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ELEM prepares to enter stage two of the Bogdanci wind park project

The ELEM publicly managed energy company announced that it is preparing for the second phase of its Bogdanci wind power park.

ELEM General Manager Hristijan Mickoski said that it has been the best value-for-money project the company has had so far, which led to a decision to enter the second stage.
"Production expectations were surpassed by 25 percent. The results are extremely good, and this gives us hope not only in the expansion of this park, but in adding additional wind powered capacities in Bogdanci and in other areas of Macedonia", Mickoski said.
The generating capacity with 16 turbines is largely automated and requires little effort to manage it. Additional 6 turbines should be installed in the next stage. "Once completed, it will have a capacity of 50 megawatts, which, under optimal conditions, would produce 100 gigawatt hours of energy per year. That is enough to satisfy the needs of 60.000 citizens", said Mickoski. The area sees winds strong enough to p…

Macedonia’s tourist offer presented in Dubai

The Agency for Promotion and Support to Tourism of the Republic of Macedonia promoted its tourist offer for the first time this year at the international fair of tourism in Dubai.
Arabian Travel Market (ATM) is the market leading, international travel and tourism event unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals, at which Macedonia presented its natural beauties, tradition, activities in nature and gastronomic tourism, Agency’s said in a press release.
Out of 30.000 visitors and 2800 exhibitors that attend the show, Macedonia succeeded to attract the interest of the host that saw an opportunity to expand their offer. Potential for cooperation with Dubai is increasing due to the fact that Macedonia is linked with Dubai by direct Fly Dubai flight as well as new line to Doha, Qatar by Qatar Airways which will launch its operations in July 2017, reads the press release.
Tour operators Fibula and Bohemia are exhibiting at the tourism …

Macedonia to start building new hospital in Skopje in June

The construction of Skopje's biggest hospital worth some 70 million euro ($76.1 million) will start in June, Macedonia's healthcare minister Nikola Todorov has said.
The new hospital complex is expected to be built within 45 months, Todorov said in statement on Monday. The hospital will have a total area of 70,000 sq m and will be built on the site of an existing gynecological hospital. In Todorov's words, it will be "the largest project in the history of Macedonian healthcare".
The implementation of the project was awarded to the biggest construction companies in Macedonia, Granit and Beton. 
The finance ministry said earlier that the project is financed with the proceeds of a loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). 

Naum Petreski with spectacular concert

On the occasion of 30th anniversary, Naum Petreski, on Saturday night held a concert spectacle, titled "Grlo nenapeano", according to his latest album.
Within the concert were performed his most seminal songs and the latest hits, "Ima li pesna", "Ruse le mome ubavo," "Zelba posledna" "Odi zvedo," "Duso mja prosti mi", "Dve kitki" "Lazaropole", "Milica", "Grlo nenapeano" and others, and with the songs "Za mnogu godini Makedonci", "Ne si odime rano" and "Odi zvezdo" finished the three-hour concert.
Naum was accompanied by the orchestra of Milan Kacarski but also by trumpeters, tambura players, dancers, and his guests withwho performed duet songs were Zuica Lazova, Violeta Tomovska, Andrus Angelkovski, Goko Taneski, Joce Panov, guests from neighboring Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov Gradevec and Rumyana Popova and actors Vanco Petrusevski and Goce Todorovki.
The cl…

Princess of Thailand Visits Macedonia

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand is paying a two-­day visit to Macedonia after being invited by the President's wife, Maja Ivanova.
During her visit to the country, the Thai princess has visited some of the most famous cultural landmarks in Macedonia and learned more about Macedonia's rich culture, history and tradition, the President's office said Sunday in a press release.
At their meeting, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Maja Ivanova shared views and ideas for cooperation.
Ivanova informed her guest about the projects she had been involved with and the initiatives she endorsed that were related to the rights of women and children, in particular children with special needs.
Expressing gratitude for the hospitality, the Thai princess voiced preparedness for launching of joint activities by sharing experience and knowledge, stated the press release.
Also, the Princess of Thailand was presented with a lifetime achievement award of the Alliance of Civilizatio…

Macedonia Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Jewish Community in Macedonia and the Holocaust Fund of Jews in Macedonia will observe Monday Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day.
The ceremony will involve the lighting of six remembrance candles and an exhibition opening which will be held in the Skopje-based Holocaust Memorial Center.
The Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed as Israel's day of commemoration for the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by Nazi Germany and its accessories, and for the Jewish resistance in that period.

