Naum Petreski with spectacular concert

On the occasion of 30th anniversary, Naum Petreski, on Saturday night held a concert spectacle, titled "Grlo nenapeano", according to his latest album.

Within the concert were performed his most seminal songs and the latest hits, "Ima li pesna", "Ruse le mome ubavo," "Zelba posledna" "Odi zvedo," "Duso mja prosti mi", "Dve kitki" "Lazaropole", "Milica", "Grlo nenapeano" and others, and with the songs "Za mnogu godini Makedonci", "Ne si odime rano" and "Odi zvezdo" finished the three-hour concert.

Naum was accompanied by the orchestra of Milan Kacarski but also by trumpeters, tambura players, dancers, and his guests withwho performed duet songs were Zuica Lazova, Violeta Tomovska, Andrus Angelkovski, Goko Taneski, Joce Panov, guests from neighboring Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov Gradevec and Rumyana Popova and actors Vanco Petrusevski and Goce Todorovki.

The climax occurred with a joint performance with Andrus Angelkovski for "Odi zvezdo" and especially with the performance with Violeta Tomovska for "Za mnogu godini Makedonci.

Plaques on the occasion of the jubilee Petreski received from the production company that cares about his career in the last ten years, "Avard promotion" and Radio Rosa.