Ivanov: I Am not Giving Mandate to Anybody Who Exerts to Destroy Macedonia's Sovereignty

I am not giving the mandate for forming a government to any person, or party, which exerts to destroy the sovereignty of the Republic of Macedonia, President Gorge Ivanov said. In his address to the public, he announced that he had decided not to give the mandate for forming a government to Zoran Zaev.

Ivanov in his address said that he had meetings with Zoran Zaev, and that the condition for having a parliament majority was fulfilled, as well as the condition for respecting the deadlines, i.e. the President deciding in ten days to whom to give the mandate for forming a government.

Yet, Ivanov emphasized that there was other, more substantial issue, and that is the appearance of a so-called platform that the Albanian parties presented, and which was created in Tirana, with the mediation of the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama.

- There is a more substantial issue. After the elections we were unpleasantly surprised by a post-electoral political platform by a foreign country. The platform is a post-electoral document, made and signed in a foreign country, in the cabinet of a foreign official, and with the mediation of a Prime Minister of a foreign country. The content of the platform is out of the range of the Constitution, and of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. With this platform, the sovereignty, and the independence of the country are endangered, putting it into a submissive position towards another country - Ivanov said.

He added that the process of forming a government in this country has become captive of the platform of a foreign country.

- The foundations of the Macedonian country have been brought into question. I had expected that the political leaders would categorically reject it, but some of them started auctioning with it, not knowing subconsciously that, thus, they hold an auction with the country - said Ivanov.

He said that the people have the right to know the truth of the content of the conversations regarding the platform.

- I publicly asked Zoran Zaev to reject this platform. The second essential remark comes from here, that the the negotiations for a platform of a foreign country is contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. At the same time, accepting the foreign platform is a punishable act - Ivanov said.

He added that he expected the international community to condemn the interfering of the foreign country.

- Unfortunately, in Macedonia's case, there was no such public condemnation. That loud silence shows us that Macedonia's future depends on its institutions. My message is clear now, the international community should refrain itself from imposing solutions contrary to the state interests of Macedonia - Ivanov said.

He pointed out that in Macedonia the sovereignty comes from the people, and belongs to the people.

- Nobody has the right to endanger Macedonia's sovereignty by accepting a foreign platform. The people voted for parties' programs, and not for a platform of a foreign country.

- Every wrong decision can have catastrophic consequences for the future of the country. I swore that I would protect the sovereignty, the territorial integrity of Macedonia. Thus, even the conscience does not allow me to give the mandate to any one who would destroy the sovereignty of Republic of Macedonia - Ivanov said.


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