Vardar takes a big step to Cologne after beating Flensburg

Vardar Skopje are well on their way to make it to the VELLUX EHF FINAL4 in Cologne for the first time after failing in the quarter-finals in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Macedonian champions won the Match of the Week in Flensburg 26:24 and have their fate in own hands on home ground on Thursday.
• After defeats against Barcelona and Kiel and a tie with Veszprém, Flensburg could not win another home match against a top team this season • After three defeats and one draw in their previous four quarter-final matches in 2015 and 2016, this was Vardar’s first victory in this stage after the 27:25 against Flensburg in 2014 • Johan Jakobsson netted six times for the hosts, while both Alex Dujshebaev and Luka Cindrid scored five for Vardar • Seven goals (17:10) early in the second half was Vardar’s biggest lead
Flensburg were behind for the whole 60 minutes, from the start to the final buzzer, in sharp contrast to the quarter-finals three years ago, when they beat Vardar 24:22 on their way to wi…

Macedonia economy stable despite political crisis: IMF, World Bank

Macedonia’s economy is stable despite all the challenges of the political crisis, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have said, MIA reported.

Macedonia’s economy this year is expected to record a growth of nearly 3%, it has been noted at the Spring Meetings in Washington, where a Macedonian delegation - led by Finance Minister Kiril Minoski - is also in attendance.
“All relevant financial institutions have noted that despite the prolonged political crisis, the economy is producing positive results. The year 2016 was wrapped up with a GDP growth, revenue collection is satisfactory and it continues to mark progress in the first half of 2017, budgetary deficit is within the frameworks defined by the Maastricht Criteria. Thus, the general conclusion is that almost all macroeconomic fundaments of the economic policy in Macedonia are sound and that Macedonia – despite all of the circumstances – is demonstrating positive results,” said Minister Minoski.
According to Di…

USAid funds MakFax, 6th leftist portal funded by US Govt

Nothing says "from the American  people" like USAid.

Despite being investigated for spending millions of dollars of taxpayers money, USAid found good use for their remaining money (Trump has already made massive budget cuts. But not so fast, USAid still has money to burn thanks to Obama who aware there would be cuts, increased the funding to the tune of nearly $11m before he left office.
So the US Embassy through USAid found good way to spend their last financial injection, at another leftist anti Macedonian  'news portal' that gets zero readership.They have funded 6 just in the last three years, and another 10 since 2008 to 20012, all of which failed. Who is counting...
After Libertas, Plus-Info, A1On, NovaTV, TV24, TV Telma.... Makfax is the latest to join Jess Baily's losing team.
MINA finds, Makfax was essentially closing its door when the US Embassy stepped in to ensure anti Macedonian rhetoric is prolonged at more blogs and websites, not less.
Despite our e…

Judicial Watch sues State Department and USAID for Soros’ records

Fox Business reported on US taxpayers money for Soros Macedonia
Clip loading via Fox Player, if not load press DIRECT LINK to Fox Here

Watch the latest video at

Bitola's national theater to perform in St. Petersburg

The Bitola National Theater is in Saint Petersburg, with its musical performance "Shakespeare Forever" at the Vera Komisarzhevskaya theater. It is part of a marathon festival dedicated to Shakespeare.
"We expect to perform before a full house. There is great interest both in our performance, as well as in the Foltin group which will perform with us, but also have a stand-alone concert. The performance includes many notable actors from Macedonia and Russia, but we must point out 89 year old acting legend Ivan Krasko", said theater director Valetnin Svetozarev.

Bulgarian-Macedonian co-production shortlisted for 70th Cannes Film Festival

Directions by Bulgarian director Stephan Komandarev, a Bulgarian, Macedonian and German co-production, has been shortlisted to be part of Un Certain Regard, the prestigious programme of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, set to take place in May.
The film is co-produced by Bulgaria’s Argo Film, Germany’s Aktis Film and Macedonia’s Sektor Film. It is funded by the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Regional Film Fund MDM, Macedonia’s Film Agency and Eurimages.
Directions is a modern tale telling the stories of a group of people whose lives intertwine in six taxi cabs within 24 hours. It is also a free interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s short story Grief, according to the director.
Komandarev wrote the script together with the up-and-coming Bulagrian playwright  Simeon Ventsislavov.

