Writers’ Association of Macedonia campaigns for revitalization of Blaze Koneski’s memorial house

The Writers’ Association of Macedonia in late September will launch a campaign to revitalize the memorial house of Blaze Koneski, considered one of Macedonia’s greatest poets, literary scholars and linguists.

The campaign coincides with the opening of the event “In Honor of Blaze Koneski”, due to take place in his home village of Nebregovo on September 29, which features performances by 20 esteemed poets from different generations, the Writers’ Association of Macedonia (WAM) has said.

This year, the WAM, whose first president was Blaze Koneski, marks its 70 anniversary.

Through an array of activities, the Association is planning to breathe new life into an earlier attempt to turn Koneski’s memorial house in Nebregovo into a hot spot for literary meetings, symposiums, workshops, etc.

The event next month paying tribute to Koneski is part of these activities, the Association has said

Annually, the WAM is organizing Blaze Koneski Days to mark his birthday on 19 December. The Association has also established a recognition, the Blaze Koneski Charter. Its first recipient is the poet and academic Mateja Matevski.


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