Osmani: Those who are against the Law on languages are against NATO and the EU and against the country

What I can state as news is yesterday’s visit to Germany and the meetings with the President Frank Walter Steinmeier and the chancellor Angela Merkel, where the passing of the Law on the use of languages was clearly greeted and in a way the behavior of those who opposed the law due to political reasons was condemned. It is a dangerous approach for the country especially for those that with the numerous amendments want to prevent the passing of the bill, said the Deputy Prime Minister for European Issues, Bujar Osmani when he addressed from the rostrum.

While answering a question posed by MP Redzailj Ismaili, another member of DUI, at today’s session of PMs questions, Ismaili was interested in the stance about the opinions of the representatives of the countries that Osmani has visited or is meeting with them in the country.

– I will not reveal anything new if I repeat the fact that the inter-ethnic relations are the foundation of the this country’s progress and that was the consensus of all the countries from the Western World that the road to Brussels passes through Ohrid. In a metaphorical way, it is seen as a contribution to the future membership in EU and NATO. The Law on languages is the last legislative part of the Ohrid Framework Agreement but is also the most sensitive issue – the use of the mother tongue. The opinion of the NATO’s General Secretary was heard several weeks ago and he greeted the passing of this law when he said that this law is a condition for a NATO – membership – said Osmani.

He also mentioned the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, for whom he said that he has greeted the law as part of the Ohrid Agreement.

– He also gave another dimension to the debate for the use of languages. This way, there is a debate between those that are against the passing of the law and for a closing of the Ohrid Agreement, and now have a Euro-Atlantic direction and those that are against it and are against the country – said Osmani.


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