Jana Burčeska: “I want to make Macedonia great again”

Jana Burčeska is closing off her preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, where she will represent Macedonia. After a streak of bad results, she is eager to get a good result. “I want to make my country great again, at Eurovision.” “We are almost ready”, Jana tells us during Eurovision in Concert. “We rehearse and rehearse, it is the mother of all knowledge. How it will look, everyone wants to know, but everyone needs to stay patient.”

IMF lowers Macedonia 2017 GDP forecast to 3.2%

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lowered its projection for Macedonia's 2017 economic growth to a real 3.2%, from 3.5% forecast in October 2016, according to the latest edition of the global lender's World Economic Outlook (WEO) report.
Macedonia's economic growth will speed up to 3.4% in 2018 and will reach 3.8% in 2022, the IMF predicted in the April edition of its WEO report published on Tuesday.
The country posted economic growth of 2.4% last year, the IMF said
The Fund also said it expects Macedonia to swing to 0.6% average annual inflation in 2017, from 0.2% deflation in 2016. Inflation is projected at 1.7% in 2018 and 2.0% in 2022. Macedonia's current account deficit is projected at 1.8% of GDP in 2017, and is expected to increase to 2.0% in 2018 and 3.0% in 2022, the IMF said.
The World Bank recently also lowered its projection for Macedonia's 2017 real GDP growth, to 2.8%, citing persisting political instability in the country. The bank expects M…

UNESCO Тeam Inspects Proposed Ohrid Development Plans

An UNESCO team is in Ohrid for meetings with management of the Galicica mountain national park and other local officials, and to inquire about development plans that involve Macedonia's top tourism resort.

These include the A3 express way that will connect Ohrid and the monastery of St. Naum, along lake Ohrid's eastern coastline, the planned Galicica ski resort and three planned tourism development zones along the coastline. Zoran Veljanoski from the Galicica national park management said that 17 points from the management plan have been accomplished so far, with distinguished international institutions from Britain being involved in the development.

Macedonia and Greece Complete New Round of Confidence Building Talks

Representatives from the Macedonian and Greek Foreign Ministries met in Thessaloniki on Monday to hold a second round of political consultations on implementing the confidence building measures package.
The Macedonian delegation was led by Elena Kuzmanovska, State Secretary in the Foreign Ministry, and on the Greek side her counterpart was Ambassador Petros Mavroidis. These confidence building measures include practical proposals for cooperation that the two countries can work on, reducing the negative influence of the name issue, which has hampered cooperation for decades.

Macedonian brewer Pivara Skopje invests in equipment

Macedonian brewer Pivara Skopje said on Tuesday it invested over 1.4 million euro ($1.48 million) in the procurement and installation of new bottling equipment. The new equipment increased by 30% the total capacity of the existing bottling line, Pivara Skopje said in a statement on its website. The new equipment allows the company to expand the range of bottles it uses. "It is an investment that opens a new chapter in the development of Pivara Skopje, but also gives new impetus to the development of the overall beer industry," Jovan Radosavljevic, general manager of Pivara Skopje said. The new bottling equipment is fully compatible with Pivara Skopje's water and energy saving systems. Pivara Skopje, established in 1924, is the leading beverage company in Macedonia, producing, marketing and distributing various beer and soft drink brands, most notably Skopsko and Coca-Cola.

Bank employee accused of $3.1 million theft in Macedonia

Macedonian police say an employee in one of the largest banks in the country, NLB Tutunska Banka, allegedly stole about 3 million euros ($3.1 million) from a vault in the bank's headquarters.
Police said Tuesday that the 40-year old employee, identified only by his initials B.S., put the cash into a bag and walked out of the building unnoticed by the bank security guards.
Police said in a press release that one person had been questioned in connection with the theft. They did not specify whether the person being questioned was the suspect. Police said no further details could be released because of the ongoing investigation.
The theft was reported to police on Monday at the end of working hours by the bank's vault manager.

"From Zurich with Love” at Dance Fest Skopje

The play “From Zurich with Love!” by the Zurich University of the Arts will be performed Monday evening at the Macedonian National Theatre within 13th Dance Fest Skopje.
The performance is the first major tour of a contemporary dance company from Switzerland at Dance Fest Skopje, including the choreography of Adriana Danchevska from Skopje Dance Theater, then Renault Waiser, Emmanuel Sauvee and Barak Marshall, a top Israeli choreographer.
The Dance Fest Skopje is an international dancing festival in Skopje, as a continuation of the program “April – the month of dance”. The festival’s aim is to present contemporary productions of national ballets and other prestige companies from the region, Europe and the world.

