Macedonia: Election Campaigns End

After three weeks in the field, parties end the campaign for local elections. Analysts estimate that it was a blend of state issues and the resolution of local problems.

Red promises for sewers, water supply, roads, clean air, gasification, new schools and kindergartens, and so are promises for increased salaries, better living conditions, fast integration into the European Union and NATO, and then mutual accusations of crime, the decay of state, betrayal, entry of thousands of migrants.

The three-week campaign for local elections ends, and the parties in it have made a mixture between state promises and accusations and local problems, political analysts say.

VMRO-DPMNE will end the campaign with a rally in front of the Government. The Coalition "For Better Macedonia", led by VMRO-DPMNE, will hold a rally in Skopje in front of the Government tonight.

The rally will begin at 8 pm, and the leader of the party, Nikola Gruevski, will address the event.

The central caravan of SDSM and the coalition today will meet with the citizens in Debarca, Labunishta, Vevcani, Struga and Ohrid.

The central rally of SDSM and the coalition will be held at the city square in Ohrid tonight at 8.30, where party leader Zoran Zaev will address.

Previously, Zaev will address the rally in Struga, which will be held at 7.30, in the bazaar.

Zaev will also meet with the citizens of Debarca, Labunista and Vevcani.

At midnight the election campaign ends and the silence begins before the local elections on Sunday. Sunday's vote starts at 7 am and runs until 7 pm. The elections will be held at 3,480 polling stations in 80 municipalities and in Skopje.

On Saturday, sick and frail people, prisoners and people in detention vote. The right to vote has 1,814,644 voters. In the sixth local elections in Macedonia, candidates for mayors and councilors from 19 parties and coalitions participate, and 64 are from groups of voters.

The second round of elections is scheduled in two weeks later, on October 29.

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