Italian La Verita: Zaev, a socialist who has ties to Islam, accuses Italy of genocide

EU is supporting a Macedonian socialist who after accusing Serbs and Macedonians of genocide has now accused Italians of the same. Serbs have sent their army to the border to deal with aggressive statements from Albania, writes Italian daily La Verita.

Italy has once again placed itself in the middle of things in the Balkan: Zoran Zaev, the leader of the socialists in Macedonia, in order to improve his country relations with Serbia has now accused Italy of genocide over Albanians. There has been no comment from Brussels. As a result of the political instability in the region, Serbia has amassed its army on the borders with Kosovo and Macedonia. The Belgrade government doesn’t recognize Zaev’s attempt to destroy Macedonia’s Constitution assisted by the smaller Albanian parties who have blackmailed Zaev into forming a Government only if it results in Macedonia’s disintegration, writes La Verita.

Zaev, lost his elections in December, however thanks to the support of the EU socialists and Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the political situation was flipped on its head with power snatched away from the right wing majority, writes the Italian daily.

To succeed in this, he had to accept the demands of the political parties representing the Albanian minority. The requirements, known as the Tirana platform, drafted in January under the auspices of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama strongly undermine the current institutional structure of the country. In Belgrade, where the loss of Kosovo is still an open wound, the fear that Albanians want federalization and disintegration of the unitary character of Macedonia with open support of Western powers in a way that will produce a third Albanian state in the world, writes La Verita.

The politicians in the Balkans are probably concerned about the Albanians, coordinated by Tirana, which according the evidence provided by journalist Julian Assange on Wikileaks is run by a prime minister who is openly backed by George Soros’ capital, and in the past by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in order to push the project of a Greater Albania, a union of all Albanians in a shared state. Such a scenario would have a devastating geopolitical effects throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Concerned by this scenario, the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, defended the constitutional order refusing for now to give Zaev the mandate in the hope that the EU and the international community will stand up for the principle of law. However, it seems that Ivanov will remain completely isolated keeping in mind that the diplomatic structures led by Mogherini are among the causes of this situation. In an interview with a Serbian daily Kurir, hoping to win the Serbian public, Zaev positioned in front of iconography with Jesus, repeatedly stressed that Macedonians and Serbs were the same people, with the same faith, and that he wants to bring stability to the region, making Macedonia socialist and multicultural. When pressed by a Serbian journalist on the Tirana platform, Zaev admitted the document will be the essence of the new Macedonian Government, adding a debate must be held on the new name, constitution, flag, anthem for the country, writes La Verita.

But in the attempt to get rid of the obligation, laid down in the coalition agreement, to accuse Serbia of genocide committed against Albanians in the period between 1912 and 1956, Zaev demonstrated his entire political immaturity.

He, leader of a party that is successor to the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, admitted that there was genocide committed by his political predecessors, but he tries to save himself suggesting that the Italian army, which several times had entered Macedonia, is actually the true culprit for the genocide against the Albanians. Asked by a Serbian journalist whether the Tirana platform, which he must accept to be able to form a coalition government, contains an explicit obligation to file charges to International Court of Justice against the Serbian army, Zaev replied: “The document entails the obligation to file charges of genocide committed by the military forces on the civilian population in the period between 1912 and 1945. You know how it is, during this period Italian army had entered Macedonia.” To be sure he understood well, the journalist asked, “So it is not specified that it was the army of the Kingdom of Serbia and later Yugoslavia?”, writes the newspaper.

And Zaev, in order to keep the peace on the northern border, as he is expected to become prime minister in the coming weeks, he admits he is willing to make Italy a scapegoat due to his ignorance of history and politics: “No politician has ever asked such a thing. Every country wants to have good relations with their neighbors.” In essence, Italy through Renzi and Mogherini is working and lobbying to put Zaev in power who in turn has said our country will be held responsible for genocide. This is absolutely genius! Both Renzi and Mogherini are juggling with grenades and no one knows when they will explode in all of our faces, concludes La Verita.


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