Vardar wins SEHA handball league title

Vardar won the SEHA regional handball league on Sunday, after beating Hungarian Veszprem in the finals 26 to 21. Playing in Brest in Belarus, the two teams were tied at the halftime, but dominated in the second, denying the Hungarians any hope of taking the title.

This is the third time Vardar won the SEHA league. “We are happy with our performance, considering we played against one of the top teams in Europe. But we managed to remain one step ahead of them at all times. We had an excellent defense which they couldn’t push through, and played cleverly on the offense. I think we surprised them in the way we positioned our defense”, said Spanish player Joan Canellas, who was made the MVP of the finals, as well as part of the All Star team.

Three other Vardar players were admitted in the All Star team – Timur Dibirov, Ivan Cupic and Vuk Borozan.


Skopje tells Tirana that term "Slav Macedonian" is insulting

Albanian ambassador in Skopje was "called to a meeting at Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the ministry has announced.
The reason are "the frequent offensive statements and comments by officials of the Republic of Albania, addressed to the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens."
It was pointed out during the meeting that the statements of Albania's prime minister and minister of foreign affairs about "a bi-national Macedonia and changing the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia" represent "an open interference in the internal affairs of the country." 
Furthermore, Skopje announced, "labeling Macedonians as Slav Macedonians is insulting and discriminatory to all Macedonians and Macedonian citizens." 
"It was stressed that such messages are a serious provocation of neighborliness that we want to cultivate. They make long-term damage to relations in the region and incite extremist rhetoric. What we need in …

Macedonia seeks to grant Turkish Airlines 5th Freedom rights

The government of Macedonia has confirmed approaching Turkish Airlines (TK, Istanbul Atatürk) over the possibility of it starting intercontinental services out of Skopje.
A statement said Minister of Transport and Communications Vlado Misajlovski held a working visit to Istanbul this week where he met with Bilal Eksi, the general manager of Turkish Airlines, as well as the management of TAV, the management firm responsible for running Skopje Alexander the Great Airport. 
During the meeting, Misajlovski pitched the possibility of Turkish Airlines starting regular flights to the United States and Canada.
"Considering that Turkish Airlines is one of the leading air operators in the world, we believe that there is a chance for the first time ever to introduce such an intercontinental route that would cover the needs of many Macedonian citizens living abroad," he said. "It would greatly increase the number of passengers going through Alexander the Great airport and would he…

Legendary striker Darko Pancev named Vardar sports director

Football legend Darko Pancev was named sport director of his Vardar team, filling in the position left vacant after Goce Sedloski became head coach.
“Vardar is a well positioned club. We will work hard and we will make sure to achieve good results in Europe in the future. The goals we set are withing Vardar’s grasp, but it will certainly take time”, Pancev said at a press conference on Friday. One of his goals in the club, he said, will be to support the school for young players so that the team can continue to create its own reinforcements.
Pancev started his career in Vardar throughout the 1980ies, leading the team to win the Yugoslav league for the first time ever in 1987. He went on to lead Crvena Zvezda to three league wins and the famous Champions League title in 1991 where he scored the decisive penalty in the finals.
A frequent lead striker in the Yugoslav national team, Pancev also scored a goal in the first game played by the newly independent Macedonian national team, agai…

German company Franz Kiel investment in Zelino to create 350 jobs

German company Franz Kiel producing passenger seats for buses and trains will invest in the Tetovo village of Zelino. The company at the start will produce bus seats for the Belgian Van Hool company, which already operates in Macedonia and afterwards plans to place its production in Europe, Asia, US and other global markets.
Sixty jobs will be created in the first phase reaching 350 further on. The total investment value amounts between € 6 to 7 million.
Franz Kiel CEO Gerhard Hellweg announced the investment Thursday in Skopje underlying that the brownfield investment is to start its production on June 1.
He said that they decided to invest in Macedonia due to economic stability and educated staff.
The overall approach of Macedonia over the years is to be a democratic country and it is quite possible to have changes of political parties and governments due to the elections. Our plans do not include 5-6 years, but a period of 20 years so it’s quite normal changes to happen. Stability…

Wizz Air introduces Skopje-Budapest flight

Arrival of the Wizz Air aircraft from Budapest at Skopje-based airport “Alexander the Great” marked the launch of the new flight on Wednesday.
The Skopje-Budapest flight will operate twice a week, with tickets starting at EUR 15.
“The introduction of this flight marks an important step forward for Macedonian aviation, because it meets the market demand since the last direct flight to Budapest was cancelled in 2012. We are sure that our passengers will be satisfied and expect the flight to contribute to rise in tourism revenues and commercial exchange between the two countries”, said TAV Macedonia general manager Alper Ersoy.
The ceremony was also attended by Minister of Transport and Communications Vlado Misajlovski and Hungarian ambassador Dux Laszlo Istvan.
With the addition of the Budapest flight, Wizz Air is now operating 29 destinations to 13 countries from the Skopje and Ohrid airports.

