WMC: All-Macedonian Protests in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and UK

Macedonian communities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain are holding protests today on a common and unitary Macedonia, the World Macedonian Congress said.

Macedonian community in Switzerland begins the protest at 12.00 pm at Quai Wilson 47 - 1201 Geneve - Palais Wilson. The meeting will continue along the Avenue de France from 12.00-13.00, to the United Nations Plaza at 13.30-14.00, where the organizers will have greeting speeches.

Macedonian community in Germany starts the protest with a gathering at 13.00 in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where the organizers will have greeting speeches. The meeting will continue with a march towards the German Parliament and the Government where it will end.

Macedonian community in France holds the protest at 2:00 pm at Place Joffre-Mur de la Paix (Champ de Mars) in Paris, where the organizers will have a welcome speech.

The Macedonian community in Italy holds the protest at 15.30 pm at the Alfieri Square in the city of Asti, where the organizers will have greeting speeches.

 The Macedonian community in the UK will hold the protest from 2 pm to 4 pm in front of the European Union building in London, where the organizers will have welcome speeches.

Macedonians in Europe are united: (1) against changing the name of the state and the identity of the nation, asking for an end to the talks with Greece and extending membership in the United Nations and all international organizations under the state name of Macedonia; (2) against the adoption of the Law on the Use of Languages ​​for the purpose of bilingualism on the territory of Macedonia and in its international relations and redefining the unity and statehood of Macedonia; (3) against the ratification of the Treaty with the Republic of Bulgaria, which does not recognize the Macedonians and regulates the establishment of an inter-state commission for the review of Macedonian history; and (4) for the unconditional release and pardon of all detained and convicted of the events of 27 April 2017 in the Assembly of Macedonia and of Edmond Temelko.

 If the government does not accept these requests, the Macedonians are demanding the dissolution of the Parliament and the organization of extraordinary parliamentary elections in Macedonia!

 The Macedonian communities in Europe will submit these requests to the President, Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia through the Macedonian embassies and consulates and to the presidents, parliaments and governments of the countries where they reside, and all together to the European Union, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and NATO Alliance!

 All-Macedonian protests were soon announced in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Organizers appeal to the mass presence of Macedonians in the protests in these countries.

Organizers call for all-Macedonian reconciliation and unification, because the strength is in the unity, and with all the differences between us Macedonians, only Macedonia is our only common denominator, only Macedonia is our only common denominator!

Together in defending the name of the state of Macedonia and the identity of the Macedonian nation! ", Reads the press release.


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