mention that the poll was carried out on 1000 persons per phone (sure most of it Zaevist's) - equally to 0,05% of the total population in Macedonia. Indeed, very representative numbers...

61% support name settlement for Macedonia to join EU and NATO: poll

 61% of respondents in Macedonia said they support a solution to the name issue that would pave the way for the country to join the EU and NATO. Of those, 43% expressed full support and 18% said they 'somewhat' support it, show results of a recent opinion poll.

The telephone poll involved 1,000 respondents, who were interviewed between January 19-26 by M-Prospect agency for the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis-Skopje.

50% of Macedonians (full support expressed by 30% with somewhat support by 20%) said they would support a name change in order the country to become a member of the EU and NATO. As many as 95% of Albanians (84% full support and 11% of somewhat support) said they would support the name to be changed.

Asked whether a name change would change the meaning of what Macedonia and the Macedonian people are, 34% said it would be changed completely, 19% said that somewhat would be changed and 33% said it wouldn't be changed at all. 4% said it would be somewhat unchanged.

60% of Macedonians said the identity would change after changing the name. 40% said the identity would be fully changed with 20% saying it would somewhat change. 35% said unless the name was changed it wouldn't change the identity.

30% of Albanians in Macedonia said identity would change (fully changed for 13% and somewhat changed for 17%. 48% said they believed the identity wouldn't change at all, shows the poll. 


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