Slovak Police officers dispatched to Macedonia

Slovakia sent 25 police officers to Macedonia to oversee public order on the Macedonian-Greek border on April 4.
“The police officers will safeguard public order and security on the Macedonian-Greek border between April 4 and May 6,” said Slovak Police Corps spokesperson Denisa Baloghová, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “If it becomes necessary and the Macedonian side asks for it, they’ll stay to help there for longer.”
This is the second dispatch of a police unit from Slovakia to Macedonia, with another team due to be sent for the period of June 6-July 7, TASR reported.

MoFA calls Tirana to stop provocations and to work on good neighbourly relations

Macedonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) summoned Monday the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to Macedonia to make remarks over frequent offensive statements and comments by officials of the Republic of Albania addressed to the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens.
The statements by Albanian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister about binational country and constitutional changes in the Republic of Macedonia are open interference in the internal affairs. Using the term “Slav Macedonians” for Macedonians is insulting and discriminatory remark for Macedonians and all citizens of Macedonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.
It was also pointed out that such messages are a serious provocation of neighborliness we want to nurture and they cause long-term effects to relations in the region and employ extremist rhetoric.
What the region needs is uniting in regard to EU integration, peace and economic progress. Therefore, we appeal provocations to stop, sovereig…

Export of goods rose by 7.2% in January and February

Macedonia in the first two months of 2017 by exporting goods has registered an increase by 7.2% compared to the same period last year, statistics show. The estimated amount of goods exported from January to February is 747,106,000 US dollars, according to the State Statistical Office of Macedonia.

Goods estimated at $1,014,149,000 have been imported in the period between January and February 2017 – a rise by 10.8% compared to the same period last year

Trade deficit in the first two months of 2017 stands at $267,043,000 with import coverage by export in the period being 73.7%.

External trade by products shows that in the exports the most significant products are supported catalysts with precious  metal or precious metal compounds as the active substance, ignition wiring sets and other wiring sets of a kind used in vehicles,  aircraft or ships, ferro-nickel and clothes.

In the imports, the most significant products are the platinum and platinum alloys,  unwrought or in powder form, pet…

Artist Ljupco Bojarov opens exhibition at KIC

Artist Ljupco Bojarov will open his 19th independent exhibition on Tuesday evening, at the KIC Cultural-Information Center in Skopje. Named “Stairway to Heaven” it presents his artwork which includes compositions made of wire, natural stone, glass and grass.
The exhibition is dedicated to sister Iliyana, nun from the St. Dimitrija monastery or Marko’s monastery near Skopje. Bojarov has participated in more than a hundred joint exhibitions across the former Yugoslavia and Europe, as well as in the United States and Egypt. He has received numerous awards from Macedonia and abroad.

Documentary on the Bukovka crushed pepper spice broadcast on Arte

German Arte channel broadcast a documentary on the popular crushed pepper from the Bitola village of Bukovo. The short film about the famous Bukovka spice is focused on Ilinka Glavevska and her family, who explains the procedure on preparing the spice, and the main dishes it is used in.
Bosnian born German movie maker Mirjana Momirovic produced and directed the film that is presented Bukovka as a slow food specialty on Arte. Momirovic already worked on projects aimed to present the Macedonian ruby stone and on wines from the Vardar region. The Bukovka short film is part of a series of 200 episodes produced for Arte.
Full text on our German Tourism Blog

Macedonia: Construction of Negotino-Bitola gas pipeline according to plans

Construction works on the 92 kilometers long major gas pipeline between Negotino and Bitola via Kavadarci and Prilep are progressing according to plans. The estimated value of the investment amounts to 37 million euros and it is expected that the gas pipeline will be put into operation in mid- 2019 at the latest.
By the end of 2017, gas will reach Kavadarci, while the section to Prilep will be completed in fall 2018. VMRO-DPMNE leader and former Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski stressed that this strategic project is important for the future for both the country and the companies and would play a key role in the protection of environment.
The project for the gasification of Macedonia is progressing as well. About 60 % of the Stip-Negotino gas pipeline is completed, while the rest should be completed by the end of 2017. Gas pipeline Klecovce-Stip has already been completed last year, while the construction of Gostivar-TetovoSkopje gas pipeline is currently ongoing, thus the…

Tennis: Gjorcheska with best WTA ranking so far

Dream season continues, Lina Gjorcheska jumped to 187th place on the WTA list, which is her best finish in her career so far. With 277 points for five seats improved the rankings from last month.

