Macedonia's First Licensed Cannabis Cultivation Facility Deploys Heliospectra LED Lighting Solutions

Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for controlled plant growth environments, announced that Mak North America has standardized on Heliospectra LED lighting solutions to open the first licensed medicinal cannabis cultivation facility in the Republic of Macedonia. The initial order value is $143,034 (1.27 million SEK).

"Mak North was intrigued by Heliospectra's LED technology because of the energy savings and heat dissipation that the company's lighting solutions provide for indoor grow environments," said Kris Swaffer, CEO of Mak North America. "Heliospectra's expertise and customized lighting strategies for cannabis enable us to consistently provide the highest quality product to the medical community and patients here in Macedonia and abroad." As more countries across Europe consider legalization of medicinal cannabis, Mak North is well positioned for a robust export market to meet the growing global demand for pharmaceutical grade cannabis products with standardized chemical profiles.

The Republic of Macedonia accelerated support and availability of medicinal cannabis at dispensaries in May 2016 after legalizing cannabis for medical use only. Mak North's Macedonia cultivation facility will spark significant economic growth for the region by creating between 500 and 750 new jobs.

The 26,000-square foot Mak North facility (2,415 square meters) features two and three vertical tiers of crop growth to optimize space and yields. Heliospectra's E60 series 600 watt LEDs provide a sole source lighting solution with high intensity, fixed spectrum light to accelerate cannabis flowering time and boost trichomes harvest after harvest. The E60 series can also be applied across the plant growth cycle and significantly reduces energy and utility costs as well as HVAC infrastructure needs when compared to traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) lights often used in controlled environment agriculture.

"The executives at Mak North demonstrate that LEDs are the best option for businesses who deploy technology and cultivation solutions to promote energy savings and rapidly scale efficient operations," said Ali Ahmadian, CEO for Heliospectra. "It is an honor to partner with Mak North and the Republic of Macedonia government to create a state of the art cannabis cultivation facility that positively impacts the community."


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