Macedonian People United as Never Before

The protests for defending the unity of Macedonia are more and more mass every day.

Macedonian people, regardless of their nationality and religion, go out in the squares to raise their voices, because they realize that the platform favors the Albanian over the other minorities.

On Tuesday night, at the central gathering in front of the Parliament building, representatives of the Roma, and Serbian, community spoke, emphasizing that they are loyal citizens of this country, and they enjoy their rights.

One of them was Shukrie Usain, representative of the Roma community.

-I want to say that I, as well, am like you. We are citizens of this country, and we will always be one! My name is Shukrie, and my home is Macedonia, it is my country, as well as of my Roma people, we feel Macedonia as our country – the one where we have grown up. I do not have a backup homeland, I came out in front of you in order to say that the situation is not good, what interests people is more happy people, higher salaries, new jobs, and not whether Macedonia will be bilingual or not, all of the people have communicated in Macedonian, and that should keep on being like that, nobody is allowed to eradicate that. I speak in Macedonian to my friends Turks, Vlachs, we do not need platforms from foreign countries, we need joint Macedonia which we will all build together, united in one – Shukrie pointed out.

Writer Gordana Jovik Stojkovska is of the similar opinion. She emphasizes that the Serbian community in Macedonia has supported this country, which they feel as their homeland, since its first day of independence.

-Here, I represent the Serbian community in Macedonia, although many  are not here with us, but tonight, we will notify that we do not accept SDSM’s platform. Thousands of Serbs were murdered and killed in the recent war, we do not need another platform and more wars after that, the writer said.

Igor Durlovski read the message of our handball ace Kire Lazarov. He asked that we keep our identity and integrity, keep something we have inherited, and it is our obligation and duty to hand that over to our future generation, keep what is ours and what belongs to us.

“I feel the need, as a Macedonian, to share my opinion in front of the whole Macedonian public. I respect all citizens of Republic of Macedonia equally, regardless of what religion, nationality, or party they belong to. Dear Macedonians, in order to ask for respect from others and to receive it, we first have to respect ourselves. It is Macedonia that we are talking about!”, Lazarov wrote.


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