In the tournament in Italy, Lina in doubles won with American Bernarda Pera. Macedonian-American combination with the victory of 6-2, 6-3 won against Prartana Tombare India and Eve Vacano from the Netherlands.
Thus, today in doubles Gjorcheska jumped to 137th in the rankings list with 534 points. Second Macedonian racket Magdalena Stoilkovska remained at 1.237 place in singles and in doubles at 1.180, representing a jump of three places.

Skopje Book Fair Opens

The 29th International Book Fair will open Monday evening at the Skopje Fair offering 80.000 books by over 80 publishers.

The visiting hours of the Book Fair are from 10am to 8pm until April 10.
Skopje Fair organizes the fair in cooperation with the Association of Publishers, the Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Macedonia (ZIKM) and the Association of Albanian Publishers from Macedonia. Aside from domestic publishers, the Book Fair will be attended by publishers from Serbia, Montenegro and Albania and Sweden will be represented by its Embassy with a stand featuring children's literature.
Among the promotional events will be the presentation of projects in the field of European integration in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture on April 6 and presentation of the Versopolis poetry platform in cooperation with Struga Poetry Evenings.

Turkish Airlines mulls transatlantic flights from Skopje

Turkey's flag carrier Turkish Airlines is considering introducing regular transatlantic services from Skopje airport, Macedonia's transport ministry said.

No further details were disclosed in the statement published on the transport ministry's website last week after the country's transport minister Vlado Misajlovski visited Turkey.  A transatlantic service would meet the needs of the large Macedonian and Albanian diaspora in North America.
According to Ex-Yu Aviation, an air transport news portal, the Skopje Airport would need to undergo several audits by US authorities before it could launch the service.

Industrial Production Drops in Macedonia

According to State Statistical Office data, January-­February industrial production in Macedonia dropped by 1.9 percent compared to the same period in 2016, while February industrial production reduced by 1.3 percent in comparison with the same month last year.
Industrial production in section Mining and quarrying in February decreased by 4.9 percent, in the section Manufacturing it decreased by 4.4 percent, while in the section Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply it increased by 31.9 percent. The decrease in section Manufacturing is mostly due to decreased production in the divisions Manufacture of food products, Manufacture of beverages, Manufacture of tobacco products, Manufacture of textiles, Manufacture of wearing apparel, Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Manufacture of electrical equipment and Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-­trailers.
Industrial production by Main Industrial Groupings in February was hig…

New concert hall of Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra to open on May 21

The new state-of-the-art concert hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will open on May 21 with the exclusive concert including Macedonian renowned pianist Simon Trpceski as soloist, under the baton of famous conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy.
Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said at Friday’s press conference the concert would include pieces by Macedonian composer Trajko Prokopiev, as well as Russia’s Sergei Prokofiev and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
“After 73 years of its existence, the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will finally get its own home. The new concert hall will write Macedonia’s music history, present the creative potentials of our artists, musicians, composers, conductors, but also foreign ensembles and guests”, said Kanceska-Milevska.
According to her, the new building will have a large, 1,000-seat capacity hall and a small multifunctional 310-seat hall.
“The large hall has exceptional acoustics and a state-of-the-art audio and video equipment”, added Ka…

Raul Gonzales new Macedonian handball coach

Raul Gonzales has been appointed new coach of the Macedonian men's handball team, replacing Lino Cervar in the post.
The Spanish coach is the current coach of Skopje-based club Vardar, which has qualified for this year's Champions League quarterfinals.
"I have enormous confidence in the new coach. Our main goal is to qualify for the 2018 European Championships in Croatia", said handball federation president Zivko Mukaetov.
Gonzales has signed a contract up to September 2020, but Mukaetov said the objective is to work with the Spaniard on the long run.
"I am proud to be Macedonia's national team coach. I will work hard, but the most important thing is to prepare for the next qualifier against Iceland in May", said Gonzales.
Gonzales is one of few foreign coaches in the country who mastered Macedonian very quickly after his arrival in the country.


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia